It's not Magic, but... not sure what it is...

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It's not Magic, but... not sure what it is...

Postby David Prouty » January 16th, 2015, 10:33 am

Back in 2013 my 18 yr old daughter and I were talking about the creative process, and as we were unpacking a large uHaul box, I commented how I could see a Tardis in the box, in the same sense a sculptor sees a figure in a block of marble. She then essentially challanged me to action, and this is the result...

This ~ 1/3rd scale Tardis was constructed with primarly recycled
cardboard boxes (Uhaul, FedEx, Pizza...) and is powered by wireless
remote (Rotating disco balls, sound activated LEDs, fog machine) along
with an internal Bluetooth speaker connected to my iPhone/iPad. To address the "bigger on the inside " issue, laser cut acrylic mirrors were installed to create an "infinity box"
effect :

I implanted an industrial strength neodymium magnet inside the apex of the pyramidal roof, which secures the beacon, and allows for some great PK opportunities (Del Ray!)...
I can remove the roof, and I have a 24"x24" performance surface.
A photo montage of the evolution and inner workings can be seen here:

Now I can honestly boast that I spent a good portion of 2013 in my garage building a Time Machine for my daughter...

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