The Unexpected Card Book

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John Pezzullo
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The Unexpected Card Book

Postby John Pezzullo » January 20th, 2002, 2:14 am

I don't own Ed Marlo's "The Unexpected Card Book" and I've never been able to locate a review of it. All I know of the book is that it contains eleven chapters:

-A Collection of Collectors
-Overhand Shuffle Applications
-Prepared Card Effects
-Mathematical & Faro Effects
-Problems Solved
-Clock Effects
-System Controls
-Updated Classics
-Potpurri of Effects
-Four for Four Transpos
-Bonus Inserts

(Listing of chapters is from an entry published in the "Busby-Corin, Inc. 1980 General Catalog")

Gentlemen.....any comments or opinions on this book?

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Matthew Field
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Re: The Unexpected Card Book

Postby Matthew Field » January 20th, 2002, 8:35 am

I love this book. Not only does it have the precursr to Bill Goldman's "Monkey in the Middle" ("One Eyed Jacks Open the Other Eye") but lots more.

I'd have to say it's only for the serious Marlo student because of the level of much of the material and the 1001 variations, but I love to pick it up and glance through it. I always find something interesting.

I'd recopmmend it only if you have most of Marlo's other books.

Matt Field

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