Aronson website?

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Steve Hook
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Aronson website?

Postby Steve Hook » June 28th, 2002, 3:44 pm

Does anyone know if Simon Aronson has a new website? His former site is unreachable, so possibly defunct?

Steve H


Re: Aronson website?

Postby Guest » July 4th, 2002, 6:57 am

I received an e-mail from Simon several days ago in which he mentioned some soon to be done upgrades to his site. He'll have a new trick for sale, and some more information in the section on his Aronson Stack.
I assume that the site is down temporarilly to do these changes. I'm sure it will be up and running again soon.

Simon Aronson
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Simon Aronson » July 5th, 2002, 1:53 pm

My website is currently "down" due to a major screw-up by my web host; I'm working to get it back up, but it will probably take a few days. I'll post here as soon as it's up again. When it comes up, it will have new material, as well as a free downloadable copy of my Memories are Made of This lecture notes.

Thanks for asking; I'm more anxious than anyone to resolve the problems and get it running.

Dave Shepherd
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Dave Shepherd » July 8th, 2002, 3:21 pm

I too look forward to seeing your site again, Simon.

I was interested in Michael Close's post in another thread, in which he says you told him that the SECOND stack you learn is the one you get deeply into.

So having used the Tamariz stack for a couple years for a couple of tricks, I think it's about time for me to learn the Aronson stack.

Simon Aronson
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Simon Aronson » July 16th, 2002, 6:26 am

IMPORTANT: NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS for Simon Aronson's Website.
It's now: [NOT .com]

Due to a major snafu by my website host, my website has been down for the past two weeks. I'm happy to announce it's finally back up and running, with brand new material, new tricks, and some extra tidbits (detailed below).

However, please note the above NEW (slightly different) website address: (and my website continues to also be available at the alternative address

I'm excited about the updated website, and hope you'll visit. The newly added material includes:
- a free downloadable copy of my Memories Are Made of This (an Introduction to Memorized Deck Magic) lecture notes,
- two new effects with the Aronson stack (both of which restore the stack order at the finish),
- my brand new effect "Side-Swiped" (on the Marketed Tricks page), which you can now order directly from me,
- an advanced, improved version of the computer stack "quizzer", now with a randomization button (for those who want to learn or practice),
- a new Biography page (my recent Linking Ring cover story), and a few other tidbits.

Please make a note of this new website address, or even better, bookmark it. Here's a direct link:
Also, for the time being, any emails should be sent directly to me at (and not c/o my website).

I certainly apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this new web address causes. I'm quite upset myself, because I've spent over a year familiarizing people with the previous site address. (I'm still working on getting my old address back, and hopefully that will happen soon. But, with "Side-Swiped" being released any day now, I couldn't wait any longer. So I've re-opened under the .net moniker).

I'm now trying to reach and inform my readers, and users of the Aronson stack, and magicians at large, of the new address -- and it's not easy. Indeed, my first advertisement for Side-Swiped appears in the August GENII (just published) -- but that ad was placed before these problems occurred, so it contains my old website address (and I hate to frustrate anyone, especially potential customers).

So, let me ask a personal favor: if you happen to know other magicians who may be interested in my work, or my website, or the Aronson stack, please let them know about the new website address

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Simon Aronson

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Matthew Field
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Matthew Field » July 16th, 2002, 6:43 am

Anything by Simon Aronson is worth reading and considering. My order for "Side Swiped," Simon's new trick, is already on its way via the Internet.

Matt Field

Richard Morrell
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Richard Morrell » July 17th, 2002, 7:10 am

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the heads up to the new address for your website, the updated content is excellent, especially the download of your lecture notes which I will print out and devour, as I am on the first rung of the memorised deck ladder!

Regarding Side Swiped, is it fair to say that this is a marketed version of your 'This Side Up' from Simply Simon? Just curious to know if there are any updates to the handling, effect etc.?

Also how many spare cards do you receive, and is it possible to buy or make more once you run out?

I read the effect in your book and thought it would be a good candidate for making the cards using Avery Labels, either clear or white but never quite got around to it!




Re: Aronson website?

Postby Guest » July 17th, 2002, 9:37 am

I?m thrilled with the reopening of Simon Aronson?s web site at the new URL:

Incidentally, if you don?t want to wait for the Flash opening, which I don?t, you have two options. You can use the URL above and click on ?Skip Flash.? Or, you can use the alternative URL:

The first update is very special, Simon has included a free downloadable copy of his Memories Are Made of This (an introduction to memorized deck magic) from his 1999 lecture notes. I believe that this is simply the best introduction to memorized deck work, which has been written. If you have been thinking about getting into memorized deck magic, run, don?t walk, to Simon?s Site and print this out. You?ll never regret it, I promise you.

For me, the new gem is Simon?s version of the Henry Christ Ace Routine. This is done from the Aronson stack and that both strengthens and simplifies the original great trick. Simon points out two advantages to Aronson stack users in doing the Christ effect this way. Any secret counting of piles is now unnecessary because known key cards instantly tell you where to divide the packets. And, the haphazard handling throughout the routine, with cards being continuously separated into various piles, dealt, counted, spelled and reassembled, is a strong convincer that the deck has been hopelessly mixed up. If you do memorized deck work, you know how important that second benefit is. Finally, let me point out that the routine is not technically challenging at all. Card workers of medium level skills who already are familiar with the Aronson stack will be able to add this to their repertoire quite quickly. If you can hold a break, do a double lift, and displace a card from one position in a spread to another with a cull, you can do this effect. I?ve been playing with various combinations of this routine with other ace effects, and in a few days I?ll post the results here for those of you that are interested.

There?s another new effect with the Aronson stack explained in detail on the site: Matching the Cards by Norman Beck and Simon. It?s a version of the Vernon Matching the Cards effect but done from the Aronson stack. I?ve not had time to really work through this one yet, but it certainly looks promising at first reading. And again, you start and end with the deck in Aronson Stack order.

Simon has a new-marketed effect on the site as well. It?s a new version of the routine This Side Up from his book Simply Simon. If you wanted to do this excellent routine before, you had to get special cards made up. Now, they are available from Simon. I?ve ordered the effect, but haven?t seen it yet. However, it?s been seven years since the book was published, and I?ll bet that Simon has some new touches and handlings worked out by now. This was the case with the marketed version of Red Sea Passover. It was originally published in The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson in 1978, and reprinted in Bound to Please in 1994. When the marketed version was released by A-1 Magical Media, in 2001, Simon included some new handling tips and instructions. As soon as I receive This Side Up, I?ll post a review here.

Incidentally, on the subject of Red See Passover. There are many other uses for the special cards that you receive with this routine. I don?t want to infringe on any rights, but there is a marvelous version of the ten-card poker deal called Showdown, in Nick Trosts book ?The Card Magic of Nick Trost.? Nick also put this on the market including the necessary gaffed cards. However, I wasn?t fond of the particular gaffs that were included. If you have the Trost book, look at Figure 1 on page 217. Two gaffed cards are pictured. I do not like the fact that one of these is in hearts and one in spades. If you use two cards alike, instead, you do not have the values of the cards changing during the course of the routine. You can achieve this by buying two sets of Showdown, or two sets of Red See Passover. If you use the RSP cards, you will get lots of spares and will have much flexibility in choosing the ten cards you use in the routine. But first, buy Nick?s book if you don?t have it. It?s a gold mine of card effects that are not too technically demanding.

The new site has an improved version of the Aronson Stack Quizzer, a drill program on the Aronson stack by Mark Harris. This will be most valuable to those learning the stack, of course, but as an experienced user, I find it a handy way to just brush up on the stack and to work on recall speed.

Finally, it?s unfortunate that Simon had some difficulty with the former host of his web site and had to change to a new URL. In particular, it?s unfortunate that the August Genii has his ad with the wrong site address. If you?re a fan of Simon?s work, as I am, you can help to spread the word. Let your fellow magicians know, and post the change to any other forums, chat rooms, etc., that you might frequent.

Again, is the new URL.


Re: Aronson website?

Postby Guest » July 17th, 2002, 9:48 am

Sorry about that last post. I composed it on Word and cut and pasted it to the Forum. Somehow, in that process, the apostrophes were replaced with question marks.

Robert Kane
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Re: Aronson website?

Postby Robert Kane » July 17th, 2002, 10:48 am

Thank you Mr. Aronson for your awesome web site. It is wonderful that you are sharing such excellent material on line and at no charge. "Wow!" is about I can say...Wow!

Special thanks for sharing the Christ-Aronson Aces which I have been trying to find for a while.

I look forward to visiting your site often and to making a few purchases too.

By the way, I have noticed in both The Aronson Approach and Try the Impossible that you criticize yourself for writing overly long explanations. I want you to know that I love your explanations. They contain a lot of great information and history about the effect. This really helps me as a student of your work.

Please don't change the way you write and create superb magic.

Regards, Robert Kane :)

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Re: Aronson website?

Postby mrgoat » July 21st, 2002, 6:48 am

Originally posted by Dennis Loomis:
Sorry about that last post. I composed it on Word and cut and pasted it to the Forum. Somehow, in that process, the apostrophes were replaced with question marks.
Very OT, but...

That happened because MS Word uses messed up, non-standardised items. quotes, ..., apostrophes and many other pieces of punctuation are messed up by MS. In order to fix this use Notepad - or any other text editor - for items here. The html doesn't recognise the word code so represents it with the quetion mark.

Or 'save as' plain text in ms word.



Re: Aronson website?

Postby Guest » July 21st, 2002, 7:08 am

Thanks, Mr. Goat,
I really am sorry about that silly mistake, and either of your fixes would have solved the problem. The irony is that I considered my info on Simon's site important which is why I composed it in Word so that I could run it through the spelling and grammar checker. I shall be more careful in the future.

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