The Linking Finger Ring Project

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Kent Gunn
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The Linking Finger Ring Project

Postby Kent Gunn » January 7th, 2013, 9:42 pm

First, two disclaimers.

1. I've had the pleasure of meeting David. He's Jewish, who would've guessed. I think he's a great magician and creator of magic goodness. I was biased from the get-go.

2. I was in no way remunerated for this review. I send him the dough, he sent me the box of goodness.

The Linking Finger Ring Project is 250 dollars directly from David. The link to buy one is here:

I have watched the entire DVD he sent and played with the props. It's quality stuff. You can go onto David's site to see what you get. Oh . . . ok here's what you get.

1) My own version of the Himber Ring, designed from the ground up, that possesses a unique set of characteristics.
2) A duplicate gimmicked ring that is made in the traditional click-lock manner, for those who prefer this system.
3) A duplicate, un-gimmicked ring.
4) A detailed DVD of instructions, including a Magic Castle performance.
5) A set of precision made gimmicks with which to perform the astounding Koran ending of the effect.
6) A pencil.

I really like the pencil; a #2 and minty fresh.

I watched the performance video first. It's pretty damned incredible. A lot of what you see in the performance is just David Regal's personality. I looked in the box, it was not included. I suspect it would really assist me. You guys probably have a good personality, so you'll be ok.

The rings David puts in the box are as good a set of Himber rings as I've seen. He has made some really nice touches into the design of . . . let's call it the Regal ring. I've played with the handling. I really like his ring better than the standard Himber design. If you're a Himber guy already . . . yeah, he has a Himber style one in the box just for you.

I think it's a great deal. I rarely do other people's routines. If I had a venue, I'd do this damn trick. I did a routine, as a kid, selling Himber rings out of MagicWorld in Denver. I know it's one of the strongest pieces of magic in the freaking world. David includes the gizmo to do the Koran unlink bit. I'd never seen that done before. In the video it looks great. Looks even better when you're doing it yourself.

I'm working this thing up. I'll change the handling because I'm an arrogant jerk. Don't do that if you buy this thing. Use the handling David has . . . or . . . come up with a better handling than either one of us.

It's a great set. It's really a good deal, to me. I'm pleased as punch I got one. I think you should send him the money, right now. I'd love to tell you they'll sell out and you'll be paying twice as much for it in ten years. David's way too smart to let that happen though.

Go . . . shoo, send him the dough if you have it. If not . . . sorry.

Happily ensconced in Florida.

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Re: The Linking Finger Ring Project

Postby KevinOrAsh » January 8th, 2013, 1:31 pm

Kevin here, and in full disclosure one of Kent's four Jewish atheist friends. I have to remember to start a club or something.

Unbeknownst to Kent, I also ordered "The Linking Finger Ring Project" when David first announced it. I was getting ready for a December gig when it came in the mail, but couldn't resist opening it to examine the equipment, and then rationalized making time to watch the DVD (I still have time!) as I got ready.

It's just really, really well thought out manufacturing and presentation. As we all know, even expensive magic stuff sometimes really sucks. This is the opposite, and as David explains on the DVD, he had to say "no" plenty of times to get what he wanted.

David's DVD is great, and reminded me just how bad so many instructional DVDs are: a good script makes a good DVD. Maybe we can agree to pass a law that instructional videos have to have a written script approved by a professional writer?

Five out of five stars on this one; money wisely spent.

Happily on the other coast, though we miss our friend Kent.

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