Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

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Robert Meisch
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Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

Postby Robert Meisch » June 23rd, 2011, 5:01 pm

In the latest "On the Slant", Jon writes about a book by Crispin Sartwell called The Color Change. Is there any other info?

A release date or table of contents perhaps?

I couldn't find anything on the web and it sounds like a great book.



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Richard Kaufman
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Re: Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

Postby Richard Kaufman » June 23rd, 2011, 6:35 pm

I don't think it's available or has been advertised yet.
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Re: Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

Postby crispin » June 24th, 2011, 10:18 am

I expect it will be out in August both as a paper and an e-book. What did Racherbaumer say?
Thanks, Crispin

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Joe Pecore
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Re: Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

Postby Joe Pecore » June 24th, 2011, 10:26 am

He said that "A long overdue compilation of color changes with playing cards has been written" and then went into a description of what is expected to be in the book. Looks great. Let us know here when it does come out.
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Re: Crispin Sartwell's The Color Change book

Postby crispin » June 24th, 2011, 11:27 am

here is the table of contents for Color Change: the Arcane Art of Transfiguration (With Playing Cards). I realize it makes for a long post!

I. Introduction

II. Last Things First: Plants
(a) Leipzig Slap Plant
(b) Drops
(c) Wipes (and Tenkai Crunch)
(d) Under My Thumb
(e) Dip Plants
(f) Hinge Plants
(g) Open-Fingered Plants
(h) Roll-Down Plant

III. Classical Changes
1. Side-Slip Changes
(a) Basic Side-Slip Change
(b) Marlo Clip Slip
(c) Tabled Marlo Clip Change
(d) Vernon No-Palm Change
(e) Softy Steal
(f) Second Slip
(g) Rear-Palm Steal and Plant
(h) De La Torre Pin
(i) Cummings Steal
(j) Winter Change
(k) Side Slip to Tenkai Palm (and Svengali Change)
2. Quick tricks with side-slip changes
(a) Leipzig Hand-Off
(b) Picking off the Pip
3. Thumb-Clip Steals
(a) Basic Thumb-Clip Steal
(b) E.V. Steal
(c) Altmann Steal
4. Slide Changes
(a) Basic Slide Transposition (Houdini or Erdnase Change)
(b) Marnase Change
(c) Convincing Marnase Change
(d) Channel Change
5. Hinge Plant Changes
(a) Window Change
(b) Slip Slap
(c) Book Change
(d) Fan Change
6. Roll-Up Steals
(a) Roll-Up Clip
(b) Cardini Flick Change
(c) Hugard Roll-Up Palm
7. Other Classical or Quasi-Classical Changes
(a) Flip Palm Steal
(b) Longitudinal Steal
(c) Erdnase 6th Sense Steal
(d) One-Hand Palm Steal
(e) Back-Palm Change

IV. Non-Classical Changes
1. Pass Changes
(a) Basic Classic Pass Change
(b) Riffle Pass Change
(c) Basic Herrmann Change
(d) Turn-Over Pass Change
2. Removals
(a) Andrus Change
(b) Ego Change
(c) Cottone Change
(d) Fan Subtraction
(e) Jay Change
(f) Cardini Flick Change (no-roll version)
(g) Tenkai Table Change
(h) In Your Face Change
3. Top Change Color Changes
(a) Fadeaway Change
(b) T-Formation Change
4. One Hand Clapping
(a) Charlier Change
(b) Erdnase Pop
(c) One-Hand One-Hand Palm Change
5. Double-Card Changes
(a) Basic Palm Switch
(b) Paintbrush Change
(c) Snap Change
(d) Dribble Change
(e) Boston-Lorayne Fan Change
(f) Bertram Revolutionary Change
(g) Basic Tenkai Change
(h) Flutter Change
(i) TeBe Change
(j) Bertram Unusual Change
(k) Pivot Change
(l) Twirl Change
(m) LePaul Change
(n) Flicker Change
(o) Table Pin
(p) Mechanical Change
(q) Tunnel Change
(r) Relativity Change
(s) Eidetic Change
(t) Push-In Change
6. False Deal Changes
(a) One-Hand Bottom Deal Change
(b) Nobelzada Second Deal
7. Back-to-Back Changes
(a) Hatton Change
(b) Eclipse Change
(c) Hummer's Visual Change
(d) Flip Flop Change
(e) Rollover Change
(f) Strange Change
(g) Spring Change
(h) Dark Change
(i) Shapeshifter
V. Multiple Changes
(a) Tarbell Double Change
(b) Merlin Double Change
(c) Face to Face Change
(d) Slide Change Sequence
(e) Turnover Change Sequence
(f) Hamman Flash Poker Double Change
(g) Kenner Double Change
(h) Al Altmann's Double Change
(i) Double Erdnase Pop
VI. Routines
(a) "Thirteen" Change Routine
(b) Great Published Routines
VII. Bibliography

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