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Albert Goshman

Postby Guest » October 1st, 2005, 3:26 am

Just one more thought re what I mentioned concerning the review of the DVD released by International Magic Studio, UK at: ... 6;t=001649

My remarks on that matter where solely re the opinion mentioned in Dustin Stinett's *review* of the mentioned DVD.

What I though have to correct, is that the opinion re Al Goshmans own released *Magic by Gosh* , though *true* re the remarks that this tape doesn't reflect the *real* Goshman, nevertheless doesn't give the whole picture of his *Magic by Gosh* tape!

Anybody interested in -not the sleights/handling- but mainly the background of this GIANT of close-up magic, should ALSO study that DVD..

The *performance* on it is -as stated both by Richard Kaufman in the August issue, as well as by Dustin Stinett in the intro to his review of the IMS DVD- NOT reflecting the *real* Goshman, but the rest of that DVD (Magic by Gosh) does give a tremendious inside in his thoughts about magic and his life *in* magic, and that is as important as anything else re this guy!

It also shows, he, contrary to what a lot of ppl think, is a fascinating *talker* when the subject comes to magic, also what he mentions and says has be said so by him -the very same way- for many many years, both at his lectures and in his earlier lecture notes..

*The Magic is YOU*, is what is reflected, amongst a lot of other wisdom!

So those into close-up, once again, shouldn't neglect the rather *bad* reviews re the original *Magic by Gosh* tape, but should get it!

Apart from the *theory* it also contains some routines NOT captured on the Ron McMillan DVD re Alberts Lecture!
Get it and enjoy *real* close-up magic again..done and explained by a real master, one of the very few of the last century.. :)

Anybody NOT having seen and watched that tape, is missing a huge part of *magical education*, at least in the field of close-up magic...

Forget the fingerflinging stuff, it just puts ppl asleep, and it's not what they'll remember re your performance.

If you want to make an impact, you have to do better and both of the mentioned DVDs can show you the way, the *why* a performer like Al Goshman did *get* to ppl, but you have to have an *eye* for this.

Just my own humble opinion....

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