Illustration In Bobo

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Matt Sedlak
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Illustration In Bobo

Postby Matt Sedlak » February 6th, 2002, 10:44 am

I was recently looking through Bobo and saw a vanish I had never done called The Elusive Silver Dollar and credited to Al Saal. I decided to try it out, and had considerable difficulty. This may be due to the fact that Figure 2 is an impossible situation to be in. With the coin on the right thumb, the left hand cannot be in that position. The only way this is possible would be with the right hand with the palm towards the audience, which would cause there ti be no effect, and besides, it states that exactly the opposite should be occuring. While it is rather easy to learn with just the text, it was the illustration that really screwed me up. I was wondering if anybody else had seen this.


Re: Illustration In Bobo

Postby Guest » February 7th, 2002, 2:12 am

It happened the same to me, and its the only trick in the book I couldnt reconstruct. When Bobos book was translated to spanish I rushed to this trick and the translator only copied the text, yet Im figuring what the author wanted to teach us. Youre not the only, nor the first in noting that.
Sorry I cant help you because my english its not as good as I will want.

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