Sawa's Slot machine...

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Sawa's Slot machine...

Postby Guest » December 5th, 2005, 3:01 am

Here is s tip for those not yet having bought their X-mas present ;)

I just had the pleasure of rewatching a couple of Alexander de Cova Videos..
Amongst others, at least his *Treasures* Vol. 1, 2 and 3 are still available at Murphys, who at least might point out one of their distributors for you, where you can buy their stuff..

Edited: link added: ... =treasures

These vids contain really top-rate magic from one of Germanys premier performers, unfortunately somehow now 'hiding' somewhere in Italy (IIRC) and probably even left magic.

Just one single routine to mention, which is worth the price of all 3 vids, though others of his routines can be votet/praised the same way..

Have a look at his version of Sawa's Slot machine..

It's not only fairly easy to do, but magically and deceptive as only real magic can be..when you've seen it performed, I'm 100% sure you'll agree with my above statement.

Now, I've seen a lot of great versions performed, also f.ex. Cellini's, which is VERY entertaining ans so easy to do, but none of all these version even came close to the *magicspell* de Covas handling does represent..

Alone the continous vanish of the single coin will be a mystery to each and everybody of you seing it done, promise!

How the loads the stack of 25 halfdollars is a work of art and indetectable too..

I can only advice the true lovers of 'real' close-up magic, who love the finer points of this artform, to get these 3 vids, if their budget is low, get at least Vol. 2 and 3 (which contains the slot machine) and I don't doubt, this will force you to also get Vol. 1..

Alone -as mentioned- his version of the slot machine is worth $100 to any close-up entertainer..
Trust me... ;)

PS. The vanish of the single coin is an old strategy, which I myself also have known for many years (can't recall though the original inventor of it, but it's a well known name), nevertheless (I had forgottten Alexander de Cova's handling) it fooled me badly when rewatching today, I had no clue at all, and this is to the way he does use a certain util in a different way, also others have done so, but still it will fool you too..
Wanna bet? :p

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