Tony Montana Lecture April 16th - Chicago

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Tony Montana Lecture April 16th - Chicago

Postby Mike Kamlet » April 11th, 2011, 7:27 pm

Tony Montana
Saturday April 16th 2 P.M.
St. Francis Hospital, South Conference Room
355 Ridge Ave
Evanston IL
Guests $15

Tony is coming all the way from Argentina on his way to FFFF. Tony will be showing some of his original creations that helped him win 3rd prize at FISM 2009 in mentalism. In addition to some mentalism effects, Tony will present some great card magic.

Some of the effects Tony will teach include:

Free Fall Magazines - an effect from his FISM routine. A spectator chooses one of several magazines, and drops it on the floor. It opened to a page which happened to be duplicated inside a box held by another spectator!

Playing with your Minds (again from his FISM routine), two spectators place several pictures of different colored socks in different envelopes which were then mixed. The spectators randomly chose one envelope each. When they didnt match, Tony shows they did match the socks he was wearing!

Suits Control, four prediction envelopes are shown, and a spectator shuffles a deck of cards and cut into 4 piles. The predictions were the picture of card suits, and not only did the top card of each pile match the prediction suit so did all the cards in every pile!
That was amazing!

14, My Lucky Number is a tremendous card effect where the spectator chose 2 cards by fate which were placed back in the card box. After a series of remarkable reveals involving other chosen cards, the value of the cards in the box were totaled (14), and matched the prediction written on the box!

Heres what others have to say about Tony

I was lucky enough to be his presenter at the end of 2009 in five cities in Chile, at a convention in San Pablo, Brazil, and other cities in Canada in 2010 and it was with great satisfaction that I watched other magicians thank him with a standing ovation.
Henry Evans

Tony Montana is an up-and-coming mentalist magician we will see lots of in the future. He fooled the boys at 4F in 2010, thats what a FISM winner should do.
Obie OBrien

Tony Montana, last years FISM mentalist award winner from Argentina, fooled the pants off me with a magazine page prediction.
Shawn Farquhar

Save the date for David Regal -- April 29th

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