Schoolcraft Copper Silver Brass for Sale

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Justin Alan
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Schoolcraft Copper Silver Brass for Sale

Postby Justin Alan » December 2nd, 2012, 10:21 pm

I have a precision made Copper Silver Brass for sale made by hand from Jamie Schoolcraft. It is no longer available on his site.

I've had this for years, and it no longer fits with what I perform... although it is a great trick!

I purchased this for about $250 a few years ago. I'm asking $200 for it, plus shipping.

The set comes with 4 coins (one is gimmicked)
-Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar
-Copper African Dime
-Brass Peruvian Coin
-CSB gimmick (all three coins in one)

The gimmick has a thin sheet of teflon inside to allow for the gimmick to come apart easily. This was a feature of Jamie Schoolcraft's that makes this set great.

I will also give the buyer a video of a new handling put together by Bob Sheets, Tyler Erickson, and myself. This handling gets rid of the old "revealing" how the trick works gag, and only shows 3 coins for the whole routine. Involves a switch in and out of the gimmick under test conditions. The video will be made available online.

Here is the link to the ebay listing. ... 1555.l2649

eBay item number: 130813230628

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