The Yankee Magic Collector 15: Request for Submissions

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The Yankee Magic Collector 15: Request for Submissions

Postby Andrew Pinard » June 10th, 2012, 1:08 pm

Thanks to Richard for allowing us to post this here. Anyone interested in back issues can find them at


A publication of the New England Magic Collectors Association
Andrew Pinard, Editor

As you may be aware, the New England Magic Collectors Association produces a high-quality journal with articles on magic history every even-numbered yearoften from the perspective of contemporary curators of magic history: the magic collector.

We have been blessed over the last twenty-eight years to feature some of the finest writers in magic presenting original scholarship of interest to all magic historians. We look forward to continuing our relationship with such magical scholars and it is our hope to add your name to the list of contributors of The Yankee Magic Collector #15.

If youve written a biography, bibliography, tribute, review, interview or essay, or other non-fiction material (photos, letters?) relating to magic history, please consider submitting your work to be published in the November 2012 issue. We hope that you will be interested in sharing your scholarship with our readers.

Issue #15 will see color printing throughout (of submitted color images) and we hope to feature material from the lectures presented at the 2010 Yankee Gathering #13.

If your work is accepted for publication we will feature your bio on the Contributors page, along with any links or other information youd like to include. If you have a book or website, we can help you promote it in this way. Authors who attend the Yankee Gathering will be recognized at the Gathering and all authors will receive a personalized special edition Authors Copy of The Yankee Magic Collector #15 that features a distinct binding from the standard edition.

Submissions are preferred via e-mail at, but material may also be mailed to: Andrew Pinard, P.O. Box 535, Bradford, NH 03221. Please feel free to contact me for a copy of our submission guidelines or visit our website at

Thank you for your interest and consideration, we look forward to presenting your work in the next issue of The Yankee Magic Collector.


Andrew Pinard

Editorial Review Board: John Bach, Ed Hill, Nick Miller, Doug Rickenbach, Steve Rogers, Dan Smith

603-938-5158 ~ P.O. Box 535 Bradford, NH 03221 ~

2012 Article Submission Information & Guidelines

The purpose of the journal is to contribute to the literature of magic history. The Yankee Magic Collector (YMC) is published by NEMCA in even-numbered years in conjunction with The Yankee Gathering magic history conference. Articles are submitted from all corners of the magic community. The purpose of YMC is to contribute to the exploration and preservation of magic history by providing authors a venue to share their research with others. The Journal staff appreciates the cooperation of the journals authors in following these guidelines.


The Yankee Magic Collector is geared toward magical history enthusiasts, from collectors to amateur and professional performers and serves as a valuable research source for information about magical history.


The journal will accept material that provides practical insights into any aspect of magic history. We request that all submissions follow the YMC Style Guide available online at or in print by request. Materials may be returned on request and assistance on gathering supplemental materials (photographs, etc.) may also be available.

Submission Deadline

August 20, 2012 is the deadline for initial review. It is recommended that authors who wish a detailed review of materials submit well prior to the deadline. In certain circumstances, the Editor may accept submissions after the deadline, but no new submissions will be accepted for inclusion in an issue less than sixty days prior to publication.


Authors are encouraged to submit articles for review. The Editorial Board is particularly interested in articles from practitioners. To be eligible for consideration, the author(s) must follow several guidelines. Submitted material must be:

No more than 2,500 words;

Original work that has not been previously published;

Using end note rather than foot note format;

Submitted via CD/DVD media (preferred), by e-mail as an attachment at, or mailed to: Andrew Pinard, P.O. Box 535, Bradford, NH 03221;

Accompanied by a 50-word abstract and author biography;

Gender neutral;

Accompanied (when applicable) by no more than fifteen photographs, charts, graphs or boxes (provided in a separate file on the disk); and

Photos/Illustrations must be captioned (when applicable) with a short, concise description followed by an attribution/source.

Articles that do not meet the preceding criteria will be returned. The YMC Style Guide is available online at A print copy is available on request.

Receipt of all manuscripts will be acknowledged. All submitted articles are initially reviewed by the Editorial Board to determine whether the article is of interest to NEMCA members. Upon approval of the committee, articles are subjected to an anonymous review process involving members of the Associations esteemed peer review panel. The committee may also choose to reject the article and will provide an appropriate response to the author.

One possible outcome of the peer review process is a request for modifications. In this case, the author may or may not choose to make the suggested corrections or changes and return the manuscript for further consideration.

Another outcome of the peer review process is rejection of the article and again, the author will be provided with an appropriate response. Upon completion of the formal review process, all articles deemed acceptable are subjected to a final review from the chair of the Editorial Board. The chair may choose to reject an article even after it has been revised. The decisions of the chair are final and are accompanied by an appropriate response to the author.

When an author is notified that his/her article will be published, the author will be asked to provide a personal photograph. Photographs must be in color when available. As a condition of publication, authors may be asked to sign a release affirming that the article has never before been published and confirming that the author understands that upon publication, copyright is granted for current and future reproduction (including electronic use). If the release is not executed and returned to NEMCA, the article may not be published. No restrictions are placed on the original copyright holder for future use. Reprint requests in original published format must be made to the NEMCA.

Articles scheduled for publication will be edited further by the Journals editor and a copy editor for content, grammar and Journal style. These decisions are made by the editor and are usually final. However, authors may be offered the opportunity to comment on their edited articles as well as galley proof of the article. Authors are encouraged to carefully review their articles during this process. Upon publication, each author will receive one complimentary authors copy (different binding from the standard edition) of the issue. Additional standard copies may be purchased at the regular price.

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Re: The Yankee Magic Collector 15: Request for Submissions

Postby Andrew Pinard » June 11th, 2012, 11:04 am

Jim Maloney: I know you are sitting on an article (and much more) on Leipzig....

Thanks for considering joining our illustrious list of contributors!


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