Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

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Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Guest » June 27th, 2005, 4:52 pm

My good friend Bob White has just released " Practical Card Palming " on DVD.

Here is what Bob has to say......

"In my experience, I have found most magicians feel terribly self-conscious palming cards when performing before an audience. This is perfectly normal, and we have all experienced it at one time or another. For the largest part, this fear can be overcome if a performer has confidence in his methods. This volume contains the most practical techniques and management for palming cards. Anyone can study these explanations and learn to palm cards from the pack with complete confience under any performing conditions."

The palms explained are:

Simple Erdnase Top Palm
Topping the Deck
Tip Up Palm
Berg Palm
Erdnase Top Palm
White Top Palm
One Hand Top Palm
Lowey Palm
Erdnase Bottom Palm
Dead Hand Palm
Hofzinser Bottom Palm
Braue Bottom Palm

Along with this is a performance of "Cards Up the Sleeve" which allows you to see how deceptive these palms can be.

Bob was a confidant of Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller. What more do you need to know....

If you are interested in palming cards, this dvd is a must!

The dvd costs $50 postage paid to anywhere in the United States. Outside the US will require extra postage.

Contact Bob White at or call him at 903-872-5112.

Gary Plants


Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2005, 5:26 am

How does this compare to John Carney's "On Palming"?

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Steve Bryant
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Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Steve Bryant » June 28th, 2005, 5:31 am

Or to Mike Close's Palming video?


Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2005, 3:10 pm

I don't have the other two dvd's on palming, so I can't say. All I can tell you is that I can't imagine that your palming would not improve greatly with a study of this dvd.


Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2005, 6:22 pm

I have never contributed a post to the Genii forum, but a friend sent me the link to the conversation about the DVD I just released called PRACTICAL CARD PALMING. Mike Close & John Carney are very good friends of mine and I didn't release a DVD to compete with either of them. My reason for making another DVD on this subject is to contribute information that neither has made available. Anyone sincerely interested in learning everything they possibly can about card palming will study all three and will draw their own conclusions as what are the best techniques and what will work best for them.

My palming DVD will be reveiwed in Magic & Genii Magazines soon. Those reviews may help answer some of the questions as to what is new and different from other DVDs available, what is good, and what is not so good.

Should anyone have a question on the content, I may be reached at for 903-872-5112.

Bill McFadden
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Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Bill McFadden » June 28th, 2005, 7:59 pm

All I need to know is that Bob White has chosen to share his vast expertise with "the fraternity." Check to follow. His seminar one year ago in Connecticut was one of the most sublime learning experiences I have ever enjoyed in magic. And, he's a helluva nice guy - almost as nice as Roger Klause! :rolleyes: :D


Re: Bob White on Practical Card Palming DVD

Postby Guest » June 28th, 2005, 9:02 pm

disclosure: I worked on the DVD. Therefore, I will not compare it to other marketed products. Ill leave that to others.

The impetus for creating this DVD was to clearly show methods for palming cards from the top and bottom of the deck into each hand in a practical manner. Further, a number of popular palming techniques were discarded (some having made it all the way to editing, but ultimately excluded) due to the final judgment of the author that they were not practical for a number of reasons.

This DVD serves the purpose of showing the correct way to execute the above listed palms (listed by JordanB), with several tips that are worth their weight in gold. The texts that each of the palms was drawn from come alive. Many of the common mistakes made by magicians while palming are addressed and corrected, making this a valuable resource for every level of cardman. Also, Mr. White talks about what to do once youve got the card in your hand all the way up until you get rid of it.

A funny aside: while authoring the DVD, we experimented with using short video displays of each of the palms as menu buttons to guide the viewer to the palm they were wishing to learn. However, Mr. White palmed the cards so well, all the buttons looked the same. They all looked like he squared the cards and then put them on the table.

The work is expert. It is accessible on all levels. Mr. Kopf shot it as if you were sitting at a table with Mr. White and he was teaching you the real work. Everyone can learn something from this work.

Mike Squires

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