Pure Q & A by Paul Voodini

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Paul Bell
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Pure Q & A by Paul Voodini

Postby Paul Bell » August 12th, 2011, 6:36 pm

Not sure what the etiquette is regarding posting up reviews of one's own work!? But I was so excited by Luke Jermay's review for my latest offering "Pure Q & A" (which forms part of the introduction section) that I really wanted to share!

www.readerofminds.co.uk - Pure Q & A is available from my site or from Lybrary.

Luke Jermay's review:

Paul Voodini is my kind of mind reader and his books are the kind of books I love to read. What you hold in your hands at present is no exception. I love this book, I love the material in this book, and I love what I know this book will do for you. In the past I have stressed the importance of a toolbox of method and approach. It is my feeling that the best thing we can all do is expand our available method and intellectual understanding of varying approaches to allow us to perform our unique vision of mentalism in varying situations, settings, and venues. With this in mind, Paul Voodini and his published work are of significant value in the landscape of literature available to the mentalist. Every time I read Pauls work I get to add something new into my own toolbox of method and
approach. This makes his books inspiring, interesting, but most importantly valuable to a commercial performer. The mark of a truly great thinker is that of his concepts being adopted into others work and with that and my personal experience with Paul and his concepts becoming a part of my own performances I feel Pauls thinking launches him up into the greats instantly.

If you are anything like me, as you read this book you will begin an imaginary, mental journey with Pauls words being brought to life inside of your own imagination. You will find yourself imagining either Paul or yourself performing the material as it is written. This is often the moment I know whether a book is my kind of book or not. If the book sends my mind off on the imaginary journey and I am excited by the visions it inspires in my imagination, and more importantly if the book contains the real world experience of someone who has clearly worked the material, that imaginary journey will be rich, full and easily created within my mind. With those books that I love I almost instantly see myself applying the methods, concepts and approaches in my imagination. With Paul and
his work this process is instant and easy. The concepts, his scripts, and his approach bring themselves to life in my own imagination with almost no effort on my part. So good is his thinking that it almost takes on a life of its own inside of my mind. This is clearly material that has captured my attention and imagination and I know it will do the same for you.

What else will this book do for you? How about being able, in any setting, to present a Q and A show with next to no props, no gimmicks, and no tricks. A Q and A act that your audience will know in their heart is not a magic trick but is the real thing. How about being handed a full show that has been tried and tested in front of paying audiences? How
about all of this with nothing more than your mind and the minds of your audience? For those of you who are looking to add material to offer within your professional services, Paul has literally handed you a new income in the form of a new show that will book itself with the word of mouth reaction it will create. Sound good? Well thats just the start of what this simple, unassuming and honest book will do for you. I am excited for what your about to read and what I know it will give you and I hope you are too.

Enjoy it.
Paul 'Voodini' Bell

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Re: Pure Q & A by Paul Voodini

Postby aireM » September 27th, 2011, 10:48 am

Is the book based on classic q and a or is it cold reading techniques?

Dale Shrimpton
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Re: Pure Q & A by Paul Voodini

Postby Dale Shrimpton » December 21st, 2011, 11:12 am

Neither...although those techniques can be used alongside the main premmise of this excelent routine.
The method disclosed, is exactly as used by many of the mediums out there, and involves no trickery, just clear and consice performance, and audience management skills.

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