WANTED: Hector Chadwick Mental Mysteries

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Michael Feldman
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WANTED: Hector Chadwick Mental Mysteries

Postby Michael Feldman » January 16th, 2013, 2:28 pm

Does anyone out there have a copy of Hector Chadwick's Mental Mysteries? I'm seriously interested. If you've got a copy you might be willing to part with, I'll give you a good price.

Paypal, Square, check, whatever you'd like. I'm in Boston, so it'd be shipping to here.

PM me, or email me at michael@michaelfeldman.com
Michael Feldman

Daniel Bain
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Re: WANTED: Hector Chadwick Mental Mysteries

Postby Daniel Bain » January 20th, 2013, 9:34 am

I noticed book is being sold now on eBay:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Mental-Myst ... SS:US:1123

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