A Magic Game Show?

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A Magic Game Show?

Postby Dustin Stinett » August 2nd, 2012, 1:35 pm

Gord Boyes is collecting data for a "Feud" style game, and you can participate. This from Gord:

Do you like Game Shows? PartyGameShows.com is going to be running one in the style of Family Feud, called Magicians Feud. They're looking for magicians willing to participate in a survey to get the answers for the game (ie - the top xx numbers to the following question).

Initially they'll be running the game at local meetings and/or conventions, so they would prefer to collect the answers from people outside of their area.

Participants will recieve an email with links to survey monkey with 10 questions that should be answered without giving too much thought, as though someone has stopped you in the shopping mall. They would like to get enough for about 30 questions so there will be 3 survey rounds.

If you're willing to help with this, please send en email to survey@partygameshows.com

In addition to Magician Feud, they have more games designed to be played in a manner to increase the excitement in the Dealers Room and add more fun to convention activities, with a variety of trivia questions targetted towards Magicians or laymen.

Please forward this to magician friends so they can get the most data possible.


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