Who invented this card trick?

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Who invented this card trick?

Postby Necromancer » April 12th, 2003, 12:21 pm

The effect's an oldie: a deck is displayed face down as normal, it's turned face up and a card is removed from the spread.

The deck is pocketed while the performer explains that he had a flash of intuition earlier and marked the back of one card with an X. The selected card is then turned face down, and it is seen to have an X on its back.

It's accomplished by having half the deck (the bottom half) X-ed on their backs. The face-down display only shows the top (unmarked) half; the face-up spread for selection only spreads the bottom (X-ed) half.

Okay, card guys. Who came up with this first, and where is it published?

Thanks for your help!
Neil Tobin, Necromancer

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