Possible improvement of phase 2 - KJV Oil and water by Jennings

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Possible improvement of phase 2 - KJV Oil and water by Jennings

Postby Vraagaard » July 11th, 2005, 1:32 am

Dear all,

I started a thread concerning variations of Larry Jennings KJV Oil and water effect. Especially discussing the phase 2 display and handling. This discussion ended up in a lot of great input on presentation etc. So not to crowd that discussion even further I have chosen to write this in a new thread.

If you read the original thread, you will know that we are not discussing 3x3 card versions, but only 4x4 card versions of the oil and water effect.

Now the original thread started out by asking for a variation to the second phase of Larry Jennings "oil and water" effect. By playing a little longer with the handling I came up with a small subtlety that makes the second phase easier to perform. Further I came up with a new variation. Here they are.

1) Subtle solution to the second phase of Larry Jennings "oil and Water" effect.

What actually makes the display easier to perform is the following.

When you start the routine take 4 red cards and 4 black cards and hold them back to back, meaning you have 4 red cards face down and on top you have the 4 black cards face up. Now while you patter around the oil and water theme you simply give the cards a slight bend lengthwise, since the cards a face down and face up you will see that this will leave the reds cards with a concave bend and the black cards with a conveks bend - they are simply bending the opposite way of each other. Perform the first phase - The Kosby phase, and you will find that the cards still have this bend when you come to the second phase (The Jennings phase). In my experience the concave and conveks bend will make the second phase slightly easier to perform plus it will make the double cards lay perfectly flush during the display - no gaps in the end signalling two cards. Try it out and see what you think.

2) Variation. If you still feel awkward about performing the second phase and you still want a 4x4 O&W effect with 3 phases then here is a different solution. Let a spectator shuffle the deck, take out 4 reds and 4 blacks. Perform phase 1 (Kosby) and phase 3 (Vernon) (and skip pahse 2 (Jennings)), and as the ending of the routine show the full deck to have restored itself in red/black order. There are at least two ways of doing this 1) culling under the pretense of finding the 4 reds and 4 blacks, or 2) simply use a s....... deck that allows you to cut the deck into Black and Red. I will prefer to use th s....... deck for a fast and clean process.

To end with the deck sorted, will also make the full story credible. Because if the 4x4 cards act like this, then assumably the full deck should add the same way.

This means that the version no longer is a KJV oil and water, but a Kosby-Vernon-S oil and water version.

Feel free to use it.

Best regards


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Re: Possible improvement of phase 2 - KJV Oil and water by Jennings

Postby NCMarsh » July 19th, 2005, 10:37 am


A very elegant solution -- thank you for sharing. Incidentally, the second phase of the routine as published by Jennings belongs to Ray Kosby (the phase in which the cards are actually interlaced). Jennings' complete version has four -- rather than three -- phases.

I also didn't understand the emphasis that you place on the number of cards in the trick -- your idea works whether one is using 3,4, or 100 cards...



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Re: Possible improvement of phase 2 - KJV Oil and water by Jennings

Postby Vraagaard » July 20th, 2005, 7:26 am

Hi Nathan,

Thanks a lot,

My emphasis on 4 times 4 cards rather than 3 times 3 is a simple personal preference. I believe that it seems 10 times more impossible when using 4x4 rather than 3x3 cards. Just a personal impression.

Moreover, I'm loaded with variations of 3 times 3 cards, hence I was asking to find 4x4 variations. Thats why I limited my request to 4x4 variations.

But you are absolutely right, the method applied can be used for 3,4 up to as many cards you can hold in your hands.

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