PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual

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Gary Brown
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PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual

Postby Gary Brown » May 5th, 2012, 9:41 pm

I am pleased to announce that PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual is now available for the Kindle. This is something I put together a few years ago, and I am proud to be able to release it for only $2.99 It can be found at the following link:

PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual at

The product description is below.

Gary Brown

The PK ring can be a powerful magical weapon in a magician's arsenal. Hiding in plain sight, the device offers a strong, mysterious motive energy that can be tapped in many ways. Unfortunately, the instructions provided with the device provide scant, impractical ideas for its use.

In this book, you will find applications in six general areas: animation; levitation; electromagnetic interference; manipulation; penetration; and mentalism. The invisible force of the PK ring can be applied to create effects in all of these areas and more. In each area, the book provides complete routines, tips and pointers, as well as insightful ideas for further exploration.

PK Ring Magic provides a framework for experimentation with a PK ring, offering suggestions and effects that you can employ and adapt to your style. These routines should be seen as exemplary rather than encyclopedic; they are intended to inspire you to create your own routines and uses for the ring. PK Ring Magic As with any magical device, the most marvelous uses of the PK ring are those that are uniquely yours. Take the time to learn its powers, then apply them to your own performance style. The investment will yield some extraordinary magic.

Whether you already own a PK ring, or are simply thinking about acquiring one, this book belongs in your magic library.

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Re: PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual

Postby Edward » May 8th, 2012, 6:09 pm

Why are you making this available to the public?

Bill Mullins
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Re: PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual

Postby Bill Mullins » May 8th, 2012, 7:21 pm

if it sells it will accomplish the primary motive of the author, as he needs the money

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