Drawn Apart

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Drawn Apart

Postby Guest » April 2nd, 2007, 1:20 pm

I purchased this effect, and I really like it. It looks so visual. It's the kind of effects I like to do. I like effects where you manipulate drawing in some way.

I have seen the Alan Rorrison version, but I still went to buy this. Alan's gimmick is a bit too shiny and would be exposed in some working environments.

In Drawn Apart you are provided with various variations and presentation ideas for the effect and I am sure everyone will come up with his own variations and presentations once he starts to paly with this idea.

Great Idea!! Check it out : http://imperfectreality.com/products/drawn_apart.cfm

My only concern was that the video was a bit dark at times and you couldn't really see what is happening. But nothing to worry about as everything is expalined in full detail.

Hope this review is of some help to anyone considering getting this.

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