Keith Arlen Lack's Silver Shifter

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Bill Cushman
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Keith Arlen Lack's Silver Shifter

Postby Bill Cushman » April 25th, 2003, 4:24 am

I've been very fortunate to see some of the evolution of this versatile utility coin. While advertised for it's stunning visible bend, that is only the beginning. It can enhance a variety of standard coin effects and Keith has already released some interesting variations such as a copper/silver shifter and is diligently working on releasing coins from all over the world. There is even a shifter key in the works.

My interest is primarily mentalism so I picked it up for the bend. Keith was kind enough to send me a pre-release version (I paid full cost directly from Keith before the price started dropping at various dealers) and then sent me the updated version after he took over quality control. I've seen some grousing about the "realism" of the pre-release versions but let me assure you that the current shifters look excellent. Also, the latest ones have a better "feel" that adds considerably to the impact of the bend and other uses. I can't say much more without risking exposure.

Most recently I obtained a Walking Liberty Dollar and I defy anyone to distinguish it from the real thing short of handling it or using a magnifying glass. Despite my intent on focusing on the bend, I've found, and many other real coin workers have shared similar experiences, that it inspires many a new idea. The Walking Liberty Dollar makes for a stunning bare hand production.

Also, let it be known that Keith is a true gentleman and stands by his products. He has replaced the Shifters for anyone who recieved a substandard version, and like all the products at Arlen Studios, it is guaranteed. How can you go wrong with a deal like that?

And of course the usual disclaimer: I have no monetary interest in the Shifter and just want to share the above so others can share in a truly innovative and utilitarian creation.

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