Kozmo Lecture - Chicago 3/18

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Kozmo Lecture - Chicago 3/18

Postby Mike Kamlet » March 11th, 2011, 5:55 pm

I.B.M. Ring 43 Presents a Chicago-land Exclusive lecture by


Friday March 18th 7:30 PM
St. Francis Hospital, South Conference Room
355 Ridge Ave
Evanston IL
Guests $15

You may have heard of Kozmo from the feature story and cover of Magic Magazine. You may know him as the publisher of Reel Magic or even his DVDs, Tales from the Street and Live at the Jailhouse: A Guide to Restaurant Magic

Kozmo a.k.a. Ted Brainard comes direct from New York. Whether youve seen Kozmo
before or will be seeing him for the first time, this lecture is one not to be missed. Kozmo is one of the few lecturers you can see over and over again, and yet each time you see him you glean another wonderful new piece of magic that you cant wait to work with. Imagine . . . the magic you do with a simple tune-up.

Some of the effects youll learn

Translocation Coins The reasons why Kozmo opens with this effect
Coins In The Cup How to make this effect play big
A Card Trick How to make this trick play big or play small
The Sugar Packet Trick Why this effect plays so strong
Chop Cup Routine Kozmos complete routine with all its nuances

Learn how to make your magic play stronger, and learn the psychology of performing,
plus much much more . . .

But dont just take our word for it

ALL magicians need to see you work. Obie OBrien
When it comes to performing, Kozmo, unlike most, has truly walked the walk. David Regal

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