Where Time Stands Still by Jeff Prace

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Where Time Stands Still by Jeff Prace

Postby Tom Frame » November 9th, 2012, 4:21 pm

Where Time Stands Still (Trick) by Jeff Prace $6.00
1 credit card
Available at: http://www.jeffprace.com/where_time_stands_still.html

Up next from Jeff Prace is a prediction effect involving time. Click on the link above to watch a performance video of what I will now describe. How redundant of me!

A participant cuts off about half of the deck and the performer gets rid of the lower half. He removes a gift card from his wallet and hands it to the participant.

The performer spreads the cards and asks the participant to thrust the gift card into the spread, telling her that she will use the three cards directly below the gift card. She inserts the gift card and the performer squares the cards.

He spreads the cards and turns the gift card face-down within the spread. He spreads the cards on the table and removes the three cards beneath the gift card. He gets rid of the other cards and turns the gift card face-up on the table.

The performer turns the cards face-up and arranges them in a row. They are a Nine, a Two and a Five. The participant examines the gift card and sees that it bears a picture of a watch, displaying the time 9:25.

For six bucks you receive a phony gift card and a link to an instructional video. The gift card is very nicely designed. It looks and feels like the real deal. The watch is depicted on the face of the card.

The gift card number is listed on the back of the card. Its an alphanumeric rendering of the Jack of Diamonds. While not related to this effect, this is a cool bonus feature that can be used as a prediction in some other context.

The ten minute instructional video is well produced. Mr. Prace does a fine job of teaching the material. He provides appropriate crediting.

The video begins with the performance seen at the link above. Then Mr. Prace describes the features of the gift card.

Next, he teaches a method that requires a specially constructed deck. It allows you to immediately remove the three cards beneath the gift card, instead of turning over the gift card first. But it also leaves you with a very dirty deck of very limited utility. Im not willing to devote a deck to this effect.

I dont like it.

Finally, Mr. Prace teaches the method seen in the video. If youve watched it, youre probably aware that a certain Bill Simon technique is the major move. Good for you.

But this effect wasnt designed for you, or for us. It was designed for lay folk. And its a surprising, commercial effect with interesting presentational possibilities. Theyll dig it.

I like it.

While I like Mr. Praces method, I dont use it to perform this effect. Thats because he inspired me and he earns bonus points for that!

I devised a method that uses a regular deck and eliminates the Bill Simon technique. The participant freely stabs the card into the full deck spread. I do not close the spread. The three cards beneath the gift card never leave the participants sight. She removes them and tables them face-down. I pick up the cards and table them face-up in Nine, Two Five order and finish as described.

But this isnt about me.

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Re: Where Time Stands Still by Jeff Prace

Postby Jeff.Prace » November 12th, 2012, 1:20 pm

Thanks for the review, Tom! Now is the perfect time to buy this, as ALL of the money made of this and my other products is going towards fundraising for David Oliver. Learn more here: http://www.jeffprace.com/david_oliver.html
See the trailer!

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