new Routine, The Lost Symbol

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new Routine, The Lost Symbol

Postby Dusty » April 18th, 2011, 5:04 am

Hi guys, sorry for the blatant plug.

I have just published a new e-book entitled The Lost Symbol.

A propless (unles you consider business cards and a pen a prop)routine which can
be performed one-one for walkabout or street mentalism or with three spectators
on stage for cabaret. Using well known but long forgotten "body magic" style
methods and a mystical symbol known as a Pecloba, the performer can bring about
a diametric shift in not only the beliefs of the assistants but that of the
whole audience.
No pre-show.
No stooges (instant or otherwise)
No dual reatity.

Check out recent review by James Knight:

When was the last time an effect was released that was actually "new" in concept
and presentation? When was the last time you were excited about trying out an
effect that cost under $500? (let alone under $50) Well Max Gordon has provided
both excitement and originality in this new release.
The instructions are clear and precise, the concept is based on actual physical
principles and the routines given leave room for you to add your own personal
touch. The surprise finish will especially leave the seasoned pro with many
possibilities and should provoke some thought as to other routines that would
tie together well.

What is this great new idea? Well without giving away too much, you are
basically demonstrating the power of a simple yet original drawn symbol to
influence a spectator's physical state. I see many venues that it would play
well in- Stage, Cabaret, and Street Mentalism (yes, there is such a thing)

The skill level required to "pull" this off in my opinion is a more advanced
performer, although beginners could easily learn the routine provided. A pro
could really take advantage of the psychological aspects of the concept.

Real world applications- I can honestly say that I have been testing this out on
real people with great results. In a nutshell- would I recommend this?
Absolutely 9/10
Cost is 20 from

Dustin has just read it and may wish to comment.
Dusty aka Max Gordon
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