"Standard " Double Face cards

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"Standard " Double Face cards

Postby Guest » December 1st, 2003, 4:48 am

Hello everyone !

I am thinking about an effect using specific double face cards and I have been told that US playing card company was manufacturing "standard" double face card deck, where one given card is always paired with the same other card (except for a few cards that are paired with themselves, so to speak). I would need to know what pairs are in the package...
Could any one of you, who has such a deck handy, tell me the 26 or 27 pairs that exist in a "standard double face card deck", so that I know whether I should get such a deck or have my cards custom-printed.
Thanks a lot for the information, your help will be greatly appreciated.




Re: "Standard " Double Face cards

Postby Guest » December 1st, 2003, 9:42 pm

I have a partial "standard" from the magic shop set of double face cards. Those remaining in the set include:
2 - king of clubs backed (in reverse sequence) with
9 of diamonds (on deuce) to 3 of diamonds (on 8 of clubs).
Ten jack queen and king of clubs are same both sides.
Ten jack queen and king of diamonds are same both sides.
two of hearts /3 spades
three of hearts /2 of spades

That sort of thing...


Re: "Standard " Double Face cards

Postby Guest » December 2nd, 2003, 8:12 am

Hi Frank I may be able to help you.I posted this in another double faced inquiry as well. I will have, in 2004, some special Bicycle run double faced decks but not exactly as you stated. They are paired Clubs/Hearts and Spades/Diamonds.

For example Ace of Clubs has the Ace of Hearts on its back, Two of Clubs has the Two of hearts on its back and so on. Same with the Spades and Diamonds .
To my knowledge Bicycle has never produced them this way. Their "double faced decks" have always contained strange pairings with several cards 10 - King being the same card on both sides.

It is just the way their plates are set up. If you saw a "Sheet" of Bikes before they are cut into 52 (actually 56) you can see how these strange pairings occur.

Nice thing about my run is you have an entire deck on both sides, interesting possibilties here.

Let me know if this helps at all. I will have a large quantity.

PS For my run I may be able to add the cards you need as it has not gone to press yet. Depending on how many you require it may work out.
E-mail me simler@telus.net if you wish.

Thanks Scott Imler

Scott Imler

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