2 new items from Doc Dixon

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2 new items from Doc Dixon

Postby David Corsaro » September 25th, 2011, 10:29 am

I have been lucky enough to spend a little time (not much) with Doc Dixon in the past year and I love watching him performing the Dixon Drop. It is a very simple and clean way to add or switch cards from a packet. I have incorporated it into a couple of routines that I do at restaurants and the move always works perfectly. Therefore, I was very excited to see him put his thoughts and routines into the new DVD One Move: The Dixon Drop.

This is one of the few magic DVDs on the market that I had to pause watching because I was laughing so hard at a line or joke that Doc makes while explaining the routine. He is joined by Rick Maue who also provides a nice mix of interesting subtitles and quick wit to the explanations.

I read a review of this DVD in a magazine where it was stated that the move has severe angle issues. While it is true that one angle is WEAKER than others, by no means is it an ineffective move from that angle. Proper audience management should eliminate this concern.

Even if you dont begin performing one of the several routines that Doc teaches, the Dixon Drop, much like the palm.....or the shift....or any of several other dozen card moves, is a good utility item to add to your toolbox of options and sleights.

Doc and I have met each other only twice so I can assure you that my comments do not come from nepotism. In a magic marketplace flooded with tricks and routines that have not been fully audience tested, it is nice to see a DVD that has been well thought out and fun to watch.

In addition, Doc sent me his upcoming e-book Travelers Triumphant. The best way I can describe this e-book is a complete Zapruder-like examination of every possible problem, option and solution to Dai Vernons famous Travelers effect.

While it is true that Travelers is not one of the sexist new effects on the market, it remains a classic of magic for a reasonit is a great trick. And Doc has put years and years of thinking about this 1 effect into his e-book. He discusses the pros and cons of Vernons routine as well as enhancements from other magicians. Doc gives you multiple ways of performing the effect that uses different types and motivations for the palms. Docs thinking opened my mind to new ways of looking at this effect (especially the debate on whether a repeat helps or hurts the trick.)

I highly recommend that you sign up for Docs newsletter so that you can be alerted immediately when this e-book comes out. Even if you dont perform Travelers, Docs insights about palming and timing are crucial for anyone who has ever palmed a card. Go check out Dixonmagic.com and sign up.

David Corsaro
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