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Close Up Tables

Postby Guest » January 17th, 2002, 6:35 am

In Haryy Loraynes videos he uses a card table made by Jim Zachary. Does anyone have any information on these tables or any other close up tables that are available?


Re: Close Up Tables

Postby Guest » January 17th, 2002, 11:56 am

Contact L&L. They sell them.

Oliver Corpuz
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Re: Close Up Tables

Postby Oliver Corpuz » January 17th, 2002, 12:03 pm

I've seen Jim Zee's tables used in serveral magic videos and have always been impressed by how classy they look. I bought a deluxe exotic wood sit-down table from Jim a couple years ago when the SAM convention was in Milwaukee. After examining his tables up close, I fell in love with their exquisite craftmanship and sturdy design. If you know anything about carpentry, you will truly appreciate the skill and precision that is required in the manufacture of each individually constructed table. I truly am pleased with my table and am extremely satisfied owning it.

My table is not only a functional prop, but an impressive heirloom quility piece of art. Considering the astronomical amounts that other high-quality, individually hand crafted magic props cost, I think the asking price for the exotic wood sit-down table is very reasonable.

Although the sit-down table can be broken down for travel, I think it is a bit too bulky to be moved from performance to performace. The sit-down version is better suited for one's personal magic den or permanent performance space. It is not something you would want to get banged up and scratched. The stand up table that Jim makes is better suited for the travelling worker, as that model is a lot lighter and packs smaller.

You can order Jim's tables though L&L publishing at or directly from Jim at



Sean Macfarlane
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Re: Close Up Tables

Postby Sean Macfarlane » January 20th, 2002, 8:46 am

I own the Stand up table of Jim Zee's, and absolutely love it, he used to make them with a velvet type surface but now uses a padded surface that can be found in auto supply stores, the name of the padding escapes me now, If there was anything I would change it would be to add the velvet to the surface as I find it a smoother srface to work on.

Perhaps one day I might buy a sit down table because it is such a beautiful piece. I'd say Check out Jim Zee.

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Re: Close Up Tables

Postby sleightly » January 20th, 2002, 1:41 pm

I own three of Jim's tables (two stand-up, one sit-down) and can also attest to the high degree of craftsmanship involved in all of Jim's products.

The sit-down table is ideally suited for a fixed performance space and can travel (but takes a bit of time to break down and setup). It works very well for true formal close-up work or as a table for parlour presentations. The Stand-up tables are ideal for "station work" at trade shows, conferences or other venues where spectators "walk up" to you. The lowest height of the stand-up version is considerably higher than the sit-down one, however, and it is not recommended if you think you might want you (or your spectators) to sit and watch your performance.

Both types have the same size tabletops, but the sit-down version has a drawer (which I never use) and the stand-up version has legs that fold together enabling quick load in and out.

Jim is also very good about modifying tables for customer's specific needs. He added a formica surface to my sit-down table for dice-stacking, and custom-built a set of the X-table legs to allow for a 32" height that allows me to use the stand-up version as a portable sit-down table.

I travel quite a bit with my formal close-up show (spectators sit L & R for the duration of the performance) and wanted the ease of set-up of the stand-up version, with the appropriate height for spectator seating (with the stand-up version, I, and my audiences felt like little kids sitting at a miniature version of the grownups table).

As for table surface, Jim used to cover them with Gibson pads (no longer, unfortunately), but now surfaces them with a fabric similar to the Apollo, Zeus, Hercules, or [name your deity here] pads, which some people find catch on the smallest patch of dried skin and for that reason don't like much...

To a working performer, these tables are cheap for the elegance they impart to your performance. As a piece of your equipment, it shows to your audience that you care about even the smallest details of their experience while adding to your overall perceived value.

For the enthusiast, they make a great surface to practice (and occasionally perform) on and a showpiece/center of focus for your magic den. Once again, it can show to others who are aware of your "hobby" the level of commitment you have made to the study of this ancient craft. It is, however, a pricy piece of furniture, particularly if you can't write it off...

I am an ardent fan of Jim's work, and if you can afford them, and will use them, the Zachary tables are definitely heirloom quality furniture for the discriminating student of magic (pro-, semi-, or enthusiast).

Am I gushing?


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