Entertainment Material for Kid and Family Shows Resource Thread

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Entertainment Material for Kid and Family Shows Resource Thread

Postby Dynamike » August 13th, 2012, 6:19 pm

This thread contains different type of material for entertainment at kid and family events. Some material may be outdated, but there is still a good chance it can be sold used.

50 Little Magic Movies (DVD) - David Ginn
202 Questions That Are Hard to Answer (Book) Steve Taylor and David Ginn
Big Laughs for Little People (Book) Samuel Patrick Smith
Birthday Magicians Handbook (Book) Dave Fiscus
Bish Bash Bosh (DVD) - Magic Dave
Bringing Home the Laughs (Book) David Ginn
Building A Better Mouse Trap (Book & CD) - Barry Mitchell
Chair Suspension (Downloadable) - Kyle Peron
Children's Entertainer Guidebook (Book) - Stephen Ablett
Children Laugh Louder (book & DVD) David Ginn
Children's Magic - The Herbert Way! (DVD) - Terry Herbert
Close-up A-Ginn (Book) David Ginn
Close-Up For Kids (DVD) - Bill Abbott
Close Up Magic for Children (DVD) - Ethan & Russell Leeds, Jeremy Le Poidevin
Colorful Magic (Book) David Ginn
Comedy Card on Back (Book) David Ginn
Comedy Cut and Restored Neckerchief (Book) David Ginn
Comedy Linking Rings (Book) David Ginn
Comedy Magic For Pre Schoolers (DVD) - David Ginn
Cool Magic for Cool Kids (DVD) - Norm Barnhart
Comedy Magic Textbook (Book) David Roper
Comedy Warm-Ups (Book) David Ginn
Creative KidTalk (Book) - Sammy Smith, Steve Taylor, and David Ginn
David Ginn Live Lecture 1978 (DVD) David Ginn
Doing Magic for Youngsters (Book) Bert Easley
Encyclopedia of Children's Magic (Book) - Ian Adair
Hats, Rabbits & Swords (DVD) David Ginn
If Ever A Wiz There Was (Book) - Keith Fields
Keep Them Laughing (DVD) - Gary Dunn
Kid-Ability (DVD) - Jimbo
Kid Show Basics (DVD) - Carroll Baker
Kids think it's funny (Book) - Greg McMahan
Kiddin' Around (DVD) - Chris Capehart
Kiddin With Kids (DVD) - Amato
Kidshow Rockstar (DVD & Lecture Notes) - The Great Zucchini
King Of Custard (DVD) - Paul Megram
Komedy Kid-Show Klinic Live! (DVD) David Ginn
Live KidBiz 1 (DVD) David Ginn
Live KidBiz 2 (DVD) David Ginn
Live KidBiz 3/4 (DVD) David Ginn
Live KidBiz 5/6 (DVD) David Ginn
Make Your Own Magic (DVD) - David Tomkins
Making the Birthday Dough! (DVD) - Ken Scott
Making the Birthday Dough 2! (DVD) - Ken Scott
Magic 80 Teach In (DVD) - David Ginn
Magic for Older Children (DVD) - Pat Fallon
Magic For Under 5's (DVD) - Terry Herbert
Magic Ingredient & Kidology (DVD) - Samuel Patrick Smith
Magic Without Mayhem (DVD) - Tim Shoesmith
Packs Small Plays Big Kid Show (DVD) - Dan Harlan
Party Performance (DVD) - Tim Sonefelt
Partytime (DVD) - Magic Dave
Perform Like A Pro (DVD-R) Quentin Reynolds
Professional Childrens Magic For Children (DVD) - Tony Clark
Professional Magic for Children (Book) David Ginn
No Fail Kids Magic (DVD) - Sean Taylor Volumes 1-3
Read to Achieve Magic Show (DVD) - Tommy Jones
Seriously Silly (Book & DVD) - David Kaye
Sure-Fire Kidshow Magic (DVD) - David Ginn
The Color-Filled Kidshow (DVD) David Ginn
The Magic of Thinking Creatively (DVD) - Barry Mitchell
The Party Magic (DVD) - Mark Leveridge
The Snake Can Book (Book) David Ginn

Blue and Gold (Book and Downloable) - Kyle Peron
Booked Beyond Belief (DVD) David Ginn
Confidential Day Care Booking Manuel (Book) Samuel Patrick Smith
Dominate Your School Market Power Toolkit (Downloadable) Tim Piccirillo
How to Create, Market, and Present Motivational School Assembly Programs for Big Profits (Downloadable) Chris Egelston
How to Make a Six Figure Income Doing Kid Shows (Notes with CD) Ken Scott
How to Make $25,000 Doing Birthday Parties Part-Time (DVD) - Jack Turk
I Love To Read (Downloadable) - Dave Dee
Komedy Kidshow Konversations (3 CDs) - Ginn, Smith & Taylor
Magic A Tricky Business (Book) - Steve Varro
Magic of Christmas Show (Downloadable) John Kaplan
Mind Your Own Business (Book) - Steve Varro
Secrets Of A Millionaire Magician (Book) Randy Charach
Stage Fright: The THRILL-usion Show (Downloadable) John Kaplan
The Amazing day Care System (Downloadable) Tim Adams
The Birthday Party Business (Book) - Bruce Fife, Hal Diamond, Steve Kissell, Robin Vogel, Mary Lostak, Bob Conrad, and Mama Clown
The Daycare Magician Book (Book) - Tom Boleware
The Magicians Guide To Working Preschools (Book) Tom Boleware
The Only 3 Ways To Book Your Show (Book) David Ginn
The Ultimate School Show Assembly Program (Downloadable) Dave Dee

Games Ability (DVD) Jimbo

David Ginns Invisible Message (DVD) David Ginn
It's About Time / Magic In Black & White (DVD) David Ginn
Safety Magic for Children (Book) Karl Wagner
Using Magic To Fight Drug Abuse (VHS) Duane Laflin

A Tony Christmas Magic Show (DVD) Tony Chris
Christmas Magic Workshop (Book) David Ginn
Make It Magic Christmas (Music CD) David Ginn
Make It Spooky (Music CD) David Ginn

12 Gospel Magic Tricks Vol 1 (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks Vol 2 (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With A Change Bag (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With A Joy Box (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With A Silk (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With A Thumb Tip (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Alpha and Number Cards (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Gadgets & Gizmos (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Money (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Paper Sacks & Newspaper (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Pen & Paper (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks With Rope (Book) Del Wilson
12 Gospel Magic Tricks You Can Make (Book) Del Wilson
12 Impromptu Gospel Tricks (Book) Del Wilson
13 Spiritual Object Lessons Vol. 1 (DVD) Michael T.
13 Spiritual Object Lessons Vol. 2 (DVD) Michael T.
Anatomy of a Gospel Magic Show (Book) Duane Laflin
Art Of Gospel Magic (3 DVD Set) - Duane Laflin
Conjuring for the Church (Book) J. B. Maxwell, Ph.D., D.D.
Excellent Gospel Magic (DVD) Duane Laflin
Gods Message in My Magic (Book) David Ginn
Good News Visualized (Book) - Glenn C. Tompkins
Gospel Magic 101 (Book) Steve Varro
Gospel Magic As I Use It (Book) - Steve Varro
Gospel Magic at Your Thumb Tips (DVD) - David Mitchell
Gospel Magic in a Third World Country (Book) - Steve Varro
Gospel Magic Up Close & Personal (Book) - Chuck Hendrix
Gospel Magic Vol. 1 (DVD) - Dave Mitchell
Gospel Magicians Digest (Book) - Edward F. Jarvis II, PH.D.
From Tricks To Truth (Book) - Doug Wathen
Magic of the Gospel (Book) - Rev. Bob Sparks
Make It Gospel (CD) - Arthur and Leslie Stead
Putting Yourself in Gods Hands (Lecture Note) David Ginn
See the Trick Hear the Truth (DVD) Duane Laflin
Still More Conjuring for the Church (Book) - J. B. Maxwell, Ph.D., D.D.
Still More Magical Object Lessons (Book) - J. B. Maxwell, Ph.D., D.D.
The Art of Gospel Magic (Book) - Art Zachman
The Magic of Choices (Lecture Note & DVD) David Ginn
Walk Around Magic for Kids (DVD) - Michael T

Advanced Ventriloquism (DVD) Mark Wade
Comedy Writing for Kidshows (Book) Mark Wade
Confession of a Kidshow Performer (Book) Mark Wade
Kidshow Ventriloquism (Book) Mark Wade
Successful Ventriloquism (DVD) Mark Wade
Talk to the Hand (DVD) - Kimmo
The Art of The Kidshow (DVD) Mark Wade
The Magic of Puppets (DVD) - Colin Dymond, Jeremy Le Poidevin
Woof Woof: the Big Dawg (DVD) David Ginn

Clown Jokes and Walk Around Gags (Book) Ron Burgess
Clown Magic (Book) David Ginn
Clown Style Magic (Book) Duane Laflin
Creative Clowning (Book) - Bruce Fife et al

Performing Mentalism For Young Minds (Book) - Paul Romhany

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Re: Entertainment Material for Kid and Family Shows Resource Thread

Postby Q. Kumber » August 13th, 2012, 6:40 pm

That's quite a list. Thank you for putting it together.

I would add my own Five Minutes With a Pocket Handkerchief DVD and my KidShow Course which includes seven complete forty minute shows all performed in front of live audiences, plus marketing material, currently available from Practical Magic.

Some books to add to the list are:

Open Sesame by Eric C. Lewis and Wilfred Tyler
Playing With Magic by Wilfred Tyler (difficult to find)
Laughter All The way by Ron Bishop which contains one of the best glove puppet routines ever published.
Children's Parties a Speciality by Peter D'Arcy which contains two full shows and some great routines.
The Land of Make Believe by Fred Barton
Specialised Children's Entertainment by Eric Sharp
Specialised Patter and Funny Routines by Eric Sharp
Kid Stuff by Frances Marshall - all six volumes. Volume Six was my favourite.

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Re: Entertainment Material for Kid and Family Shows Resource Thread

Postby Dynamike » August 14th, 2012, 10:03 am

Zero to Booked Solid in 30 Days! (Downloadable) - James Munton
How to Teach a Birthday Magic Class (DVD) - James Munton

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