Revised list for sale

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Harry Lorayne

Revised list for sale

Postby Harry Lorayne » June 1st, 2012, 7:16 pm

(Removed sold items, added some items, changes some prices.)
I need a break from working on LORAYNE: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION, Vol. 4 (my re-write of my The Magic Book, Star Quality (The magic of David Regal) and The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel. Hopefully be available in a few months. I do also need to make room on my shelves.
So - I listed much stuff some time ago, sold much. Been asked to do it again. So Ill list books, pamphlets, video cassettes, DVDs (viewed no more than once, if at all) some magic things & silly things - old stuff & new stuff. Listing a few things I didnt list before. Some I have duplicates of. Ill list some books/videos of my own at the very end. Most prices (Ive lowered some) do not include pstg/hndlng in the U.S.A. out-of-U.S.A, email me at and well work it out. All items are in great/new condition, unless otherwise stated. If you think my asking prices are too high (or too low!) email me with an offer. I prefer check or Postal Money Order just email saying what you want; well work out the price, Ill give you the mailing address, and hold the stuff for you first come, first served. You can pay via PayPal to the above mailing address. Its a really long list, so give yourself some time, take a deep breath, and here goes: (Im removing a bunch of stuff thats been sold, and adding some stuff since the last time I sent this. So, go through it all. Including items listed at right side of page.)

BOOKS: Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women (Ricky Jay) - $125.00
Kingdom of the Red Larry Barnowsky - (includes DVD; autographed to me by Larry) - $41.00
Expert Card Technique (Hugard/Braue); 1st edit.; some age; slight damage lower rgt corner - $40.00
John Fishers Magic Book, softback, 1968; showing some age ------------- $8.00
The New Modern Coin Magic J.B. Bobo; revised, enlarged edition --------------- $35.00
Blackstones Modern Card Tricks badly aged; covers pretty beat up - $5.00 (if with other item(s))
Card File, Jerry Mentzer - $30.00
Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards Lewis Ganson. Damage at spine; blue hdback - $9.00
Expert Cd Conjuring Alton Sharpe. #459 1st edition. Slight dent at outer rgt corner of cover - $125.00
Expert Cd Mysteries Alton Sharpe. #137 1st edition. --------------------------------------------------$125.00
Abbotts Encycl. of Rope Tricks -- $40.00 Secrets of Magic Revealed Herbert Becker - $15.00
The Cardician Ed Marlo; shows age; rear spine loose - -------------------- $26.00
Phantoms of the Card Table David Britland/Gazzo -------------------- $22.00
13 Steps To Mentalism Corinda ---- $40.00
Magic for Dummies - $20.00
The Best in Magic, Bruce Elliott. Dj showing age, otherwise fine -------------- $15.00
Tarbell volumes 1 to 8; #7 rear spine binding falling off ---- $23.00 each ($177.00 for all)
The One-Minute Manager Ken Blanchard. Dj all torn, but book pristine. NOT MAGIC. - $7.00
More Origami Robt Harbin --- $7.00
Card Mastery Mickey MacDougal. Lg sftback. Tiny tear top of front cover -- $9.00
Modus Operandi ; Cd Magic of Jack Carpenter (Hobbs) -- $28.00
The New Gamblers Bible Arthur S. Beber. lg. softback - $9.00
Hugards Magic Monthly 8 bound vols. (All issues), showing a bit of age - $40.00 each.
New Pentagram, V. 2 (Mar. 1970 to Feb. 71) - $35.00
New Pentagram, V. 3 (Mar. 71 to Feb. 72) - $35.00
The Magic Menu, Jim Sisti; years 1 thru 5 (issues 1 thru 30) $33.00
Underhanded Delivery Arie Vilner. Softback - $13.95
Magie Duvivier (J. Racherbaumer), includes gimmick for Printing - $38.00
String Figures & How to Make Them- Caroline Furness Jayne. A bit aged - $25.00
All The Secrets of Magic Revealed Herbert L. Becker -- $12.00

Best Of All Worlds Brent Geris. $43.00
Bruce Cervons Castle Notebooks, Vol. 4 (numbered9) - $450.00; Vol. 5 - #d XLVII - $425.00
Mysterios Encyclopedia Of Magic & Conjuring (Gabe Fajuri) just publ. by Quirk Publ. - $35.00
Al Schneider Magic - $65.00

Magic of Meir Yedid a catalog only, no magic. Cover photo: D. Regal, Meir, Gina Martin, Me - $2.00
Self-Working Cd Tricks, K. Fulves - $5.00 Between Two Minds J.G. Thompson/Ned Rutledge - $6.00
Fingertip Control Ed Marlo - $8.00
Doc Easons Rocky Mtn Magic (without the tape) - $3.00
Minds In Close-Up, Jack Yates. (Belonged to Otis Manning his stamp inside) - $6.00
Williams Wizardry front cover off, taped back on - $4.00
Scarne Why You Cant Win; 3-card Monte (Audley Walsh); cover showing age - $5.00
99 French Tour - $9.00
Barry Govans San Francisco lecture notes - $3.50
Elastrix Abe Horowitz - all rubber band stuff; slight damage lower-rgt corner - $9.50
Mr. Gadfly, Vol. 1, Issue 3 - $5.50 Mr. Gadfly, Vol. 1, Issue 4 - $5.50
German items: Close-Up Card Magic; plastic binding broken; showing age (R. Braunmuller) $16.00
Zaubereien und Tricks Mit Karten (Oliver Erens) - $5.00
Epilogue original issue Special #1 J.K. Hartman issue - $4.50
Magic Wand; Vol. 43, No. 241; March 1954. Interesting photos of Tony Curtis as Houdini - $15.00
The Magic Menu issue #21; Jan./Feb. 1994 - $4.00 The Minotaur, Nov. 88 - $4.00
The Magic Circular, March 2002; my Amazing Revelation Display on cover - $5.00
Hugards Magic Monthly issue (Sept./Oct. 1961 issue), My effect on cover, showing some age - $6.00
Kahnetic Mentalism (Harry Kahne; 1936). Large pamphlet, Bob Spencer note/autograph to me inside front cover - $14.50
Principe Nouveau de decouverte dune carte (think its my Epitome Location in French, but NOT sure) - $7.00
October 1973 issue of Goodliffes ABRA - $6.00
Entire Xerox of Wm. Miesels Moe and His Miracles - $12.00

Math/Puzzle based:
Cranium Challenges (Ivan Moscovich); official Mensa puzzle book - $6.00
The Master Book of Mathematical Recreations Fred Schuh - $7.50
Mathematics, Magic and Mystery Martin Gardner (showing some age) - $17.50

Lecture Notes:
For collectors: Small pamphlets I wrote as giveaways when I did trade shows for large corporations:
How To Connect (or Remember) Names & Faces sometimes with co. name, sometimes not. - $6.00
Pamphlet Prof. Magics 52 Tricks; wrote as giveaway when doing The Prof. Magic TV show my picture on cover; doubt if youll learn anything, but who knows? - $6.00 (few left of these & above, then gone).
My Lecture Notes from 1980 (collectors item?) - $75.00 Lecture notes 2002 6 - $35.00
Linking Ring Magazine Sept. 1995 me on cover, and a One-Man Parade of mine - $10.00
Original APOCALYPSE issues 1978, 1979 only - $4.00 each.

Patrick Page Basic Coin Sleights (Intl Mag. Soc.) - $7.00
Meir Yedid Finger Fantasies - $6.00
HLs original Best Ever VHS video cassettes, never used, shrink wrapped Vols. 5, 6, 7 - $9.00 each.

Corindas 13 Steps to Mentalism (Richard Osterlind) 6-Vol. set - $82.50
Reel Magic: Feb., 2009 Richard Turner on cover - $5.00
Darwin Ortiz; Nothing But The Best 3 vols. - $67.50 Michael Close Devious; 2 Vols. $47.00
Worlds Greatest Magic, Secrets of The Color-Changing Deck - $9.00
David Regals Red Streamlined Convertible - $16.75
Essential Magic Collection; two tricks (Dain DaOriz/Followers; Lennart Green/Mirror Count) - $6.00

Now, some of books I found, didnt know I had, that are not on my magic website ( Afterthoughts - $50.00; Memory Makes Money (original hardback) - $20.00; Miracle Math, hardback - $17.00; How To Develop A Super-Power Memory paperback $6.00, hardback - $12.00; Secrets of Mind Power, paperback - $6.00. From my MEMORY POWER course/package, found some of the video cassettes (sold only with CDs now) Secrets To Remembering Names & Faces (self-contained; teaches the Link system, some language vocabulary and remembering names & faces - $8.00. And, found two really original video cassettes that have the Names & Faces AND Remembering Numbers on it. Again, entirely self-contained. - $12.00.

Miscellaneous Magic Stuff:
Bob Farmers Bammo - $12.00 The Skeletal Coin - $2.25

Magicians Money Clip (Tom Carrier) AS on one side (for force) - $3.00
The Pimpernel Notecase (wallet) Peter Scarlett, brand new - $77.50
Ultimate Shocking Pen (thru bill); Doug Edwards (Tenyo) - $12.00
Mind Bending Spoon (Fantasma Magic) DVDs, etc. - $19.95
Japanese Prediction Clock (No instructions; no idea how it works) - $12.50
Svengali Deck outside bit of aging deck never used - $4.50
Brainwave Deck open, but never used - $10.00
Marvins Magic Executive Collection in original suitcase-type packaging never used, excellent stuff - $49.95
Obedient Bill (Al Faria); Tannens; already prepared bill & instr. - $4.75
Illusionary Card Sleeve gimmick & pamphlet (Trickmaster) - $12.75
Small cardsize wallet; new, acts as Himber Wallet, 5 cds inside, 2 gaffed; no idea of effect; no instr. - $10.00
Tannens Jubilee Medallions (collectors items), with good long chain The Pendragons, Channing Pollock, or
no names, just date of Jubilee with chain - $11.00 without chain - $9.00
John Calvert Centennial Celebration coin in original Fantasma box - $10.00
Tannens Jubilee decks, shrink wrapped; 1997 - $5.00 FFFF deck, shrink wrapped - $5.00
Sealed American Airlines deck, poker size (also had for years collectors item?); good cards - $4.00
Pan Am, Easter Airlines, Delta decks.

Remember to email me at with questions, to find out if the item(s) youre interested in have not already been sold, or if you need help.

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Re: Revised list for sale

Postby Kumite1 » June 20th, 2012, 9:51 pm


Looking for At The Card Table by Darwin Ortiz - do you have a copy for sale? Cheers!

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