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Research help

Postby Guest » March 30th, 2004, 8:48 am

Help out if you can... I'm in the process of completing a book, "The Shtick is the Trick," with the accent and emphasis being on the performance and "theatricks" of close-up magic. (Effects that are in most of our repertoires, but with some different and unusual presentational twists.)

In any case, there are two effects that I'm including in the text but cannot remember or find their origin, to give proper attribution.

The first is a close-up mental effect. A spectator is told to look in a bag, take out an imaginary box (any one of three different colors) and then insert an imaginary key (any of two different colors) to open it up. The magician has already "predicted" its choice on a folded note that was on the table the entire time. (I think it was written up in Apocalypse an eon ago.)

The second effect is a "flash-restoration" change of paper money done close-up (similar to Gene Anderson's flash-restoration conclusion to his classic newspaper tear.)I remember it being written up in an edition of Genii in the past five to ten years.

Thanks for the assistance. Hopefully, the answer is...

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