A new Arcanum volume...

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A new Arcanum volume...

Postby AMcD » October 8th, 2012, 4:47 pm

Hi all,

I just realized I didn't warn Genii members about the release of the second volume of my series which occurred... 2 months ago!

It is quite unforgivable because the first volume brought me many customers from this place. Some of them, registered to other places, have already contacted me though :-).

Anyway, here's a short introduction:

Actually, it's not volume II, it's a Special Edition. The title is "Stacking Formulary for Draw Poker and Texas Hold'Em" and it's a big bunch of formulas and algorithms for stacking single hands, double-dukes and up to triple-dukes for Draw Poker and Texas Hold'Em.

I did it because the main "complaint" of many of the first volume purchasers was that I talked about Texas Hold'Em only. Some would have also wanted multi-hand stacking formulas. It's now done with this volume

It is sold as a (printable) PDF file only. I introduced the use of colors for the figures, algorithms, etc., and it makes it too expensive to be printed with the same quality I used for Arcanum I. Besides, just a few dozens of people might be interested by such a matter.

Those interested might read the munificent following words, which are the preface of the pamphlet:

"It is with pleasure that I write the preface to Arnold MCDONALDs ARCANUM, Special Edition Volume Number One. This is an extremely in-depth work on certain aspects of riffle shuffle stacking and should be of benefit to the serious student.

This work delves into the theory of riffle stacking for both Draw and HoldEm poker. It certainly is not a one-time casual read as it is an in-depth academic and theoretical work that delves into the inner sequences of stacking for one, two, or three players in the aforementioned games. To the best of my knowledge, no one has gone this deeply into this particular area of stacking with the riffle shuffle before.

The beauty of this work is it gives the theoretical underpinning of running up hands in various scenarios and an understanding of the theory of how this is accomplished can be of considerable value both to magicians and demonstrators as well as to those that use this information for somewhat darker purposes.

Dont be daunted by the apparent difficulty of this work. Understanding it will put one in good stead whether he uses this for his own amusement, for practical application and/or to possibly develop his own systems.

I look forward to future works by Arnold and congratulate him on his rather different approach to Card Stacking Arcana."

Richard Albert CANFIELD
Author of Blackjack Your Way to Riches

In short, 62 pages, 23 Figures, 20 Examples and 30 Tables that should please all card stacking enthusiasts! Price is $35. Paypal only.

Of course, and as usual, there won't be hundred of copies, even if it's a computer file. As a matter of fact, many of my former customers have already purchased it and I'll allow no more than a couple of dozen of new customers.

A big and deep thank to those supporting my work. It's a lot of work for me and I'm very slow at writing, but all my customers are cool guys.

The purchasing "procedure" is given on my website: http://www.arnoldmcdonald.org/code/main.php?p=6300000

To contact me use: owner@arnoldmcdonald.org or arnold.mcdonald@hotmail.com.

Again, my apologies for not posting before here.

Arnold McDonald

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