Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Your doorway to those rare collectibles that everyone is searching for: books, props, posters, cards, and paper ephemera are all here for you to buy and sell.
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Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby Brad Henderson » August 31st, 2011, 5:06 pm

Wanted to give Genii members first shot at the list. Will be taking items to TAOM (I think) but wanted you guys to have first chance.


Offering a wide range of items to appeal to collectors, performers, and collector performers. Feel free to ask about any item. Items sold on a first come, first served basis. No items to be held. Item is considered sold when you commit to buy. Buyer responsible for all shipping/packing/insurance.

I hope you find something you like!

1. Driebeck die ORIGINAL Ken Brooke w instructions. This is the old one, the hard to find one. A perfect in one trick for the illusionist, and a terrific piece for the stand up performer. $95

2. Owen smoking thumb in original box w instructions and load holder. Who knew Owens made a smoking thumb? Not many people. Super hard to find. This one NEVER USED! $125

3. China Change half dollar displayed at fingertips. Hand is closed, immediately opened to reveal half has changed into Chinese coin. Coin may be examined. $20

4. CC wallet LEGENDARY AND IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. The brainchild of Gerry McCambridge, Tim Conover and Mark Strivings. Made by Ray and Lisa Piatt. This is the one all the pros want. Perfect for peeking and secret writing. These will, most likely, never be available again. Complete with extra papers and spare calendar card. $375

5. Mini Money Miracle. VINTAGE. A borrowed bill jumps repeatedly from the magicians pocket to under a beautiful Wooden cup. For a finale, a stack of pennies is produced. Originally a Tannen item using a brass cup, this is a very rare deluxe version using a gorgeous Italian made cup. Complete with gaffs, pennies, and special jumbo penny. $75

6. The Blinking Eye rare item offered from Lennert Green back in the 90s. A picture of an eye comes to life to answer the magicians questions and find a selected card. No instructions as you are buying the blinking eye card. Under magicians control at all times. Add your own routine. $20

7. McAbee Rings Martin Lewis. NEW set of McAbee rings. The linking ring routine where you dont need to hide the key. Comes complete with Martins DVD of the Rings.

8. Barrie Richardsons Impromptu Card at Any Number. Everyone wants the grail, that perfect handling no layman will ever appreciate. Barries method, unlike so many others, leaves lay audiences astounded. They will walk away believing they saw something truly impossible they thought of a card. They shuffled the deck. $15Someone THEY picked named any number, and their card was at THEIR number.

9. Barrie Richardsons My Best Card Trick. If you saw Barrie do this, youd rip your pants reaching for your wallet to find out how. This is a magicians fooler. When you want to floor someone in the know or someone who thinks they are in the know, this will leave them devastated.$10

10. Scotty Yorks Bill in Cigarette This is the one the pros want. No longer available, and likely never will be again. This secret device allows you to perform an absolute miracle. No instructions included. Check out Scotty/s routine in his book, For Your Eyes Only. If you dont already know what this is, its probably not for you.$150

11. Beyond ESP 2 best marked deck of ESP cards ever. Backs are solid black, but still marked. Retail $30 - $20
12. Original Seabrooke Note in Wallet, Wallet. This is the real deal. The one authorized by Terry and used by pros the world over. No instructions, but if you are going to buy this, you probably have your own routine, or already do his! $40

13. Peripatetic Walnuts another near impossible to find prop. These are the best to come out in years. Includes gimmick and three matching walnuts. You wont find better.$125

14. Mind Spy Wallet one of the best recent peek wallets to hit the market. Bob Cassidy has some amazing work with this, including a fabulous routine where the spectator reads the mind readers mind. Well reviewed and extremely versatile. $70

15. Abbotts Vanishing Bird Cage a classic miracle in magic. The magician holds a bird cage between his palms. Instantly, visibly and without cover it disappears. May be repeated with the audience holding onto the cage. Two units available. One in good, the other in very good double plus condition. Retail $200. - $100/$150

16. Key-r-rect the original. Magician displays a lock. 4 keys are shown not to work, one does. The keys are mixed, and at the end, the correct key is chosen to open the lock. Hundreds of presentational possibilities about. This is the original. Dont be fooled by cheap copies. $60

17. Buoyant Ball Bearing at one time, a legend in magic. Now you can perform this clever party stunt. The magician is seen trying to float a ball bearing in a glass of water. Obviously, the heavy metal sinks. But with just the right flick of the wrist, there it stays bouncing atop the water. No matter how hard the audience tries, they cannot replicate this impossible feat. Long unobtainable, now off the market. Heres your chance to own this magic legend. Retail $60 - $40

18. Phil Trevor Lewiss version of a Max Maven idea. The spectator thinks of a card. The magician names the card. He names the card phil. To the audiences surprise, the magician displays the back of each card revealing it has a name. One card is named Phil the very card thought of by the audience. NEW Retail $20 - $12

19. World Famous Banana Trick the PERFECT trick for an emcee. The magician visibly produces banana after banana, placing each into a paper bag. For the finale, the bag can be shown empty. The bananas appear to pop into existence. A great magical novelty.

20. Pat Page 10 second paper tear. Its Pat Page. Smart performers who dont already know this will already want this. $20

21. Becker Coin Purse Mysteries hundreds of routines and possibilities contained within five beautiful designed and produced leather purses. Almost every mental effect imaginable is possible with these purses, even an acclaimed coin bending routine. Mentalism Unlimited is no more, and it is unlikely these purses will ever be made again. Youve read about them. Nows your chance to get them! $120

22. Happy Birthday Waistcoat (Vest) by Lee Alex. Add a touch of quick change to your birthday party shows! Magician is seen wearing a white vest. He turns around, or holds up a cloth, and instantly a birthday cake image appears. Another magic moment, and now the cake is colored. But as a kicker the candles on the cake LIGHT UP. Nothing added or taken away. Easy to do. Size MEDIUM Retail 435. $345

23. Owen flexible Mirror a work of art. A mirror encased in a lovely wooden frame is displayed ON BOTH SIDES. The mirror is placed into a bag which is then penetrated with a knitting needle. The mirror is then visibly bent while inside the bag. When removed, it is, of course, unharmed. The workmanship on this is amazing. A gorgeous piece of apparatus for the collector or performer. NEW $300

24. Giant Sucker Sliding Card Frame Joe Berg Original. The classic die box effect with a jumbo card. Original Joe Berg prop with instructions. Fabulous condition. A lovely piece for the shelf that when demonstrated will leave your guests flabbergasted. $275

25. CW Coin Classic from the original CW. This clockwork miracle is both highly prized as a collectible as well as a performance piece. Del Ray featured a version of this effect in his close up shows for decades. While many presentations are possible four coins vanish and appear in a glass covered by a card case. Combine this with an okito box and you have an amazing penetration effect. Original collectors workshop quality.Sold at Auction for $475 plus premiums. $350
26. Telethought Wallet Ken Kenworthy. This is the one all the magicians were talking about. Imagine being able to get a peek from a wallet IN FULL VIEW OF THE AUDIENCE. They are literally staring at the gimmick and cannot see a thing. Not only is it practical, its fun to perform. Retail $60 - $45

27. Indian Water Cups Hilka Magic and Frank Garcia. A version of the famous and impossible to acquire Germain Water Jars. Magician shows a number of aluminum tumblers and produces enough water to seemingly fill them all. Routine and handling by Frank Garcia. Hard to find. $50

28. Sneak Preview by Danny Archer. Simple, direct and commercial mind reading. Audience writes down the name of a movie. Magician reads their mind. Easy to do. Comes complete with EXTRA cards so you can do this many MANY times.$20

29. The magic Pendulum by Georges Proust Harbins fabulous Dippy Magnet gets a face lift. Imagine the shock and surprise of the audience as the pendulum they are holding magicially lifts their selected card (ESP, tarot, playing, business) from off the table. Making mentalism VISIBLE and VISCERAL. No long made and hard to find.$125

30. Biliss Flik Book Prediction. Highly desirable. Magician places a number of objects on the table. Spectator chooses one. Magician fliks through a book which has been in view the entire time. As he does, the image comes to life and reveals the spectators selection. Illustrated by renowned French artist James Hodges.$150

31. Kennedy Mystery Box The REAL one. This is Jon Kennedys marvelous version of Bruno Hennigs Card to Box effect. A Box is placed in full view of the audience. A bill is borrowed and signed. It disappears or is destroyed. The lid of the box is removed and the bill is seen inside. The magi dumps out the bill and it is the spectators signed note. Box can be examined.$50

32. Pocket Size Firebowl by Tim Starr Another item that is in high demand from performers as well as collectors. Mac King uses this prop to great effect in his show. The performer reaches into his jacket and removes a flaming ashtray for lack of a better descriptor. It can then be returned to the jacket or used to destroy an item. Also makes a great production item. Tim Starrs bowls are highly desirable because THEY WORK. This one is, believe it or not, NEVER USED. This may be your only chance to acquire one of these fabulous fire devices. $150

33. Haskell Diminishing Cards. These look like they were made yesterday, A fan of cards shrinks five times before vanishing entirely. Nearly self working, this mechanical pack is a wonder to behold. The large metal clips needs to be reglued to the back of one of the full size cards, but none of the cards appear to have ever been folded, creased or fanned. Amazing condition for something of this age.$50

34. Einsteins Blackboards by Duvivier produced by Jeff Busby. Say want you want about Busby the man, there is no doubt he wrote some of the finest magic instructions EVER. For students of the slates, these instructions are an historical must have, and that doesnt even take into account the cool trick. These slates are a joy to behold. The writing on the slates makes several changes in this clever and commercial routine. Words would not do it justice. Suffice it to say, if you ever wanted to present an interesting, fun, unusual piece in your close up set this is waiting for you. $350

35. Viking Haunted Key with PK twist The Haunted Key effect is taken to a whole new level. An old style house key is displayed on the magicians palm. Without any other connection, it begins to mysteriously turn. If that were not enough, the magician slowly strokes the shaft of the key. The bit and bolt visibly and dramatically begin to twist leaving the magician with a truly impossible object, a key that has twisted itself 90 degrees. Amazing Viking craftsmanship that will appeal to both the performer and collector. $250

36. The vanishing Babushka A fooler dooler close up vanish of a Russian Doll. Imported by Howie Schwartzman, this trick is NOT self working, but if you put in the time, it is a stunner. A tiny russion doll is placed on a pedestal. Is is covered with two tubes and a cap. The spectator presses two electrodes on the pedestal. He or she can then disassemble the tubes themselves the doll is no where to be found. Fabulously fun to play with and a real jaw dropper. No instructions. $250

37. Magic with Giant Pins by Jose de la Torre. Includes three super huge safety pins. $20

38. Franz Biemans Card Clock a modern legend in close up magic. This multi phase routine is structured to fool the smartest of audiences even magicians. $350

39. O Dowd Chest of Ching See You never see this anymore, and its a great trick. A Chinese block is placed inside an open front/back chest. A brass rod locks it into place. A hat is placed on top of the chest and VISIBLY the block penetrates the hat. This mechanical piece of apparatus is a joy to perform with. The visual penetration is shocking and surprising. A great trick ready to set you apart from the crowd. $125

40. Gaeton Blooms Escalator an ingenious ending to the ambitious card routine from magics most ingenious inventor. This is the holy grail of ambitious card moments. The spectator literally watches as his card rises up through the pack. It sounds to good to be true, but Gaeton managed to make the impossible possible. This highly gaffed, mechanical pack does all the work for you. Imagine the dropped jaws of your audience as they SEE the magic happen. $50

41. Larry Beckers Ultimate Flashback the modern standard for book tests. $75

42. Gemaldediebstahl Zauber Butike by Eckhard Boettcher Ok, youre on your own here. Instructions are in german. Heres what I think happens. Several ceramic pieces of framed art are displayed and stacked together. A blank card is shown inside a box. Magically the images on the canvases disappear and appear on the once blank card. Heres the deal: Boetcher is a highly collectible maker of magic.$250 Anything with his name on it is a solid purchase, hence my acquisition there of.

43. The Cryptic Skeleton another highly collectible German make, Tony Lackner release this in the early 90s. A small skeleton is shown. It is placed into a tube yet always comes out scrambled. Eventually the skull is placed into a small prayer chest. It reappears back onto the skeleton. When the chest is opened, a demons head is found in its place. Beautiful materials compose this lovely micro magic novelty. $250

44. Harry Andersons Mish Mash Card If you have the book wise guy you know this is a hard hitting, laugh filled, commercial routine. Designed so the performer never leaves the stage, what starts off as a gag culminates with a surprising and mystifying ending. NEW, never used. $75

45. Mummy Mystery Another Eckhard Boettcher creation. One of four colored mummies is selected and placed inside a coffin. The magician proves he knew in advance which would be chosen as he placed a colored crystal beneath a cover next to the sarcophagus. When the audience lifts the cover, the proper colored crystal is seen. Clever electronics make this a fun effect to perform for yourself and others. No instructions. $200

46. Rare electronic stop light paddle trick Howard Schwarzmans Limited Edition Magic. You may never see another one of these again. A large brass paddle is shown. A small green diode is placed on the paddle. Magically a second one appears on the other side. This is repeated with a yellow and red diode. The audience is asked what it is, and they reply a stop light. Well, you proclaim, then it should light up. On Command the little diodes begin lighting in succession. They are then removed and shown to disappear. That;s the way it was taught to me, but I suspect a smart performer would use the fabulous Miller handling of the paper and knife trick. Includes instructions but its just a diagram and makes almost no sense. $450

47. Psychokinetic Bolt This is the one everyone was talking about a few years ago. Imagine threading a nut onto a bolt and setting it on top of your closeup case. Cover it for a moment with a cloth or a cup and magically it comes undone. You can even do this effect out in the open. A true stunner. $60

48. the BEST misers dream bucket EVER! I hate parting with this. I bought it because if I ever did the misers dream I KNOW this is the bucket to use. This is the Magic Inc bucket and comes with Charlie Millers manuscript on the trick. This is in perfect condition and it rings like a bell. I dont think a coin has ever clinked in the bottom of it. Comes with cloth protective bag.$450

49. PL Brahmin Rice Bowls with original instructions. A beautiful set. Almost perfect save for one small dent on the side. Beautiful brass. Comes with three velveteen cloth bags. A perfect display piece and an amazing and seldom performed trick. $250

50. The Little Don Don Alan Chop Cup by RNT II. A lovely mini chop cup perfect for the restaurant worker. This is, I am told, early RNT II with Mike Brazill. Comes with cloth bag, two performance balls and two load balls. Brass finish. $175

51. Johnson Products Original Himber Wallet with Original instructions. A great prop. Well made. And collectible. When was the last time you saw one of these? $125 (has brought more at auction)

52. Ken Brookes Jumbo Hong Kong coin Routine nearly a complete act with a Chinese coin. Complete with the famous Ken Brooke instructions. $125

53. Scotty York professional Close Up Case. This is a workers dream. It starts as a suitcase to hold you act, and then opens up to be an amazing table on which to performer. Long a staple for Al Cohen as he traveled the country demonstrating magic at conventions, this case is no longer available and highly coveted by working pros. New condition. $425

54. Jon Allens Destination Box no longer made and hard to find, this is the best object to impossible location a working pro can have. A lovely locked wooden box is handed to a member of the audience to hold. A card can be chosen, a bill can be borrowed, a ring can be loaned. Regardless, that object will appear cleanly and deceptively inside that locked box. THE FEATURE ROUTINE in one acclaimed US trade show performers act this is the stuff of which reputations are made. VHS instructions. $250

55. Rich Blocks Perfect Prediction by Signature Pieces. Nick Ruggero has done it again with the fabulous perfect prediction. A clear chest is given to an audience member to hold. Inside is a folded piece of paper. Various choices are made throughout the show. At the end, the clear box is opened and the paper dumped onto the table. The spectator picks up the paper and reads it aloud. Every detail has been predicted. Another one of Nicks mechanical marvels. Magical craftsmanship at its finest. Never used! $750

56. My Ladies Finger Ring Harbin/Goulet Ive heard only 5 of these were made. I cannot confirm that, but I have only ever seen one other in my life. This is harbins famous trick where a ring placed in one box and held by an audience member vanishes and appears around the stem of a flower held by another audience member. Another mechanical marvel that is seldom seen. $1450

57. CW ringer An old effect made new. The magician displays a black Lucite hand and covers it with a cloth bag. A ring is borrowed and vanished by you favorite method. The audience member selects a finger. When the bag is lifted, the ring is seen resting on the chosen finger. Great condition. Bag has small rectangle of residue where a sticker was allowed to stick. Otherwise fine shape.$50

58. Peter Warlock Glass Penetration this is an amazing table top trick. A piece of glass or plexiglass (not supplied) is placed into a wooden frame. A panel is placed in front of half of the glass. The glass is penetrated with a knitting needle. A second panel is placed over the remaining half, and it two is penetrated. A ribbon attached to the need apparently now penetrates the glass in four separate areas. For the finally, the glass is removed from the frame, the ribbon melting through it like a ghost. The Steinmeyer/Kennedy version of this prop was featured by the great Harry Blackstone in his show. Here is your chance to own a collectible piece of history that will amaze your guests and audiences. $550

59. Harakan? Appearing Table A flashy production opener. Magician throws a ball of fire from one hand, into his other appears a fully draped table. Complete with original silk drape, though this needs to be replaced. Very hard to find. $225

60. Hale Checker X the most beautiful Checker X set ever made. Fine hardwoods (I think, not really a wood guy) were used to make this set. Hales workmanship is renown. Heres a chance to earn a beautiful version of a rarely seen trick $75

61. Jumbo Owen No Force Mental Epic this may be one of a kind. Acquired directly by private collector from Les Smith. HUGE mental epic board. Push two screws and you can feel the panels begin to secretly shift. A very cool piece for the collector who wants something truly rare. $1250

62. Dr Q Slates MEGA JUMBO. Also acquired by collector directly from Smith. These are Huge. Locking mechanism works find. Comes with 2 flaps. Again, a truly unique item for the serious collector. $1,000

63. Germain style Spirit Lock closest thing most of use will ever get to the real thing. This old style lock is closed with a key. It can be hung on a ribbon or a spectators finger. The magicians cast the shadow of a key turning onto the lock. Mysteriously the lock pops open. Works on a clockwork mechanism. Lock is in standby mode until triggered by the magician, then opens at a reliable interval. Allows for an extended performance routine prior to going into count down mode. $450

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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby Richard Kaufman » August 31st, 2011, 6:20 pm

This item is great: 30. Biliss Flik Book Prediction. Highly desirable. Magician places a number of objects on the table. Spectator chooses one. Magician fliks through a book which has been in view the entire time. As he does, the image comes to life and reveals the spectators selection. Illustrated by renowned French artist James Hodges.$150
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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby rmecsw » August 31st, 2011, 6:28 pm

I'll take Barrie Richardsons Impromptu Card at Any Number.
please send details as how topaz you.

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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby Don Hendrix » August 31st, 2011, 8:09 pm

If the Johnson Himber wallet is the one with the leather strap which goes over the top and locks into a leather slot, I'll take it.
Don Hendrix

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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby Brad Henderson » August 31st, 2011, 8:24 pm

Sorry, Don. Not that style. It's in amazing condition and has original instructions.

Brad Henderson
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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby Brad Henderson » September 2nd, 2011, 11:40 am

Headed to Taom. Taking the unsold goodies with me. If anything strikes your fancy, drop me a line asap so i can make sure you get the items you want!

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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby enargos » September 27th, 2011, 8:55 am

Ive sent you an email and a pm

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Re: Rare and Hard to Find Magic - first shot for Genii forum members

Postby M.Lee » May 1st, 2012, 12:01 pm

Hi Brad, Can you send me a private email.

Michael Lee

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