The Ultimate Kicker

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The Ultimate Kicker

Postby Pepka » December 5th, 2004, 1:04 pm

I had a great experience last night using a technique similar to Paul Gertner's idea of the magic following someone home. Let me explain-
During my regular Friday night bar gig. The owner introduced me to a friend and I performed several routines for him. One is something new I'm playing with, a blank key after being examined, becomes cut, then examined again. Later during my set, I hinted that I might make a signed card appear in his pocket. When he checked, he made a reference to finding my blank key in his pocket, several times. He offered me a show for the following night; I was free so I took it.
After 2 hours of strolling, the members of the party were heading to a comedy club in the hotel we were in. I stood by the door and thanked every one and said goodnight. One man had told me he used to be a magician. (Told me all about his plstic thumb.) I pulled him aside and handed him the blank key. (I took it, but didn't do the routine at all that night.) I offered him a free dinner at my restaurant if he could sneak it into the man's coat pocket and keep it secret. I received a voicemail and email that it was the greatest magic trick ever, and he would be contacting me about other work soon.
Anyone else have experience doing something like this?

Adam Brooks
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Re: The Ultimate Kicker

Postby Adam Brooks » December 5th, 2004, 8:45 pm

Not quite as memorable, but still one of my favorites.

I studied in Australia for 5 months in college, and I met up with a few of the local magicians in the Union (campus cafeteria/libray/administrative offices) on a fairly regular basis.

During one impromptu performance, we were jamming with some mini candy bars. One of the ladies watching was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Somehow I ended up behind her as my buddy Simon was showing her something else. Just as he finished, I took a mini Snickers, and very plainly and obviously placed it in the girl's hood without her feeling it. I mouthed "Do what you will" to Simon, and moved back around to join him.

He waited a couple minutes, equivoqued (?) a Snickers bar, and vanished it.

You can guess the rest. It was a great moment.

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