F/S *******Sleightly Original by Tom Gagnon*********

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F/S *******Sleightly Original by Tom Gagnon*********

Postby y3xprm » September 29th, 2012, 7:29 pm

F/S "Sleightly Original" by Tom Gagnon
First Edition

$18, free mailing in the USA
Email if interested: cosem25@yahoo.com

Chapter One:
Coin To Pocket Ruse
Flip Up Production
Bomb Bay
Double Duty Departure
Twofold Vanish
Flash Coin Production

Chapter Two:
Misers Dream
Contemporary Purse Swindle
Twilights Last Gleaming
Newfangled Matrix
The Phantom Coin
Gypsy Coin

Chapter Three:
The Teddlywinks Change
Shanghai Express
Silver And Two Copper Interlude
Split Level
Transposition Under Glass
Soda Jerk
Flick Your Trick Load

Chapter Four: Matrix sleights
New Theory Pick Up Move
Pickup and Displacement Move
Open Procedure Load
Flee Flicker

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