Cups and balls

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Cups and balls

Postby fiscalo » January 21st, 2013, 8:31 am

I like to sell my Johnson cups and balls set.

The set consists of the three cups, four crochet balls, three baseball balls and the velvet pouch.
Next to it is the Johnson chop cup together with the two balls, one magnetic. Everything together in a velvet pouch.
Last but not least the wand. It consists of in fact two wands, a long and a short one. The brass tips are interchangeable and one of them is magnetic. also in a velvet pouch.

The reason I sell them is because I have a beginning Parkinson and cannot control the balls enough anymore.

I am Dutch and I am living in Thailand.
My address is:
JMM Dekker
65 Moo 15 Sancharoen.
PO box 13, T. Donsila, A. Wiengchai
+66 89 7000 148

If you are interested, the total price is only $ 400.00, please contact me.

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Re: Cups and balls

Postby fiscalo » January 26th, 2013, 3:14 am

Forgot to tell you that the price is included registered mail and the payment will be through Paypal. Just Paypal the amount to me and I will send it to you next business day.
I will keep you informed about the tracking number.

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