Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine by El Duco

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Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine by El Duco

Postby Vraagaard » July 21st, 2005, 1:33 am

I need some advice on this one

Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine by El Duco : (Hocus pocus and elmwoodmagic sells it)
Description: A full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other to create a complete routine that lasts 3-5 minutes. In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well thought through to create the maximum effect.

Question: I really like Joacim Solbergs performing style, so I reckon that this DVD and his performance of the EL Duco routine is great. However, I have Tarbary's, Flips and Aldo Colombinis version of ring and rope, so my question to you who are familiar with El Duco's routine and the others is. Are there anything "new" in the El Duco routine, or is it simply a routining put together of the sleights and moves already know from the other routines???

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Re: Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine by El Duco

Postby Guest » July 21st, 2005, 2:46 am

The routine El Duco sells is basically Willi Wessels routine with a few touches by Joachim Solberg. While most of the moves should be familiar to you if you have the other routines you mention, there are some original touches in this one.

It's a great effect with an ungimmicked ring and an ungimmicked rope. I performed it for years "as is" before I got my own personal routine.

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