Roberto Giobbi Card College 4DVD, The Grail Gold Edition, The Gathering, Ammar Trilogy DVD

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Roberto Giobbi Card College 4DVD, The Grail Gold Edition, The Gathering, Ammar Trilogy DVD

Postby VanMagicBC » December 3rd, 2012, 1:59 am

Roberto Giobbi's Card College 4 DVD set $90 Sells online for $125 (this is an amazing instructional course)

4 DVD set, with nearly eight hours of material. Card College 1&2, Personal Instruction combines Roberto's lessons with his performances, demonstrations and explanations.

Card College 1
Begins with fundamental techniques, and includes the Overhand Shuffle, False Cuts, Card Controls, Forces, the Riffle Shuffle, Transfer Cuts, the Glide, the Glimpse, Key Cards, the Double Lift and Flourishes. Roberto discusses each sleight in detail, while you watch clear close ups of his hands, finger positions, and grips. Then sit back while Roberto entertains you with a trick or two that includes the move you've just learned. These tricks will soon become standards in your repertoire, including Belchou Aces Revisited, The Question Is?, Further Than That and Beyond, Impossible! Finally, Roberto explains each trick, with special emphasis on the move and finely tuned details that he's learned in the course of hundreds of performances.

Card College 2
As with Roberto's classic volumes, the dvd of Card College 2 continues with more advanced sleights and moves. Now you'll learn Auxiliary Sleights, the Hindu Shuffle, the Overhand Shuffle II, the Force II, the Palm, the Spread Cull, False Counts, the Crimp, and the Reverse. Each sleight is broken down into its essential elements. Roberto carefully demonstrates the move, each one fully illustrated through close up shots of his hands. Roberto then includes a practical demonstration of the sleights as they appear in some of his favorite tricks. These include X Marks the Spot, The Magic Phone Number, Time Machine, Twisting the Aces, the Lucky Coin and the Psychic Stop Trick; soon they'll be among your favorites too! Each section concludes with Roberto's breakdown of the performance, as he carefully shows how to use the sleight, and draws attention to the tips and details that come from years of experience.

The Grail Gold Edition by Mike Rose $20 (this will be a favorite)

THE GRAIL GOLD EDITION THE GRAIL has COMPLETELY FOOLED many of the BEST minds in magic - even those that you think were practically impossible to fool these days! It has been a consistently TOP seller for many years since then and now it returns...recharged, reloaded and refined to be BETTER than ever before!

The original routine still remains in its entirety. However IN ADDITION to this, Peter Nardi finally tips the versions of THE GRAIL that he has been using in recent years to fry magicians and lay people even more so! If you are familiar with the effect, imagine now HANDING OUT a small envelope containing a prediction PRIOR TO THE NUMBER BEING NAMED! And ending WITHOUT ever having to touch the prediction again! .

New material:

The Holy Grail - This is the version of the Grail that Peter Nardi has been performing for over 2 years (this version totally blew David Blaine away when Peter performed it for him).

Imagine handing your spectator a small black envelope which they are instructed to place in their pocket. A packet of cards are introduced and your spectator is asked to name a number between 1-52. Whichever number they name (no force) is the number we go with. The cards are removed from the deck and handed to the Spectator to examine. Once your spectator is happy the deck is normal they count through the cards to their chosen number. The card exactly at their number (not the card before or after) is seen to be lets say the 3 of clubs. Your spectator removes the envelope from his pocket and removes the odd backed card inside, it's the perfect match.

Only one envelope
Only One Card in the Envelope
Magician never touches the Card or envelope once removed from the spectators pocket
Only one deck used
Deck is examined
No switching of card or envelope.
No Palming, adding or taking anything away
Easy to Perform and carry on using the deck for the rest of your set after the effect.

Peter Nardi's Impossible Grail Opener (Stage Version) - If you perform a cabaret or stage act this opener is for you. A great impossible effect to kick off your show and gets you a randomly selected volunteer up on stage to help with your next effect!

Peter Nardi's Two Person Any Card At Any Number? - This is the ideal version to perform for a competition piece, parlor performance or when ever you have a table to perform on. Peter uses this as a sit-down routine when he has a couple to perform to.

Two decks of card are introduced, One red and one blue. One spectator selects a deck and chooses a card sight unseen. The second spectator names a number between 1-52 and deals down to that number in the other deck. Both cards match!

The Gathering by Jamie Dawes and Dave Forrest DVD $15

Your spectator chooses a playing card. You hand them a marker and have them sign their name right across it. You take out a hole punch and make two holes in one end of the card. You then borrow their finger ring and IMPOSSIBLY LINK THE RING THROUGH THE TWO PUNCHED HOLES!


You finish by giving them back the ring in the only way you can - by tearing it back off the card which they may now keep as a souvenir. Jamie and Dave will walk you step by step through the process of prepping the card and then through every step of the handling - Jamie's 'through the top' penetration technique is what makes this effect really fly and all the handling details are thoroughly explained.

Colour changing deck effect. A card is chosen from a blue backed deck. Suddenly - the back changes to red! So, you give a rub and change the rest of the deck red to match - problem solved! But wait - now the selection is blue again! Hang on - NOW THE ENTIRE DECK IS BLANK - BACK AND FRONT - EXCEPT FOR THE SELECTION!

Ammar Trilogy DVD Set by Michael Ammar $28

3-DVD Set
It's all revealed with the trademark technique pioneered by World Champion Magician Michael Ammar that features over-the-shoulder views that show exactly what your own hands should look like as you perform. You'll also discover The Real Secrets -- beyond the technical methods, you'll learn why things work the way they do, how to make people care about the magic you perform, what to do if things go wrong, the best ways to improve your magic, how to create entertaining routines, how to be ready for any outcome, when to perform and when to quit, the basic rules and when to break them, and much more - all from a world champion performer with 30 years of experience in teaching magic to other magicians!

Volume 1: The Exciting World of Magic

Astonishing magical surprises using spoons, rubber bands, napkins, business cards, pencils, salt-shakers and more give you the power to entertain at any time at any table - at home or in a restaurant. Years of research went into gathering the very best of the professional strength magic that can be learned by anyone truly committed to learning it.

Volume 2: Amazing Secrets of Card Magic

Volume 3: Complete Introduction to Coin Magic

Rick Harkness
1850 Comox St
Vancouver B.C.
V6G 1R3

Paypay Yes! I will provide Paypal email address if interested just email me thanks.

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Re: Roberto Giobbi Card College 4DVD, The Grail Gold Edition, The Gathering, Ammar Trilogy DVD

Postby VanMagicBC » December 3rd, 2012, 7:11 pm

Roberto Giobbi's Card College 4 DVD sold for $75
The Grail Gold Edition by Mike Rose $20 sold
The Gathering by Jamie Dawes and Dave Forrest DVD $15 Sold

Ammar Trilogy DVD Set by Michael Ammar $28 REDUCED to $20!!

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Re: Roberto Giobbi Card College 4DVD, The Grail Gold Edition, The Gathering, Ammar Trilogy DVD

Postby VanMagicBC » December 10th, 2012, 6:03 pm

Reduced last one:
Ammar Trilogy DVD Set by Michael Ammar REDUCED to $15.

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