Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

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Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » September 29th, 2002, 5:54 pm

Hello Fellow Conjurers!

Well, in our quest to Learn How To Think Like A Conjurer, RB (Ron Bauer) has just completed two more of the 24 Private Studies, and another one next week, the Left Handed Hank. (this will bring us up to 13!) The New Releases are #7, Dixie and #9, Fair & Sloppy.

Here are a couple of "goodies" you'll find in Dixie and Fair & Sloppy.

Premise: What if I could reveal the True Treasure of the Old South?

Learn how to make a "Show and Tell" trick more desirable to the public by DRAMATIZING it, just like in REAL Showbiz!!! RB uses this trick to demonstrate how to use PLOT, SUBPLOT, and NARRATIVE and turn a "classic of magic" into a real showpiece. This information is priceless!

Find out the REAL SECRETS of:
Rehearsing Procedures to Build Up the Presentation, Double Entendre Humor, and a very valuable secret..."The En Route Principle!" Although this is the first time RB has touched on this topic, ALL of the Private Studies use this principle and RB gives us examples from the first twelve. This is one of the secrets of "Learning To Think Like A Conjurer!"

BONUS: This trick comes complete with an unlimited supply of DIY Confederate money!

Fair & Sloppy:
Premise: What if I tried to be completely fair while performing a card trick?

If you've ever wanted to learn a card trick that would STUN audiences and make other magician's jaws drop...this is the trick for you! Are you having trouble with card sleights or card handling skills in general? RB gives you the secret to handling cards better than you ever have within a few weeks time. Is it difficult? A child can do this!

We've heard the tired tenet, "Practice, practice, practice, and when you're done, practice some more!" Find out why this is the cause of many magician's card handling troubles. In "Fair & Sloppy," you'll learn a few sleights like the "Convincing Control," "Slop Shuffle," "Swing Cut," and the "Table Spread." Think you already know how to do these? Well, RB gives a few of his "Underground" techniques and finesses.

If you're a "Lefty," there is a finesse on the "Convincing Control" that is a MUST!

There's lots of magic and fun in this trick. It appears as though you are doing nothing and yet the cards seem to defy the laws of dimensional space. Don't miss out on this one!!!

These two Performance Scripts won't be available in your local magic shop for a couple
of weeks, if you'd like to get the secrets to these tricks before other magicians do...
go to this link:

Have Fun!


Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » September 30th, 2002, 10:40 pm

The egg bag manuscript isn't out yet is it? God forbid that man would finish the one I want the most! See you at Motorcity in November man!

P.S. try to talk the old boy into comming too!


Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » October 3rd, 2002, 7:01 pm

This series is really great, written by a guy who knows. if you haven't ordered them yet, consider doing so.
Dowdy, How are you? Take a look at what I have listed for sale. Then tell me what you want. I'm thinking about an extra set of the series!

Tim Trono
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Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Tim Trono » October 4th, 2002, 9:24 am

I just read the two latest releases last night. As is typical in this series, they are SUPERB and highly recommended. Don't pass these (or any of the series) by.

Tim Trono


Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » October 14th, 2002, 7:22 pm

Howdy Conjurers,

Glad to hear your benefiting from the Private Studies! I know I have over the past four years.

Hi Kevin, It's been a are you these days? I know egg-zackly how you feel about the Siamese Goose Egg Bag! Even though I'm able to perform it, I still can't wait to have it in script form so I can go over the RB Comments again and again for that priceless information!

Howdy Blaze, I'm doing good. I'll take a look at what you've got! Its nice to hear from you. Thanks for your continued support on the Private Studies!

Trono! Always nice to have your support. How about one or two of great reviews you do on the latest Private Studies?!?

As a matter of fact, I'd like to hear what Kevin and Blaze, (or anyone else that's benefited from the Private Studies), think about the latest Private Studies...of course, we only like good reviews, you know, anything that glorifies RB, "THE Underground Legend!" :)

For those interested in the Private Studies and that priceless information that's included, the next one should be making it's way to the press within the week. Which one will that be you might ask? The Left Handed Hank! Also, as an added bonus, the Seven Cornered Hank will be included in this one. As a double bonus in this Private Study, there will be a miniature wall poster of all 24-color covers! Remember, if you have an old copy of the Private Studies, you can send in the cover and E-GADS will replace it with a brand new, updated Private Study for FREE! and pay the shipping! Go to this link for more info: ... #oldcopies

Nice to hear from you guys, we'll be in touch!


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Lance Pierce
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Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Lance Pierce » October 14th, 2002, 7:45 pm

Hey, Dowdy,

We've met, have we not?

In any event, I've been looking over the Private Studies books, and I think that as a whole they're absolutely wonderful. I'm particularly fond of Tony Chadhuri's "The Feminine Side." There's some great thinking there. However, to pick that one out as my current favorite isn't to say that the others aren't great in themselves. The work in "Fair and Sloppy" is pretty darned good, and all of the effects are very well explained. Not only that, they're all "workers."

So, you guys got me. I'm a fan.




Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » October 14th, 2002, 9:10 pm

Hello guys,

I use the "Private Studies" all the time. I'm a working magic bartender in the Detroit area and a former employee of Bill Malone's Magic bar in Boca. This material is simply the best I've ever found for entertaining the public. Definitely worth more than ten bucks a book!


Re: Ron Bauer Private Studies Series, 2 NEW RELEASES!!!

Postby Guest » October 15th, 2002, 3:40 pm

Hi Lance,

Great to hear from you! We have met, I believe it was at Lancaster's shop, Tulsa OK about 12 years ago??? Or perhaps it was at Crystals Pizza? Any who, I heard you were out of magic for a while and now back in the game, glad to hear it. Maybe we can meet up when I make it back home for the holidays and talk about the Private Studies!

Yes, I agree with you on Feminine Side, that's a funny one! Here's a funny story about the Feminine Side. Last year at Abbott's, I sat down at a table full of bikers and did that one on the biggest guy there. Although I was having fun, as well as everyone else at the table, the guy I was doing it on had a look in his eyes like he wanted to rip my head off. He couldn't believe how he let himself get into this one. By the end of the trick everyone was laughing and giving him such a hard time that he too broke down laughing. Lucky for me! ha! They must have had a good time b/c they had me do a few more. Too bad I didn't have a panty tear on me!

Great to hear from you and hope the Private Studies will bring you as much fun as everyone else that has them!


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