Nash Reloaded Update

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Nash Reloaded Update

Postby Guest » August 8th, 2005, 10:40 pm

Hi everyone,

Long day. I've been feild testing some of the newer effects. They're exciting. I would like to get some other opinions of the effects, anyone who is interested in testing a handful of them, please drop me a line. A couple of points. There was some "concern" over the old book , why it was scrapped, and the way I handled peoples $5 reservation. I fully offered a refund to anyone who wished it. I contacted as many people as I could and offered the transfer of their credit to the new book, or store credit, or refund. Everyone opted for the new book. I didn't mean to try and rip anyone off.

I appologize for the delays of this book. I know many of you who prepaid (any many who didn't) have been very cross about the timeframe. I refuse to offer any more solid dates. I have had to many people emailing to chew me out. Makes it kinda rough to get stuff done.

Here is the beef. I am forgoing further work and sending the whole thing off for a final readthrough. The artwork (which has been a nightmare in and of itself) is being trimmed and polished. (350 photos was getting to be a pain.)

All of the complaints that I recieved about the final cover pushed me to hire a professional designer whom has stiffed me for a month. I have worked through it though and the final cover will be on the website sometime between the 13th and the 15th.

The internal design caused some concern with some of the magicians who are in the book, but changes have been made to suit all parties envolved.

The sleights library has been trimmed due to the fact that you guys know alot of this stuff already.

The final price has been set to $65, and the ebook has been set at $40. so those of you who pre bought got one hell of a deal.

Any of you who have had trouble in contacting me, please feel free to try again. I now check my email about 6 or 7 times a day, and I promise you to answer everyone I can.

After two and a half years, one entire version of the book being forcably scrapped, a near lawsuit, several verbal battles, and more nasty emails than I can count, I would like to thank you guys who have shown support. You make it easier to write a book for a legend. If I ever mention taking on another project like this, someone please fly down here and kick me in the teath. I am going to do my best to get at least the ebook ready for all of you one way or another as fast as humanly possible.

Thanks again everyone. see you all next week.


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