Mobius Coin Wallet by Tony Miller

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Mobius Coin Wallet by Tony Miller

Postby Tom Frame » May 13th, 2014, 11:49 am

Mobius Coin Wallet by Tony Miller $30.00
Running time: 34 minutes
Available at:

Tony Miller, magic’s preeminent wallet craftsman, is back with the Mobius Coin Wallet. This wee wonder offers many magical applications, limited only by your regard for propriety and personal hygiene.

Because he is a cheap, lazy, illiterate ruminant, Mr. Miller doesn’t include printed instructions with the wallet. Instead, he provides a link to a secret area of his web site. There you will find links to over a half dozen, home-made performance and instructional videos. I’m intentionally vague about the quantity of videos because by the time you read this review, new videos may have been added.

Mr. Miller and his contributors do a good job of teaching the various applications.

As we’ve come to expect from Mr. Miller, the wallet is expertly crafted from lovely, supple leather. It smells, feels, looks and tastes yummy. His design of the wallet is unique and very clever. You’ve never seen anything like it.

Your audience has never seen anything like it either. Thus, you’re going to have to normalize its existence and assure them that it’s just an innocent coin wallet. If they ask to examine it, you’re going to have to come up with a plausible excuse for denying their request.

Basic Explanation: Mr. Miller describes the wallet and its secret, magic-making feature.

While a coin is secreted in the wallet, he demonstrates how the wallet can be opened completely and shown to be empty. This display looks good in the video, but when I try it with a half dollar, silver dollar or English penny, a light outline of the hidden can be seen. For that reason, I will never use this display.

I don’t like it.

Basic Switch Explanation: Here, Mr. Miller teaches how to use the wallet as a switching device.

I like it.

Loading and Stealing Explanation: Mr. Miller teaches how to secretly load an object into the wallet, and how to surreptitiously steal an object from it.

I like it.

Cone and Ball Explanation: Mr. Miller teaches how to shape the wallet into a cone, for Chop Cup-like applications.

The crowd realizes that the cone formed from the wallet is flexible and squeezable. Given this knowledge, I believe that they will quickly discover the method by which the performer causes the ball to appear or disappear from under the cone.

I don’t like it.

Mobius Box Jumper: (Curtis Kam) The performer dumps three Chinese coins out of an Okito Box. He dumps three silver coins out of the wallet. He puts the Chinese coins back in the box and covers it with its lid.

He places two silver coins on top of the box. He places the third silver coin in his left hand. He opens his left hand and reveals that the silver coin has transformed into a Chinese coin. He places the Chinese coin in the wallet.

He picks up the second silver coin and holds it at the fingertips of his left hand. He waves his right hand’s fingers in front of the silver coin and it transforms into a Chinese coin. He places it in the wallet.

The performer picks up the remaining silver coin with his right fingertips. He waves the coin and it transforms into a Chinese coin. He places it in the wallet, closes the flap and tables it.

He opens the Okito box and displays the silver coins. He replaces the lid. He removes the lid and dumps out the coins, which are now Chinese coins. He dumps the three silver coins out of the wallet.

This is a strong, visual, surprising routine.

I like it.

Mobius Cone and Die: (Curtis Kam) The performer places the cone and a die on his palm. He picks up the die and places it in his pocket. He lifts the cone, revealing the die underneath. He repeats this sequence.

He places the die back in his pocket. He lifts the cone and a large die is revealed. He puts the die in his pocket, lifts the cone and reveals a golf ball.

As I previously opined, when it comes to cones and manhood, erect is superior to flaccid.

I don’t like it.

Reloadable Box: (Craig Ousterling) The performer displays an empty Boston Box and the empty Mobius wallet. He briefly places the box into the wallet and then removes it. The box is now filled with coins, which he dumps onto the table.

You’ll need to create some type of entertaining presentation to explain how placing an empty box into an empty coin wallet causes the box to be filled with coins. You'll also need to give the crowd a reason to care.

I like it.

Just as I was finishing this review, I learned that Mr. Miller has sold his entire stock of these wallets. Well damn it, I’m not going to scrap this review just because he can’t supply the goods!

Plead, importune, beseech, entreat and implore him make one more wallet just for you. Or ransack the secondary market. You’ll be glad you did.


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