Re Genii August/September

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Re Genii August/September

Postby Guest » September 30th, 2005, 9:36 am

Finally after having had a chance to have a peak through both issues, pls. allow me to say, that they -as usual- are worth the wait..

Much more to read and absorbe, but -being mostly into close-up- the complex and VERY interesting story about Daryl was outstanding (for me)..

The most touching and impressing *article* however was the review re the DVD (lately released as a DVD) of the lecture Albert Goshman did way back in 1985..

I had that capture as a VHS-tape for a long time, so the contents isn't new to me, but that review did REALLY reflect my own thoughts re that performer..the one and only...

I second each and every word re that review and soley can add, that it is good to se *others* - in this case the reviewer Dustin Stinnet- having the same impression, gotten the same impact re this outstsnding performers work..

Each and everybody who is into close-up should se and study this DVD.

It shows what magic is all about..touching the audience...

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