WTB: Clarence Miller items

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WTB: Clarence Miller items

Postby JLong » January 16th, 2012, 1:39 pm

Hi everybody,

If you have any Clarence Miller items for sale, please let me know.

I'm especially interested in his:

Miniature Die Box
Treasure Chest
Up Rising (like Grant's Pyramid)
Yin and Yang Cabinet
and any Coin Boxes, Coin Slides, etc

I already have the Impossible Penetration and Little Blue Box.

Please don't post here, as I might not see it. You can email for a quicker response to JosephL608@aol.com

Thanks a lot!

Joe Long
1149 Clearwood Drive
Allentown, PA 18103

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Re: WTB: Clarence Miller items

Postby tstark » September 18th, 2012, 2:27 am

In researching the value of my Clarence Miller Yin and Yang Cabinet I came across your post here in the Genii Forum. Are you still looking for one? This one is in excellent condition, signed at the bottom "Clarence Miller #40 1998". If you are still interested you can contact me at atlantismagic@cox.net Take care, Craig Brooks atlantismagic.com

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