WTB Genii Bash Bag

Your doorway to those rare collectibles that everyone is searching for: books, props, posters, cards, and paper ephemera are all here for you to buy and sell.
mike henkel
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WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby mike henkel » October 26th, 2012, 10:52 pm

I was unable to attend si if you want to sell your Genii Bash bag with all the giveaways please e mail me at mikehenkel9@gmail.com Thank you.

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby Richard Kaufman » October 26th, 2012, 11:12 pm

We've established a price for the sale of the leftover gift bags: $250 postpaid within the US. You can purchase a bag by contacting the Genii office by phone: 301-652-5800 or email: genii@geniimagazine.com

We have an extremely limited number available, so don't hesitate if you're interested.
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Frank Quiroz
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Re: WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby Frank Quiroz » October 26th, 2012, 11:21 pm

Richard is it possible to see a list of the contents of the bag?
Frank Quiroz

Tom Gilbert
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Re: WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby Tom Gilbert » October 26th, 2012, 11:52 pm

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Re: WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby brianarudolph » October 27th, 2012, 9:33 am

Is the "I Was There!" button being replaced with an "I Was Some Place Else!" button in the after-Bash purchased bags? :-) :-) :-)

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Richard Kaufman
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Re: WTB Genii Bash Bag

Postby Richard Kaufman » October 27th, 2012, 11:19 am

Here is the letter that came in the gift bag explaining the contents:

Your Genii 75th Anniversary Birthday Bash Gift Bag

This folio containing your gifts was generously donated by my friend David Copperfield in celebration of Geniis 75th anniversary.

Your gifts, a token of our appreciation for attending our celebration, are described below. Some items are readily visible in the folio, but others are hidden in various pockets. Have fun exploring! (One helpful hint: some of the instructions for the card tricks are in the zippered mesh compartment under the large flap on the left side.)
Thanks for attending our 75th Anniversary Bash and enjoy this wonderful folio of gifts donated by the many generous dealers, advertisers, and friends of Genii, The Conjurors Magazine.
Richard Kaufman

Juan Pair, donated by Juan Tamariz, Stephen Minch, and Genii
The publication of any new effect by the master Juan Tamariz is cause for celebration, but the publication of two, his handlings for an ungimmicked Rising Cards and Vernons Travelers, makes it a doubly special event. Written by Stephen Minch of Hermetic Press, these delightful routines will introduce you to a new culling technique by Juan as well as give you the usual Tamarizian lessons in the psychology of expert card handling.

The Blue Crown DVD Sampler, donated by The Blue Crown
Alex Pandrea, chief of The Blue Crown, has put together this special sampler of their DVD line just for our convention. It features David Roth performing and explaining his classic Hanging Coins, Tony Changs mind-banging Sandwiches, Richard Huckos clever Hucko Steal, and an excellent tutorial on The Turnover Pass by Pandrea, a true master of the sleight.

Branded donated by Tim Trono
Tim Tronos amazing extension of Jack Tillars effect Blister will allow you to cause an ostensibly normal blister on your finger to visibly morph into the index of a chosen cardboth the numeral and pip (and there are several to choose from). Your hands dont go into your pockets and its something the spectator will never forget. This new handling contains a devilishly easy and deceptive force by Paul Wilson.

Lennart Green Deck (plus discount coupon for EMC products) donated by Luis de Matos and EMC
If theres anyone who doesnt think Lennart Green is cool I havent met him. And what better way to celebrate this Swedish maestro of the pasteboards than with a Lennart Green deck of cards, courtesy of Luis de Matos and the Essential Magic Collection. Dont miss the wrapper on the deck because it offers you a 10 percent online discount off products from the Essential Magic Collection at essentialmagiccollection.com

Olram Aces Plus, donated by Jon Racherbaumer, Tim Trono, and Genii
There have been an untold number of versions of what most people think of as McDonalds Aces, actually a routine of Johann Hofzinsers dating back to 1850 called The Power of Faith. One of the best is Jon Racherbaumers Olram Aces, presented here in a new handling including the necessary gimmicked cards.

Big Blind Media DVD Sampler, donated by Big Blind Media
Owen Packard and Big Blind Media, purveyors of fine digital magic, have provided this DVD sampler which highlights their excellent YouTube channel and DVD sets, and has performances and explains of seven excellent effects from Cameron Francis, Joshua Jay, Terry Lagerould, Alan Rorrison, John Bannon, Dave Solomon, and Liam Montier.

Mosers Miracle Monte, donated by Vanishing Inc.

Of all the Monte tricks inspired by Theodore DeLands Pickitout from 1907 (and that includes those by Eddie Taytelbaum, Mike Skinner, and Mike Rogers), the first real enhancement came from Harry Anderson. Wolfgang Mosers handling takes that a step farther and is one of the most commercial tricks on the market. You receive the special cards and instructions.

Intuition, donated by Real Secrets
Since everything from Real Secrets is, well, a real secret, theoretically I cant tell you about this. But that seems to be a contradiction since its being given to you in this gift bag! I guess I can tell you about it. One of the things which the Real Secrets team is very good at is disguising magical props as ordinary objectsin this case, an effect normally done with playing cards masquerades as one of those ubiquitous blow-in cards that are always falling out of magazines. The Intuition Development Center is going to help you expand your inner senses by separating red and black squares. I think youll be tickled by the method.

Reel Magic No.28 DVD, donated by Kozmo Magic

Reel Magic is a magazine-on-DVD, the only one of its kind in our field, and were very pleased that Kozmo, the brains behind it all, has donated the latest issue to all of you. The feature interview is with Josh Jay. The DVD features columns by Jon Armstrong, Garrett Thomas, and Simon Lovell; reviews by Wayne Kawamoto and David Regal; tricks explained by Josh Jay, David Acer, and Jim Loscutoff; and move monkeys with Steve Bargatze, Lou Carreon, and Kenny Shelton. Lots of fun stuff to watch and learn in this issue of Reel Magic.

Genii 75th Anniversary Magic Set donated by Hanky Panky Toys
Hanky Panky was very kind in donating a magic set for each one of you to celebrate Geniis 75th birthday. As the only maker of magic sets endorsed by FISM, Hanky Panky has been making European magic sets for decades. For us, they have produced a miniature set containing half a dozen effectsall quite good, whether classic or new. Hanky Panky also manufactures custom magic sets for various magicians around the world.

Cheating at Cheating, donated by Magicana
After some generous words of welcome in which David Ben explains the mission of Magicana, his non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to the exploration of magic as a performing art, he treats us to a tricky bit of video titled Cheating at Cheating. In it he demonstrates but does not explain various bits of amazing card handling, much of which comes from The Expert at the Card Table. This is followed by an excerpt from a recent issue of Magicol titled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Erdnase. Navigate through the excerpt using the arrow keys on your DVD remote control or computer keyboard (not your mouse). If you find viewing it on the screen inconvenient, you may download the article for free from www.magicana.com/geniibash.

Jay Sankeys The Fine Print, donated by Elmwood Magic
Jay Sankey has created magic since the early 1980s, and I was pleased to write, illustrate, and publish his first two books Sankey Panky and 100% Sankey. This effect from Elmwood Magic emphasizes the simpler side of Sankeya card force and the supplied special card produce a memorable miracle. Elmwood Magic will be having a drawing in the dealer room each night for a $100 gift certificates worth of products from their website.

Mahatma, donated by The Conjuring Arts Research Center
While magic had a rich history in Asia, the United Kingdom, and Europe, it was a bit of a slow-starter in the new United States, where the earliest magic dealers, the Lubins, C. Milton Chases father Nathaniel, and Joseph Hartz, didnt open shops until somewhere between 1851 and 1860. The first magazine didnt appear until 1895, but once it got going after a few false starts and different owners, Mahatma became an invaluable source of information and the progenitor of all American magic magazines that followed, including The Sphinx and, later, Genii. Published for 11 years, obtaining a full file of Mahatma over 100 years after it ceased publication was a Herculean task. The Conjuring Arts Research Center presents this CD-Rom containing every issue of Mahatma in full color, in fully-searchable PDF format. Note that this disc must be used in your computer, not a stand-alone DVD player.

Alan Alans Dual Control donated by L&L Publishing

Dual Control is an amazing utility gimmick. If youve ever wanted to perform the Magnetized Pencils or Magnetized Cards, where objects adhere to your skin as if by magic, or the Rising Cards with a borrowed deck, Alans handling of the Dual Control gimmick will enable you to do all that and more. I used to visit Alan Alans shop The Magic Spot and see him demonstrate this behind the counter and it always fooled me. Patrick Page hosts this DVD and also assists Alan with explaining the methods. Its amusing to watch these two old pros (and friends) as Pat is trying to move Alan along during the explanations, with Alan having a hard time getting a word in. And take special note of the extra handling by Fred Kaps for the Magnetized Pencil.

Mutanz or Headhunter, donated by Robert Farmer
From the mysterious Mr. Farmer youll receive one of two of his most amazing packet tricks, both involving secretly gimmicked cards and mind-bending psychology for the utmost packeteers escape from reality.

Jerry Andruss Spook Blocks, donated by Genii and the Estate of Jerry Andrus
Ive always been a big fan of both of Jerry Andruss passions: magic and optical illusions. While I have published his optical illusion Parabox several times in the past, for our gift bag I sought out one of his more advanced items that has not been widely reproduced: Spook Blocks. It takes the simple optical effect of Parabox, where a concave three-dimensional item appears to become convex, and amplifies it, making your head spin with the impossibility of what youre seeing.

The Magic of Mlis DVD, donated by Kino Video and Genii

Kino Video produces this wonderful DVD containing 15 films by Georges Mlis followed by a documentary George Mlis: Cinema Magician. Mlis was a magician and the manager of the Theatre Robert-Houdin, as well as one of the earliest film-makers and the discoverer of the special effect in cinema. In these films, some of which feature magical effects achieved through early special effects, you can still see the charm Mlis captured in his work. If youve seen Martin Scorseses extraordinary film Hugo, then get ready to experience the original Magic of Mlis.

Dr. Sawas Fortune-Telling Card, donated by Genii
When I published Sawas Library of Magic in the late 1980s, one of my favorite effects required a unique gimmicked card that allows you to reveal four predicted cards in different sizes and shapes. Ive not seen a single person perform it even though it requires no sleight of hand and is unique in all of card magic. Youll find new instructions herein along with the required special gimmickplease try it out.

Scarnes Ace Cutting, donated by Ray Goulet
In his autobiography The Odds Against Me, John Scarne relates how he was able to cut to the Aces from a shuffled deck in the presence of well-known gamblers. The trick has been a legend for many years, and my guess is that Scarne used different methods based on the particular circumstance in which he found himself. Karl Fulves has published a riffle shuffle control that Scarne explained to him, and stated he used it for the Ace-cutting routine. Scarne tipped an entirely different method to Ray Goulet many decades ago. It is, Scarne told him, the technique he really used to cut to the Aces for Arnold Rothstein. Get ready to learn The Pinch.

Derek Dingles Lightning Card to Wallet, donated by Richard Kaufman
While later in life Derek Dingle, perhaps the greatest natural close-up sleight of hand artist of the 20th century, used the Card in Envelope style wallet usually credited to Paul LePaul, in the 1970s he used what is known as the Balducci/Kaps Wallet. Dereks handling for the repeat Card to Wallet has never been published, and with it Dingle was able to load a wallet and bring it out of his pocket faster than anyone Ive ever seen. Ive kept this a secret for 30 years, but now its time to share it with you.

Theodore DeLands Fadeaway Card, donated by Genii
The death of the back palm trumpeted the ads by Theodore DeLand in The Sphinx magazine in 1908. The Back Palm did not diefar from it; its performed by magicians all around the world every day. But the principle behind DeLands Fadeaway Card has been a secret that some wily magicians have been using under the radar, even in FISM competitions. Yes, it really works, and the gimmick is now printed by the United States Playing Card Company to match a Bicycle deck. Dont fool yourself by thinking that it doesnt work!

Theodore DeLands Eureka Card Trick, donated by Genii

Theodore DeLand invented the principle of printing overlapping playing cards on the face of a single card for his Phantom Card Trick in 1907. With the Eureka Card trick of 1913, he combined the idea with a double ended card printed on the opposite side, creating a new dimension in card magic. The gimmick is printed by the United States Playing Card Company to match a Bicycle deck.

Tom Palmers Insta-Flash! Illusion, donated by Paul Osborne Illusion Systems
The late Tony Andruzzis real name (well, his second real name) was Tom Palmer, and he was one of the most creative and funny magicians of his time. Paul Osborne, illusion designer and a Genii columnist for many years, has drawn up a previously unpublished illusion concept by Palmer in honor of our 75th Anniversary.

Friendly Fire, donated by Ben Harris
This 142-page ebook is a compilation of magic and theory from Ben Harriss New Directions Magazine, published from 1985 to 1987. The contributors include Jerry Andrus, Jon Racherbaumer, Jay Sankey, Steve Dusheck, Ian Baxter, Sixten Beme, Mike Gallo, Harry Lorayne, Ed Marlo, Richard Sanders and others. Locate the card in the folio with the URL and download the book. It expires on October 14, next Monday, so dont wait!

PLF Marked ESP Cards, donated by Tannens Magic
Ive been going to a magic shop owned by one of the Tannen brothers since the age of 7 or 8. First it was Mike Tannens Circle Magic, and then Lou Tannens at 1540 Broadway. Both were mystical places where dreams resided. Today Tannens Magic is owned and operated by Adam Blumenthal, an enterprising young man bringing back the great traditions of the company. Tannens Magic has donated a set of 5 specially-marked ParaLabs ESP symbol cards, which will allow you to perform some remarkable psychic miracles.

All Roads Lead to Genii, donated by Genii (of course)
Hideo Katos ingenious effect All Roads Lead to Rome appears in the November 1986 issue of Genii. For our 75th Anniversary, Ive produced a new and amusing version of this clever trick. No matter what magazine you try to read, all roads lead to Genii. But you already knew that or you wouldnt be here!

The Lost Dai Vernon Lecture DVD, donated by Genii and The Estate of Dai Vernon

Every lecture that Dai Vernon gave was different, even if he was lecturing on the same effects and routines. This particular lecture (shot in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1976) has never been released before, and it offers yet again stunning proof of his masterful insight and ability in all areas of magic. It pleases me no end to be able to present this DVD to you because it contains some things that I saw Vernon do in 1983 when we first met and never thought I would see again, such as The Berg Knot and his masterful handling of The Bottom Change. The natural ease with which Vernon executes the extremely difficult card sleights in the second half really takes your breath away. This is a lecture to be treasured. The time codes indicate where each item begins.
Cups and Balls (3:10)
Coins in Champaign Glass (18:10)
Coin Star (24:00)
Various Coin Vanishes (25:00)
The Tale of the Treasury-Worm (28:19)
The Daivergent Silk (Color-Changing Handkerchiefs) (30:50)
The Berg Knot (33:10)
Vernon on the Card Index (36:00)
Vernon Handling of the Sacks Dice Routine (39:25)
Salt Pour (43:05)
Four Balls in the Net (46:34)
The Peripatetic Walnuts (57:23)
Double-Backed Cards and The Trick that Fooled Houdini (1:02)
Talk about the Double Lift, The Progenys Transposition, Leipzigs Double Lift (1:05:30)
Talk about timing with the Pass and the Top Change (1:12:50)
Max Malini, Nail Nicking, and The Siamese Aces (1:13:45)
The Bottom Change (1:15:24)
The Top Change (1:16:24)
Color Changes, including Malini, Leipzig, and a Tenkai Palm Color Change (1:18:09)
Erdnase False Overhand ShuffleVernon Technique (1:21:27)
The Push-Through Shuffle and Cut (1:22:37)
Two Ways of Replacing a Palmed Card (1:23:53)
Riffle Pass, Diagonal Palm Shift, and Hand-Washing (1:25:43)
The Gamblers Palm (1:27:30)
Time to Change Palm (1:28:47)
Video Loss of 4 Minutes While Audio Continues (1:30:35)
Erdnase Pushoff Second Deal (1:34:30)
The New Theory Second Deal (1:36:57)
Bottom Deal (1:38:40)
More Talk About The Double Lift (1:40:06)
A Loose Lift (1:42:23)
Double Lift Unload (1:42:56)
The Fingerprint Trick (1:44:30)
Controlling a Card to the Top or Bottom (1:49:50)
Leipzig Hindu Shuffle Force (1:51:15)
The Spectator Peek (1:52:09)
French Shuffle Bottom Control (1:53:18)
Brother Hammans Pinochle Trick (1:53:52)
Video Loss, though patter continues, and Vernon explains how he ends the trick cleanly.
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