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Magic Books and programs-FSH

Postby Mr. Ash » November 6th, 2012, 12:36 pm

Fellow Magicians,
Below is a list of some great Magic and Mentalism books. Included are some rare programs from SAM conventions and an All India Magic annual.Shipping based your location.
Contact me to purchase or if you have questions.
Mr. Ash

A.I.M.C. All India Magic Circle 1974 Annual, Calcutta, India 1974 misc $10.00

Adair, Ian Classical Dove Secrets Doves $5.00

Andrews, Max Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems $20.00

Bjorklund, H. C. Trickartoons Book 3 Art magic $10.00

Borg Borg's Private Card Problems- Rear cover is a bit worn cards $8.00

Boyd, Rev. David Magic With A Message 1984 gospel $10.00

Campbell, Loring Magic That is Magic -Scribed in 1946 1946 misc $30.00

Dacri, Steve Commercial Close- Up Lecture 1 1973 Close-up $3.00

Daryl Daryl Does Den Haag $7.00

Hallas, Paul The Table Hopper's Source Book- Tricks for Restaurant Magicians 1990 Close-up $15.00

Hester, Rose Psychic Character Analysis The technique of Cold Reading $8.00

Hull, Burling Stage Magic (up to page 28) 1935 $30.00

Hull, Burling The Last Word Blindfold Methods by VOLTA 1932 Mentalism $10.00

Johnson,Les & Moore, Bob Moore Or Less Magic 1991 cards $12.00

Linking Ring December 1948 Vol. 28 No. 10 1948 misc $3.00

Lustig, David Dunninger's Power by Hypnotism Mentalism $5.00

Moore, Bob And There's Moore Misc $7.00

Nelmar Fifty Funny and Clever Figuring stunts- Math/numbers $4.00

Nelson, Robert A. Encyclopedia of Mentalism 3rd 1960 Mentalism $35.00

Osterlind, Richard The Black Box Mentalism $10.00

S.A.M 1940 12th Annual Convention program 1940 $10.00

S.A.M & I.B.M 3rd combined congress program 1959. small tear on back cover 1959 misc $10.00

Scalbert, Geoffrey There's A Trick In It 1987 misc $15.00

Taylor, Rex Rex Taylor's Stage mentalism 1988 Mentalism $10.00

Tenkai Six Tricks misc $5.00

Tucker, Stephen Millenial Magazine Stephen Tucker edition 1987 misc $12.00

Waters, T.A. OCTASM Mentalism $15.00

Weiner,Irv The Original Red Tape Thumb Tie $3.00
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