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dj deenasty
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Postby dj deenasty » October 14th, 2012, 9:21 am

Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up that "iUnlockYourMind" will be released very soon. We have been fortunate to have had some top performers use this in their shows already

James Brown,Alex Ward,Paul Vigil,Daniel Madison,Anthony Jacquin,,Daniel Stanbridge,and Tom Weil.


Imagine the ability to walk up to any spectator and unlock their iPhone.

It's now possible!

From the devious minds of Salah Aazedine & Myke Phillips.

Basic Effect
Imagine, you give your iPhone to a spectator and tell them to try and unlock your iPhone. They can't, because obviously they don't know what your Passcode is. Without ever touching your iPhone, you are able to Mentally send the correct Passcode to the spectator unlocking your iPhone. Now, if that is not as amazing as it sounds, what happens next, you can only imagine in your wildest dreams. You take the spectators iPhone from them, and tell them to Mentally send you their Passcode. They do, and you are able to correctly guess their Passcode and unlock their iPhone on the first try.

*This is just one of many possibilities you can perform with the "iUnlockYourMind" Application.

Every Mentalist/Magicians dream is to have the ability to read the mind and unlock a spectators iPhone.

Key Points:

*Your iPhone can be examined before and after the effect, their is nothing to find.

*They can try as many different codes as they like, it will only unlock, when you want it to.

*Whenever they want to start the trick, That's when the trick begins.

*The effect is performed without you ever touching your iPhone, everything is done by the spectator.

*No extra iPhone needed.

*No assistants.

*No wifi or any kind of transmission.

*Easy to learn.

*No memorisation needed, perform straight away.

*It can be performed 100% hands off.

*Imagine, being able to tell someone their pin number, iPhone Passcode, Year of Birth. The list goes on.....

*4 professional baffling routines.

Full Scrips, Presentations and Effects



*Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you will use "iUnlock your mind" all the time.

*This can be performed one on one, or even to the biggest crowds on the biggest stages.

*it can be used as a pre-show tool.

*Not just another magic application, but a Mind Readers utility device.

*Imagine, that in the process of performing an awesome iPhone trick, you able to gain extra information and reveal it right then, or on a later date.

*This can replace your Peek Wallet or Impression Device.

*You can gain more information, with "iUnlockYourMind" than you can with a standard Peek Wallet, and the best part is, you get to perform an amazing effect in the process.

*Take credit for being an incredible mind reader.

Daniel Madison
'This is as clean and imperceptible as anybody could hope for in an app of this kind and could possibly be the best mind-reading app ever. If mind-control were real, I believe that it would look like this.'

Alex Ward
'No joke, it's the best iPhone magic app that's been created hands down! I've seen em all'

More quotes to come

Kindest Regards
Salah and Myke

Roger M.
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Re: iUnlockYourMind

Postby Roger M. » October 14th, 2012, 10:36 am

You join the Genii Forum so you can spam us?
What do you think this is, the Magic Cafe?

Stuff your crappy Grismer Lock imitation.

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Re: iUnlockYourMind

Postby M.Lee » October 14th, 2012, 5:03 pm

R. Grismer was a friend & Brilliant Creator .
Just performed his Gris- Lock for over 1500 people just this past night ..
Can you say Standing O !

Very doubtful iunlock will be an i- mprovement on Rays Creativity !
These days your able to Push a button to unlock a car...Why would a C-phone be any different ?

Michael Lee

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