5 torn cards

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5 torn cards

Postby Guest » May 3rd, 2002, 5:33 am

I see a reference elsewhere here to Martin Gardner's 5 torn cards...I guess this is the excellent trick i know as 'Will The Cards Match' - I learned in Apocalypse credited I think to Becker - but even there Harry said someone else was claiming it.

Can anyone fill in the history of this?


Re: 5 torn cards

Postby Guest » May 5th, 2002, 4:19 pm

It was Becker who put the phrase "Will The Cards Match" to it. It was a trick that started spreading around quickly, like Steinmyers nine card effect, so he published it in Lorayne's mag. The principle was I believe a Howard Adam idea.
Some background plus variations are mentioned in Stunners. I had a good variation as did Harris in "Secrets For the Astonishing Executive".

The Gardner torn card thing may be something different.More than likely a presentation for James' Book of the Dead principle. The cards are torn in half and pieces shuffled, a spectator cuts off some cards and secretly counts them, another spectator does the same with the rest. The pieces are shuffled again then as they are shown to each spectator, they remember the card at their number etc.


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