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Postby Guest » August 10th, 2005, 10:10 am

Hello all,

* please forgive me for my gramatical and spelling errors *

I came up with this effect a few months ago, and as of yet, have not found anything duplicating it. I just want to ensure it is original, so I dont step on anyones toes. This is going to be a little long and drawn out, im sorry. If anyone could take the time to read it over and let me know if they have seen it in print before, I would love to hear from you.

The effect starts with my own handling of the chicago opener (nothing to unique) where I patter about "The magicians ability to notice minor imperfections on the back of playing cards, therefor being able to locate selected cards", there card turns from a blue back to a red back, and this is the sutle imperfection I was pattering about (some times people laugh, i know its kinda lame). Anyways, there selected card is placed face down on the table (actually a dupe, known to you), then of coarse they choose another card and instead of it changing colors in the pack, there original card that was solitary on the table tranpos into the 2nd card chosen. Ok..that was the prerequisite, for my "new" effect. the first paragraph is just the chicago opener that leads inot my effect.

Once the see the transposition, I patter about "wow that was very rare, perhaps I can reverse the effect, but this would be very experimental and must be performed under test conditions"

I ribbon spread the cards face up and have my "assistant to the experiment" select any card. He chooses the card and then I patter " please make a mark on this card, for this experiment is under strict test conditions" while they mark the card (say the cards are blue backed), I have a lapped deck that is red backed with a blue back as the top card, there for masking the color of the rest of the cards. With the misdirection of my assistant signing the card I Ten-ki palm the dupe deck and with the original deck near the table top surface, I use my dirty hand to sweep the orignal deck off the table, into my lap, but giving the apperance of sleeping it into my palm up left (or un-dirty hand), then I deposit my palmed deck into the empt hand, therefor making it seem as if I just brushed the original cards off the table into my left hand, for ease of pick up all the cards, and then replace the cards face up and ribbon spread " this whole action only takes a few seconds and I am finding it more difficult to explain then I originally intended". Now the blue backed deck with a red card on top are ribbon spread faced up and the assistant places his card back in the spread, leaving it outjogged. I gather the spread, leaving his card outjogged and I ensure that no blue cards are flashing behind the solitary red top card, now I show the pack of cards to my assistant in this position. Red card on top, his red card outjogged i the middle, all blue card it normal deck proper. It should look as if I had one red card outjogged from a red backed deck (beating a dead hoarse im sure). Now I push his card flush with the deck and I angle to the right and start spining the cards in my hand, holding the deck from apove as if Im about to one hand top plam ( I am) and my left hand is helping the revelutions, by re gripping after every half this is hard for me to explain, basically im doing a one hand top palm color change, and then ditiching the odd backed red card into my lap. The effect should look as if the entire deck turned from red to blue back, with the exception of his card. I then patter that the experiment has failed, and conclude the efffect.

If anyone can decipher this, please let me know if the second half is and original effect. I know that the one hand top palm is by no means, but perhaps the deck change, I dont know. Please shoot me an email or just throw a post on here. Please dont hold back, i can talk alot of critisism if it makes my art better.



Postby Guest » August 10th, 2005, 10:14 am

Hello all again,

A few corrections, first off I think I changed the oolor half way through my explanation. The original deck is red, the lapped deck is blue with a red card on the top. Also, When I reach for a sharpi out of my pocket, thats when I Ten-kai palm the lapped deck. Im sure there are many more confusing steps, due to my inability to articulate this trick in writing. If you have any questions please shoot me an email. Thanks again.

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