In Memorial: Carlhorst Meier

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In Memorial: Carlhorst Meier

Postby Guest » January 9th, 2008, 10:15 am

The following message comes from Jrg Alexander. Maybe some people who knew Carlhorst Meier are willing to participate.

Dear friend in magic,

Carlhorst Meier, a long time and highly esteemed member of the Magic Circle of Nuremberg, passed away on Sunday, January 6th, around 11.45 am after a long period of severe illness. He has dedicated a major part of his life to the art of magic and has presented us with countless wonderful ideas, suggestions, and effects. His concepts reached much further than the city walls of Nuremberg, and they continue to do so. To honour his memory we'd like to ask you a favour:

If you honestly feel that Carlhorst Meier, either directly or indirectly, had a valuable influence on your magic then please send us a short e-mail with your name and/or professional name and hometown (Example: "Jrg Alexander, Munich, Germany") to the following address:

Please send a copy of this mail to all those of your friends in magic, of whom you think that they, too, may have been influenced by Carlhorst Meier. If you want to go one step further you may want to get in touch with some of your friends in magic that do not have Internet access. For all those being close to the Meiers: His wife has asked to not be called by telephone right now.

In case you are interested how the resulting list develops, we'll keep you informed on the homepage of the Magic Circle of Nuremberg: Thank you! In case you feel molested by this mail, we humbly beg your pardon.

For the Magic Circle of Nuremberg,
Rainer Teschner & Jrg Alexander

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