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Postby Allen Tipton » August 22nd, 2012, 11:12 am

In addition to the fascinating book on Lafayette by Arthur Setterington (Abbraxas Publications 1991) there is a new book, published last year in Scotland, UK.
It is published by New Lands Press
The 100 page book, The Death & Life of The Great Lafayette arrived this morning. Very quick delivery.It was ordered 2 days ago!!
Obviously I have not yet read it BUT:

It contains dozens of photos including some of the funeral procession, Beauty's transparent coffin with TGL's ashes in a wooden box by her paws, The giant floral tribute saying, The Last Act,The old Empire and its destroyed stage & the Festival Theatre with Ian Robertson & Gordon Rutter, the book's authors,standing in the Lafayette CORNER (4th. floor next to the stairs) with some of the exhibits on the walls. There are more photos of Lalla Selbini plus her efforts to take part of TGL's show which had not been burned back on the road. These included The Lion's Bride and a startling appearance of The Great Lafayette at the end of the show--do not get too excited. Miss Selbini having worked so closely with TGL knew all his mannerisms etc and created a double. Also she did not succeed and went back into a sell out show called Happy Days!! (no not the American TV series!) which ran for years.

There are photos and stories of Oswald Stoll, legends like Chung Ling Soo, Houdini, Kellar and miscellaneous variety acts. Plus of course Lafayette himself.

*** At the end of the book there is a web site you can go on to view: new material found since the book's publication & video footage***
and news of a book of magic postcards--and where to find out other magic events in Edinburgh.

At 10 (and this includes 1:20p postage) it is a snip for any real magician who treasures Magic's History and the traditions and brilliant performers of the Past.

Allen Tipton UK

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