Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

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Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby blue-man » November 13th, 2012, 11:59 am

50.00 USD incl. shipping (manuscript only) - new price: 335.00 USD (with all props) -

"It's Paranormal Pro +" (by Werry, Michael Sondermeyer, Dan Dawson and Ted Lesley)
35.00 USD incl. shipping (manuscript + all props) - new price: 65.00 USD -

"The EQ-Book Test" (by Dr. Stanley Jaks, Braco and Ted Lesley)
25.00 USD incl. shipping (manuscript + gimmick for one routine) - new price: 55.00 USD -

(by Gaetan Bloom and Ted Lesley) + "G-Gimmick"-manuskript for free (by Ted Lesley)
50.00 USD incl. shipping ("Bill-Sational" = manuscript + gimmick + samples, "G-Gimmick" = manuscript only)

"DreamMovie" (by Ulf Bolling-Borodin)
25.00 USD incl. shipping (manuscript only) - new price: 79.00 USD (with all props) -

"MC-Cards" (by Dr. Ypsilon)
20.00 USD incl. shipping (manuscript + "MC-Cards") - new price: 45.00 USD -

Below you'll find the descriptions of the tricks.
Should you need more information, please inquire!


Ted Lesley designed the "INFORMATICO-PRINCIPLE", which "steals the thoughts" of spectators in such a diabolically clever way, that leaves the audience - and your fellow mentalists - speechless. This item got rave reviews from professional performers around the world. For example the English master magician and mentalist Mr. Paul Daniels used it in one of his appearances on the telly and wrote us a letter and he praised it highly. Charles Reynolds, Eugene Burger and many more saw the principle in action and where completely flabbergasted by it.

You can even use the principle repeatedly in the same show and it is never realized by the audience!

Ted Lesley's "INFORMATICO-PRINCIPLE" is extremely easy to do and even a mentalist with "two left hands" can put it over successfully. It is impossible to detect and a lot of experienced mentalists have not the slightest idea, how the incredible effects using this principle are accomplished.

Ted Lesley has build in all the routines used in his "INFORMATICO-PRINCIPLE" a lot of fine psychological "traps", which sent the mentalists, magicians and the laymen "down the wrong path". Here you have mind reading at its best!

Many routines are explained including Ted Lesley's "The Berlin Bears, a "Question and Answer" routine without any "pre-show-work" and a 4-Phase Mind Reading-Miracle, in which an only thought of a picture, a phone number a zodiac sign and a playing card, is revealed.

You get a few samples and the beautiful 30 page manuscript, written by Larry Becker, who uses the principle also in all his shows. All props, which are used in the effects, you can buy at your next stationary shop (except for 2 magic props - you can get it in your next magic shop).

"It's Paranormal Pro +"

"It's Paranormal" was performed on the "Bob Haines Memorial Invitational" a couple of years ago by Prof. Dr. Toni Forster. He did the "experiment" at the bar and at the tables of the attendees. The trick blew the minds of every onlooker away. Bob Sipielski, Richard Mark, Brother Shadow, Charles Reynolds and Dennis Marks for example, they are still asking, how the item works..., they have not the slightest idea of course, because Toni did not tell them a thing. The effect is as follows:

The mentalist introduces a toothpick and a matchbox. He pushes the toothpick into the box that it stands upright. A small piece of white paper, folded umbrella fashion, is put on top of the pick so that it can rotate freely. This set-up is covered with a drinking glass.

Now the mentalist moves his hands in mysterious fashion around the glass, and the paper starts to rotate, slowly at first but after awhile faster and faster. On the command of the mentalist the paper stops rotating and then starts again, but this time to the other side. Even the spectators can command the paper to rotate clock- or anticlockwise, with the paranormal powers of the mentalist, even that happens. If the performer marks the paper on top with an arrow, it can even point to selected items put around the glass!

All items (the toothpick, the matchbox, the paper and the glass) can be closely inspected by the spectators. There is nothing for them to find!

You get everything to perform this outstanding paranormal effect, even the toothpick and the matchbox, except the glass.

"The EQ-Book Test"

The basic principle of this book test was originated by the legendary Dr. Stanley Jaks, who used this trick both in his close-up shows and on stage. Ralf Wichmann-Braco and Ted Lesley worked with the effect for a long time, improved it immensely and created "The World's Only Book Test With German Books Which Can Also Be Performed Before An English-Speaking Audience"!

The thorough instructions first describe in exact detail the Dr. Jaks routine with all of its refinements and finesses. Next follows the Braco/ Lesley version, which increases the impact of the effect unbelievably, because it uses a couple from the audience who have been together for a long time.

You explain that couples like this often acquire the habits of one another. They know, for example, that he or she will act and react in certain ways in certain situations. Then you explain to the audience that you would like to conduct an experiment which will prove this, by means of an "emotional intelligence test". First, you give a spectator in the audience a sealed prediction envelope. Then the spectators on the stage receive a pocket and a pencil. Behind their backs, a page is chosen in the fairest possible manner. Next, the prediction is opened and read aloud. The audience sees that the prediction is only partially correct; however, it contains a second statement that is so surprising that it will bring the audience to its feet! The ending of this book test is truly unique and sensational.

You receive the comprehensive instructions and the necessary accessories for one routine (except the unprepared books).


This is one of the best ideas for a magician or mentalist. "Bill-Sational" is more or less a "Repeat Bill Trick" with a big difference! Imagine this: You borrow a banknote from a spectator and tear the quarter with the number on it from the bill, but the spectator can help you in doing this!

The torn off quarter is never switched and the spectator can keep it.

The bigger part of the bill is vanished with any method you like and it turns up for example in a lemon, which was on your table right from the beginning of the show. The bigger part of the banknote is compared with the piece the spectator holds, and it matches it perfectly! Then you ask the spectator: "You want to see it again?" Of course the spectator wants!

Then you take the main part of the bill back from the spectator, he still holds the quarter with the number (remember no switches!) and the big part of the banknote is vanished once more. Then you point to a small box on a nearby piano. This box is opened by another spectator and he finds the bigger part of the bill inside. You are never near the box during the whole time!

The second spectator himself can read out the number of the bill and it matches, of course, the number on the quarter of it, which the first spectator still holds! If you want, you can repeat the trick the whole evening...! The secret is simple, direct and bold.


In the middle of the stage is a small table, on which sits an elegant table lamp in switched on condition. The performer has for example a playing card selected, which is torn to pieces. During the process of tearing a little piece falls "accidentally" to the floor "unnoticed" by the performer. The magician pushes the pieces of the torn card into his left fist, takes a revolver, throws the bits into the air and fires the gun at the same time. All the pieces vanish into thin air and instantly the light in the table lamp is extinguished.

Then the performer goes to the lamp, reaches into the top hole of the shade, unscrews the bulb and shows it to the audience. To the astonishment of the public inside the bulb is now the restored card. A spectator himself can handle the bulb, there is no preparation for him to find. The spectator is instructed to hold the bulb at its socket and move to a grocery bag, which sits beside the lamp or on another table. The performer gets hold of a small hammer and smashes it to pieces. The smashed pieces fall into the grocery bag and the spectator can remove the restored card and finds that a corner is missing.

The audience will tell the performer immediately that a piece of the card fell to the floor. The assisting spectator himself picks it up and compares it with the missing corner at the card he still holds and the little piece matches perfectly. But this is not all! The magician throws the socket and the remaining pieces of the bulb into the grocery bag, screws its neck and inflates it. Then he fires the revolver towards the bag and it explodes. At the same time two things happen: Firstly the shattered bulb vanishes and secondly the table lamp light up again. This ending of the routine is a sure fire applause getter.

You are not limited to a "Card In Light Bulb"-routine there are many other tricks, like "The Borrowed Bill In Light Bulb", "Milk In Light Bulb", "Orange Juice In Light Bulb" or even "Salt In The Light Bulb" possible with this outfit.

But the best is still to come: The trick works with nearly every table lamp, which you can find in your friends home or in your hotel!


A lady is instructed to remember the most beautiful day in her life as if it was a movie. Under the suggestion of the performer she stops the movie in her mind and gives the last picture a title, which in turn is written down by her. The piece of paper is folded and the performer puts it into an ashtray. During the following patter the paper catches fire mysteriously and the performer draws the attention of his audience to a sealed envelope, which was in full view right from the beginning of the effect. This is torn open and another spectator removes from it another piece of paper which is unfolded and read out by the spectator himself. Believe it or not, on the paper is written the same title as the lady had only thought of!
The manuscript included all the patter and the presentation exactly as performed by Mr. Borodin.
All props, which are used in this effect, you can buy for a few dollars at your next stationary shop or magic shop.
Here you'll find a short dialogue on the magic cafe in 2004: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/view ... &forum=109


This is a true gamblers secret that Ted Lesley has used for many years. It is the first time that we have released this "gem" of magic and mentalism to the fraternity! You will get some special prepared playing cards, which are "locators", but you can examine them for hours and you can even inspect them under a microscope and you will find not the slightest preparation, but nevertheless they are diabolically gimmicked. Believe it or not, these cards have a "memory" and for that reason we call them "MC" ("MemoryCard"). Inserted into a normal pack they will do wonders for you and they can be used under close-up, cabaret or stage-conditions. With the cards, you get illustrated instructions with routines from Ted Lesley and other creative maentalists. For some routines a "Brain-Wave-Deck" is recommended.
Here you'll find a current short dialogue on the magic cafe: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/view ... orum=15&13


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Re: Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby blue-man » November 14th, 2012, 12:51 am

Addendum: All manuscripts are in English and the tricks are in a good condition!

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Re: Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby blue-man » November 18th, 2012, 1:36 am

"The EQ-Book Test": SOLD

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Re: Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby blue-man » November 23rd, 2012, 1:36 am

"MC-Cards": SOLD
"DreamMovie": reserved

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Re: Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby trickdoctor » November 28th, 2012, 3:01 am

Just wanted everyone to know that I received my order with no problems.

Joel K.

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Re: Ted Lesley stuff - Informatico, Paranormal, DreamMovie, MC-Cards, Bill-Sational, EQ-Book..

Postby Arcato » December 23rd, 2012, 3:40 pm

is "Bill-Sational" still available?
If yes, I'll send you a PM...

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