2010 In Review

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2010 In Review

Postby Dustin Stinett » January 1st, 2011, 1:01 am

NOW that we are actually finished with the last year of the first decade of the 21st century(Oh will he EVER give that a rest???? NO!!! he squeals, laughing with Renfield-like delight, hunkered in a corner, wringing his hands)

Nothing from this past year jumps to mind as the Top Magic Event of the Decade. Okay, one thing: Dodd Vickers round table discussion of the same name that started off the year with a popand a doomed Magic CruiseTwo things: Dodd Vickers thing, the doomed cruise, and the Essential Magic ConferenceTHREEthree thingsoh heck, lets just jump right into a wrap-up of the year that was 2010:


Genii Cover: The 11th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History

And We Still Dont Know Who He Is

The Erdnase thread ends 2010 with a running total of 1,378 posts and 467,971 views (up from 1,176 and 305,614 at the end of 2009).

In Keeping With the Spirit

Speaking of Dodd Vickers: Besides keeping this site up to date with magic news and events, his Spirit of Magic and This Week in Magic podcasts continue to regale us with great interviews and discussion topics (with equally great guests).

Just some of the subjects and events coveredbesides pretty much every magic convention and conference throughout the yearare a look back at the 2000s, James Clarks Magic Mission to Haiti, Ringlings Zing Zang Zoom (with magic by Steinmeyer), the Jay Marshall Auction (again), Tannens Magic Camp, and the aforementioned doomed Magic Cruise. And the list of interviewees and roundtable guests iswell, judge for yourself:

Stan Allen
Ed Alonzo
Michael Ammar
Silly Billy
David Blaine
Nathan Burton
Mike Caveney
Dick Cavett
James Clark
Larry Clark
Rudy Coby
Steve Cohen
David DaVinci
Doc Eason
Shawn Farquhar
Michael Finney
Bob Fitch
Gabe Fujari
Paul Gertner
Jamie D. Grant
Michael Grasso
Lennart Green
John Guastaferro
Denny Haney
Dan Harlan
Chris Hart
Mike Jacobson
Joshua Jay
Nicholas Johnson
Chris and Katie Kenner
Mac King
Jonathan Levit
Chad Long
Bill Malone
Sandy Marshall
Andrew Mayne
Shawn McMaster
Eric Mead
Tom Mullica
Jonathan Pendragon
Jon Petz
David Pogue
Alex Ramon
Rick Roth
Ken Scott
Dan Sperry
Joanie Spina
Jim Steinmeyer
Morgan Streebler
Jamy Ian Swiss
Tomsoni & Co
Tweedy (from Zing Zang Zoom)
Paul Vigil
JC Wagner
David Williamson

It all leaves me with just one question: How do he do it?

Did He Get His Wish?

Mike Weatherford (Las Vegas Review Journal) lists first among his New Year wishes, keeping up the tough love with magicians. To wit:

There are six good magic shows on the Strip and six more hanging on or recently closed. Its hard to watch cute animals get eaten on the nature shows, but this Vegas Darwinism needs to continue until the message seeps through their spangly tuxedos: Unless magicians can show us something we havent seen before, weve seen enough.

Much to Someones Delight

Normally overpriced Ricky Jay items sell for a stunningly low price: A lot that includes a signed hardbound edition of Cards as Weapons and the limited edition Magic Magic Book (which originally retailed for $1,800) sells for under $300.

The Entertainment Capitol of the World: Boise

Award winning magician Jon Armstrong announces the opening of Mystique, a magic dinner theater in Boise, Idaho. Besides himself, also listed among regular performers are: Terry & Melanie Commons, George Tovar, Andrew Goldenhersh, Farrell Dillon, and Joe Skilton

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The two-year investigation into rape allegations against David Copperfield closes without any chargesor nowhere near as much mainstream media hooplabeing filed by federal investigators. Copperfields contention that this was extortion for money, plain and simple, seems to be bolstered after the arrest by Bellevue, Washington police of the woman who originally filed the charges against the illusionist. She is alleged to have attempted to extort $2,000 from a man for sex. The 22-year-old woman is later charged with lying to police in that case.

Better Than a Slap Chop

Mac Kings new book, Campfire Magic is released. (I immediately put it on my Christmas listand I got it!)

Pet Tiger: The Ultimate Oxymoron

Steve Pellegrino shares some invaluable insights to working with big cats in illusions. Bottom line, stick to cutting girls in half:

http://www.geniimagazine.com/forums/ubb ... Post212861

Every Little Bit Helps

A series of online lectures with many luminaries of magic, a group of magicians called Magiciens Sans Frontires (translation: Magicians Without Borders) as well as David Blaine, who performed for 72 consecutive hours in Times Square to raise money, all pitch in to help with earthquake ravaged Haiti.

ShootingerrSuing the Messenger

Uri Geller files a libel suit against CNN for reporting allegations made by one of Michael Jacksons doctors that the spoon-bender was paid to appear in Martin Bashirs documentary on the late pop artist.

Have I a Surprise for You!

Miss America contestants are surprised by Lance Burtons bunniesor he dropped his pants; its not really clear:

http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/ja ... ion-racew/

Ellen Loves Magic: Part One

2009 World Champion of Close-Up Magic Shawn Farquhar makes an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

http://ellen.warnerbros.com/videos/?aut ... 1361f3ed8e

Bad Magic: A Universal Language

One Countrys trash is another countrys trash: When some is pointed out, a countryman of the culprit laments: Bummer! We cant even unload our national treasure, to Americans!!!

2010 Blows: Part One

Dirk and Luna Losander and family are involved in a serious auto wreck. Dirk is hospitalized for a short time, but recovers from his injuries.


Genii Cover: Michael Finney

A Georgian in King Arthurs Magic Circle

Joe M. Turner of Dallas, Georgia (but for marketing purposes, hes in Atlanta) is elected to The Magic Circle with the degree of AIMC (Associate of the Inner Magic Circle) with Silver Star. There is no news on whether or not he will be attending weekly get-togethers.

It Must Be In the Water

Tabby Crabb is nominated by the Georgia Writers Association for their 2009 Author of the Year Award for his book, Hometown Americus Georgia.

The Bookies are Looking Into His Services

Nathan Coe Marsh successfully predicts the score of the Super Bowl. The prediction was notarized days before the game [and] locked in a box [which was] opened by the public.

Its Not Just Its Practitioners: The Craft Cant Even Get Girls

Peter Nardibut not that Peter Nardipublishes a piece on Miller-McCune.com on why there are so few female magicians. Among the many reasons is this standout line:

Men are more likely to be socially inept and require a shield to hide behind for attention and social interactions.

Which might explain why there are more men in politics as well.

This is Chicken Little Reporting for The Stage

(One week before Blackpool):
Headline: Blackpools Empress Ballroom Suffers Partial Ceiling Collapse [Emphasis mine.]
Future events at Blackpools historic Empress Ballroom could be in doubt after part of its ceiling collapsed.

It turned out to be some loose paint.

A Few Minutes with Ricky Jay

In a report on CBSs 60 Minutes, senior correspondent Morley Safer asks Ricky Jay Why are we so gullible?

For one thing, he says the smarter we are, or the smarter we think we are, the easier we are taken. He says: For me, the ideal audience would be Nobel Prize winnerstheir egos tell them they cant be fooled. No one is easier to fool. [Emphasis as in original.]

2010 Blows: Part Two

Beloved entertainer Tom Mullica is diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).

The OED Exposes Magic!!!

In a scholarly attempt to enhance the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Bill Mullins contributes magic-related etymology to the work and finds some peopleokay, one personworried about exposure. It makes one wonder if there is a specific entry in the OED under exposure relating to the revelation of magics secrets.

And Now, In the Center Ring, More Magic!

After the success of Zing Zang Zoom, the purveyors of The Greatest Show on Earth (Ringling Bros.) launch a second magic themed show called Illuscination starring thrillusionist David DaVinci.

Dai Vernon Had a Collection?

Items from the collections of Bruce Cervon and Dai Vernon go to auction. 322 lots go on the auction block and realizes over $177,000.

Its an Honor Just to be Nominated

Patrik Eklunds Instead of Abracadabra is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Short Film, Live Action category.

Tough Love or Tough Luck?

Dirk Arthurs XTreme Magic show ends its six-year run at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Is there a Museum of Supernatural Science?

The Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas opens an exhibit on magic. Richard Hatch is featured, though there is no truth to the rumor that he was stuffed and placed behind glass.

James Randi Bombs

James The Amazing Randi takes on a new fraud being perpetuated on those who provide securityincluding military and police around the worldagainst bomb threats: Bomb Detectors. The bogus devices are similar to water dowsing gadgets. (It cant be any less random than current TSA search regulations.)


Genii Cover: Angelo Carbone

Americas Prophet Meets Americas Justice System

Self-styled psychic Sean David Morton (Americas Prophet), who allegedly offered investment guidance by using his powers, is charged with securities fraud by the Securities & Exchange Commission. (Cant help but wonder if hell sue the media company that reported the story.)

Is there a Popular Supernatural Science Magazine?

Popular Science Magazines website posts a complete archive138 years worthof its contents. Admission: Free. There are many articles on magic and magicians to be found by those with time on their hands.


The Millionaire Magician Makes it Into the Gray Lady

Steve Cohen and his show, Chamber Magic (a fixture at the Waldorf-Astoria) are featured in the New York Times.

Buck Buck Number One Comin In!

Dan and Dave Bucks first Magic*Con (an event modeled after the Ted Conferences) takes place in San Diego, California. (That it was an unparalleled success is supported by the announcement of a 2011 edition, MC.)

Speakers/Presenters include, Max Maven, Eric Mead, Michael Weber, John Lovick, Derek DelGaudio, Guy Holingworth, Chad Long, Chris Kenner, and Guest of Honor, Juan Tamariz.

The Maestro Moves Many Magicians

Juan Tamariz makes a rare (and thrilling) appearance at the Magic Castle.

What Do You Do with Your Used Decks?

Pictures speak 1,000 words when it comes to houses of cards, including the U.S. Capitol Building and a Holiday Inn (and the same can be said for Dodd Vickers lovely wife). Please to enjoy:

http://www.geniimagazine.com/forums/ubb ... Post217585

Is there a Supernatural TedMed?

Eric Meads October 2009 appearance at TedMed, where he performs the Needle Through Arm, is posted to their site. There is no news about Needle Through Arm sales the next day.

Its the Hair: They gotta be Diggin the Hair

Ed Alonzo adds to the stable of pop stars he has worked witheither consulting and/or performing magic during their concert tourswhen he begins working with Usher. The Misfit of Magic also goes to work on Cirque Du Soliels Broadway show, Banana Shpeel adding new magic and gags.

Randi Escapes the Closet

Randi discloses that which many folks thought was common knowledge: That he is gay. There is no truth to the rumor that Sylvia Browne predicted the day, date, and time of Randis announcement.

No Wonder Mentalists Are Paid More

Psychic entertainer Ali Hussain Sibat, a Lebanese national, faces execution (by beheading) after being convicted by a Saudi Arabian court of practicing sorcery for millions in the Middle East; actions which make him an infidel according to the Mutawaeenthe Saudi Religious Police. (As of November 2010, Sibat remains jailed while his case returns to the original court after the countrys Supreme Court refused to ratify the death sentence. Sibat has been jailed since May of 2008.)

Pretty Sure it had Nothing to do with Tough Love: Part One

Lance Burtons magic shop at the Monte Carlo Hotel closes.

The AMA (Magic Castle) Announces its New BorederrBoard Members

Board of Directors:

Neil Patrick Harris Vice President
Robert Lamoureux President
Rich Cowley
Erika Larsen
Jean Boyle Treasurer
Danny Robinson
Maurice Newman Secretary

Board of Trustees:

Irene Larsen
Max Maven
David Regal
Mark Wilson
Mark Nelson
Jon Armstrong
Joan Lawton


Genii Cover: J.C. Wagner

And the Award Goes toOh Screw That! And the Winner is

The Academy of Magical Arts (the Magic Castle) holds its annual awards show. Member voted award winners are:

Lecturer of the Year: Doc Eason
Close-Up Magician of the Year: Doc Eason
Parlour Magician of the Year: Andrew Goldenhersh
Stage Magician of the Year: Jeff Hobson

Board of Trustee awarded Fellowships go to:

Performance Close-Up: JC Wagner
Performance Stage: Pam Thompson
Creative: Michael Weber
Special: Steve Forte
Literary: Todd Karr
Masters: Norm Nielsen
Lifetime Achievement: Chuck Jones

Junior Achievement Awards are presented to Rmax Goodwin and Aaron Rabkin

The 2009 Magician of the Year is Ed Alonzo

Pretty Sure it had Nothing to do with Tough Love: Part Two

Lance Burton announces that, instead of making cuts to his production as requested by the Monte Carlo management, he will instead close his long running and successful show.

Senseless: Part One

In a robbery of his wallet, magician Adrian Ramos (19) is murdered on the streets of Anaheim, California. Two men and one juvenile (better described as inhuman, cowardly bastards) are taken into custody.

Will He Scream, Give Me That F***ing Deck of Cards! at Contestants?

Variety reports on a new reality show from the producers of Hells Kitchen that will feature Australian magician James Galea.

Apparently That Pesky Whole Truth Thing is Problematic

The federal lawsuit brought against David Copperfield by MAW (Model, Actress, Whatever) Lacey Carrollthe woman who accused him of rapeis dropped by her within days of a federal judge ruling that he would allow Copperfields attorneys to question her under oath.

Turning the Tables on Harry (Particularly Easy Since Hes Dead)

Self-anointed psychic medium Linda Lauren claims feeling (?) people whisper around her just before being pushed to the ground by an unseen hand and while at Houdinis gravesite.

(My own psychic encounter was with Max Malini. He told me exactly how he did the ice trick, but Im not telling anyone else!)

In Jog and Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic (FFFF) celebrates its 40th Anniversary. The guest of honor is co-founder and long-time driving force behind the legendary gathering, Obie OBrien. The invitee list doesnt just read like a whos who of magic: it is a whos who of magic.

Another One of My Dreams Dashed

With only nine decades left to go, Tony Hassini, founder of the International Magicians Society, ends all the edge-of-the seat anticipation and cements his reputation in the business by naming Criss Angel Magician of the Century.


Genii Cover: Suzanne

Beta Testing? We Dont Need No Stinking Beta Testing!

The Genii Forum upgrades its software. (On a related note, Webmaster Brad becomes a member of the Hair Club for Men.)

Will He Carry a Note?

Interview Magazine reports that David Blaines next stunt will involve him crossing the ocean in a bottle.

The Prodigal Labman Returns

Rudy Cobyone of magics unique charactersreturns to the magic scene after a near-decade long absence.

What Do You Get with a Mac?

Celebrating ten years at Harrahs Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, it is reported that over the last ten years we have been graced with:

2,600 days of plaid suits worn
15,600 feet of rope used for Kings famous rope trick
270,400 playing cards
15,600 magically appearing Fig Newton pastries
And 26,000 audience volunteers!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do

The American Museum of Magic (Marshall, MI) opens an exhibit covering the remarkable career of the Bad Boys of Magic, Penn & Teller.

Music City Under Water. Literally

Though largely ignored by the mainstream media, Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding area suffers a devastating flood. The disasteramong the largest in US historydisplaces thousands of residents and damages hundreds of businesses. The legendary Grand Old Opry is among the many establishments that suffer heavy damage. As a result, the Nashville Magic Clubs convention is cancelled. While also dealing with this community and personal tragedy, organizers immediately put plans for a 2011 convention in motion thus proving that Tennessee Volunteers is more than just a motto.

Harry Who?

A metal sculpture titled Metamorphosis that celebrates Harry HoudiniAppleton being HHs adopted hometownis removed for renovation of the area around Houdini Plaza. The disposition, and the future, of the sculpture is uncertain at this time.

Fourth Times the Charm(?)

A fourth auction of the massive Jay Marshall Collection takes place. 294 lots go on the auction block and realizes over $173,000.

Now Will Leno Ever Get It?

David Letterman, notorious for being, well, David Letterman, has Close-Up Magic Week on his Late Show. Remarkably, David not only behaves, he even seems to have fun. Imagine that. The impressive array of magicians is:

Monday, May 17: Jason Randal
Tuesday, May 18: John Carney
Wednesday, May 19: Johnny Ace Palmer
Thursday, May 20: Steve Cohen
Friday, May 21: Michael Ammar

This Gives Performing in One a New Meaning

Wait til you see the orchestra pit!

A one-seat theater featuring various actsincluding magiciansopens on the streets of New York.

http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/t ... ePWYIJUwAN

Fan Friendly FISM

Craig Mitchell launches FISMs new and easier to navigate website:


Derren Brown Investigates

No, thats not a clever heading for an entry; its the title of Derren Browns new Channel 4 (UK) television series. (But we in the USA wont see it. No-no-no! Our airwaves are too busy showing dancing stars (?), Whitehouse party-crasher, sex tape celebrities (?), and screaming-narcissistic-chef reality series. What does the UK know about real entertainment?)

In the show, Brown delves into the world of the paranormal: The three episodes are:

The Man Who Contacts the Dead (psychic medium Joe Power)
The Men with X-Ray Eyes (Ukrainian system of human development claiming to teach eyeless vision)
The Ghosthunter (Lou Gentile, American ghost hunter)

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

In an interview with Las Vegas Magazine, Teller discussed some of his favorite things in Sin City (and the surrounding area):

The All-American Bar & Grille (Rio)
The Mac King Comedy and Magic Show (Harrahs)
The Liberace Museum
Jubilee! (Ballys long-running show)
Hoover Dam
Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons
The Atomic Testing Museum

His Better Angels

Criss Angel is recognized for his quiet, unheralded, and incredible work with and gifts to children by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I Hope Theyre Not as Heavy as the Book

After the success of their Jim Steinmeyer/Mike Caveney authored Magic book, Taschen Books announces the release of several types of calendarswall, desk, and plannerfor 2011 (available in October and November).

What Choo Talkin Bout Willis?

Gary Coleman, who gained fame as a child actor in the TV series Diffrent Strokes, dies at age 42. The diminutive actor, whose life was something of a rollercoaster, was a fan of magic. He battled kidney disease his entire life, endured two kidney transplants and one heart transplant. Complications after an epidural hematomathe result of falling down a flight of stairscontributed to his death.

MAGIC! (Not the Magazine)

Tabby Crabb continues his tireless efforts to upload the archives of MAGIC!, the first magic-oriented BBS. Among the contributors to this early forum are Max Maven, T A Waters, Geno Munari, Evan Katz, Pete Biro, Michael Ammar, Cy Keller, Tommy Wonder, Scott Alcalay, Dante Larsen, David Lichtman, and the Tab Man his own self.


Genii Cover: John Archer

Never Give Up!

In case youve been stuck in a bottle (before David Blaine), Jamie D. Grant can put sealed decks of cards into bottles (a la a ship in a bottle)though no one else knows how he does it. On June 1, he begins leaving 100 specially created bottles around the world in a campaign he calls, Send Wonder. See for yourself:


It is unclear if Jamie will be assisting Blaine in his planned stunt.

The Digital Deluge: Part One

Richard Kaufman, editor and publisher of Genii announces that subscribers to will gain access to the complete digital archive of the magazine: EVERY SINGLE BACK ISSUE Genii has published since 1936. Thats almost 1000 issues! Tens of thousands of columns, tricks, illusions, and articles. And its all absolutely free to Genii subscribers.

M-U-M Hits a Hundred

The one hundredth volume of the Society of American Magicians publication, M-U-M (and for the record, its pronounced M-U-M, not mum) commences with the June 2010 issue.

WellWere Waiting

Cable channel SyFy announces the development of a new reality series, The Latimer Project, starring Jason Latimer, World Champion of Magic.

Two Outta Three Aint Bad

During the same week (but is it a Magic Week?), Jamy Ian Swiss and Ed Alonzo appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

In an unfortunate, but related, incident, Laraf (Larry and Raphael) also appear in a mercifully short though stupefying I-never-thought-it-possible-to-be-so-over-produced Zombie performance.

The Digital Deluge: Part Two

Stan Allen, editor and publisher of MAGIC (pronounced magic) announces that, beginning in September, the magazine would also have a digital edition.

AGTs Bunch-o-Magic

After several years of what can only be described as magic-bashing, the new season of the talent competition show, Americas Got Talent has more magicians and treats them with more respect than in past seasons. Included in the lineup are Frankie Elliston, Lian Qi Bian, Michael Stroud (Magique Bizarre), William Scott Anderson, Murray Sawchuck, Antonio Restivo, Chipps Cooney, Michael Grasso, and Dan Sperry (who would be added via YouTube auditions).

A highlight of the season is Sperry freaking out new judgeand mysophobiacHowie Mandel with a piece of thread he just pulled through his neck.

Murray and Michael Grasso go further into the show than any previous magic acts (in the US edition of the show). Grasso, in fact, makes it into the finals.

Still Looking for an Audience

A Masked Magician style show appears on Australias Channel 7.

A Glutton For Punishment

Josh Jay releases his new book for the public, Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards. The book tour includes another stop on the white-wine-soaked section of the set of NBCs Today Show. (As if breaking his arm wasnt punishment enough.)

I Just Like Saying Fushigi Ball

An acrylic ball ascribed to have magical properties allowing anyone to perform amazing feats of skill (contact juggling) is pimped online for $20. There is no known comment from Michael Moschen.

Magic, eh!

Torontos annual Luminato Festival of Arts includes magicproduced in association with David Bens Magicana organizationby Juan Tamariz, Max maven, Mac King, and Bob Sheets.

Supporting the Troops (and Their Families) via Magic

Magic for Our Military shows at the Rubican Theater in Ventura, California. The show is Emceed by Thom Peterson (England), and stars Hans Davis (Belgium), Kevin James (USA), Amos Levkovitch (Israel), Goldfinger and Dove (USA), and Tom Ogden (USA).

When I Think Magic History, I Think Elmhurst, Illinois*

A Magical History Tour exhibit opens at the Elmhurst, Illinois Historical Museum. Scheduled to run through September, popular demand extends its stay through January 2, 2011 (so you have another day!).


*Im not joking.

Some Nice National Notoriety

Bill Kalush is interviewed about the Conjuring Arts Research Center by Scott Simon on National Public Radio.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/stor ... =128127223

Cirque Bites in the Big Apple

After only one month of performances, Cirque du Soleils Broadway show, Banana Shpeel, closes.

More Magic for the Troops

(I cannot do them service, so I will let them do the talking):

Sealed With A Wish Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves to enrich the lives of U.S. troops serving in combat zones, primarily Afghanistan and Iraq, by providing comfort and care items from home. The Foundations Board of Directors includes retired U.S. military and members of the Academy of Magical Arts. SWAWs Board of Trustees includes Neil Patrick Harris, Steve Valentine, former Miss America Susan Powell, and Lance Burton, Master Magician.


Make Believe is For Real

Make Believe, a feature-length documentary featuring the competitive adventures of six teenage magiciansKrystyn Lambert, Derek McKee, Hiroki Hara, Siphivew Fangase & Nkumbuzo Nkonyana, and Bill Kochat the World Magic Seminar (two years worth) wins the Best Feature Documentary award at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Also seen in the film are Ed Alonzo, Eugene Burger, Lance Burton, Kyle Eschen, Andrew Goldenhersh, Jeff McBride, Bill Goodwin, Gay Blackstone, and Neil Patrick Harris. Make Believe is directed by J. Clay Tweel.

Ill Wager He Didnt Wear a Cowboy Hat For This One

David Copperfield opens the Daytime Emmy Awards show on CBS.

And Theres Still Room for His Mom

An articleAn Apartment With a Magical Castabout Rory Feldman and his massive collection of Howard Thurston memorabilia is featured in the New York Times.

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/27/reale ... i.html?hpw


Genii Cover: Tom Stone

Well Its What I Heard: Part One

The SAMs National Convention takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Well Its What I Heard: Part Two

The IBMs National Convention takes place in San Diego, California.

If You Believe They Put a Man on the Moon

Heres another conspiracy for you: In a duplicitous scheme to corner the multi-billion dollar magic market, the Black-Ops Division of the United States Playing Card Company (probably in association with the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones) release the 809or Mandolinback playing card. Co-conspirator Paul Harris helped design the new back under the thinly veiled motive of protecting the USPCCs classic and iconic Bicycle 808 back.


A live-action version of the classic Disney film The Sorcerers Apprentice starring Nicolas Cage (as Balthazar) is released.

Did They Bring Notes From Their Mommies?

After what was described as a 15 year absence, Penn & Teller make a triumphant return to London, England. Besides a successful live run, they appear on television and even land a television series.

Well, Its What Everyone Heard

The first of its kind, The Essential Magic Conferencea live webcast international conference on magic produced by Luis de Matostakes place over three days. Broadcast over the Internet from Portugal, attendees could sit in their comfy chairs, kick back in their footie pajamas (like Im the only one) and see and hear some of the finest minds and performers in magic do their thing: live.

Interaction via Q&A segments allowed the virtual attendees to participate in the talks. If a registrant missed a part, or wanted to see it again, the events are posted to the event site and will remain there. A DVD of the conference is scheduled for release to all paid registrants.

Among those presenting and performing at this remarkable event are:

Barry and Stuart
Gaetan Bloom
David Britland
Mike Caveney
Dani DaOrtiz
Jason England
Lennart Green
Guy Hollingworth
Finn John
Bill Kalush
Luis de Matos
Gene Matsurra
Max Maven
Eric Mead
Ton Onosaka
Cyril Takayama
Richard Wiseman

80% of poll respondents vote the event as epic.

(The 2011 event is slated for July 7, 8, and 9.)

Ellen Loves Magic: Part Two

Shimshi makes an appearance on Ellen.

Fingers Crossed Department

It is announced that Tom Mullica will undergo a stem cell transplant to battle his Leukemia.

Reports say that Terry Seabrooke underwent surgery and is receiving radiation therapy to battle bowel cancer.

Ill Wager Hopeful Candidatesand NaysayersDidnt See This Coming

It is announced at the Amazing Meeting that Banacheck will head the James Randi Educational Foundations Million Dollar Challenge.

More Magic Castle High Jinks: Part One

Friday lunch menus with Milt Larsens weekly column are removed and replaced with copies sans column. It was determined by some that words critical of management of the venerable old building should not be disseminated to the luncheon crowd.

So It Is Written, So Shall It Be Done

Per the Chief Genii:

Due to the 100 degree heat here in Washington (its actually the hottest summer on record, with more July days over 90 degrees than ever before), I am declaring today official Nude Magic Day.

(California was experiencing its coolest summer on record, but I got naked anyway. Good luck with that imagery.)


Genii Cover: An Ha Lim

Are Woodys Seat Covers Hemp?

David Blaine and Woody Harrelson are spotted cruising the West Village (New York) on their motorcycles.

Put Another Candle on the Birthday Cake (and Wear Some Shades)

Legendary Illusionist John Calvert celebrates his 99th birthday on August 5.

But Does Anyone Watch Leno Anymore?

Criss Angel appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Apparently he performed a Smash & Stab routine.

I Want to Say One Word to You. Just One WordPlastics (The Graduate, 1967)

The 2011 line of Tenyo magic props are leaked.

And Now, In the Center Ring: Part Two

David DaVinci is featured in a New York Times piece:

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/nyreg ... utine.html

Second Story Man

The Magic Apple celebrates its 7th anniversary in Studio City, California.

Really, We Just Wanted a Ride

Lance Burton and Michael Goudeau appear on Discovery Channels unique quiz show, Cash Cab.

The Same, Only Different

Lillusionniste (The Illusionist), Sylvain Chomets animated film (adapted from a Jacques Tati script) about an out-of-work French illusionists travels and travails in Scotland, is released. There is some consternationand litigationfrom The Illusionist LLC, the company that owns The Illusionist, the 2006 film starring Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. Knowing that titles are not protected, their lawsuit alleges that the Chomet films identical title, subject matter and marketing campaign [are] designed to confuse, mislead and deceive the public into believing that the new film is related to or affiliated with 2006 version of The Illusionist. (Source: Law Law Land.)

Okay: Whats a Guy Gotta Do to Get His Own Day?

Jennifer Granholm, the Governor of Michigan, proclaims August 6th, 2010 Percy Abbott Day. (It only took a little prodding from FAB Magic in Colon, Michigan.)

Another One for Dustins Christmas List

Mac Kings Lunchbox-O-Magic is released. (I didnt get it.)

Steve Bryant is Turning Cartwheels

Robin Leach, purveyor of Las Vegas gossip, hints that Melinda, the First Lady of Magic, is planning a return to the stage.

Speaking of Las Vegas Ladies of Legerdemain (or I Didnt Know She Was Out)

Rachel Jessee, formerly Scarlett, The Princess of Magicwho was arrested and briefly jailed for allegedly assaulting her 67-year-old companionis performing again under her real name. Though currently working locally in the Las Vegas area, she is planning a tour.

They Ran Out of Letters for This Celebrity List

Criss Angel joins William Baldwin, Chazz Palminteri, Chynna Phillips, Jane Seymour, Sheila E, Tamron Hall, Evan Lysacek, and Niki Taylor as celebrity judges for the Miss Universe Contest

No, Im Not Just Glad to See You

Criss Angel is granted a carry/conceal permit for a firearm.

Finally: Proof that Magic Geeks ARE Manly!

Magician Dennis Kyriakos is interviewed by the website, The Art of Manliness.

http://artofmanliness.com/2010/08/18/so ... -magician/

Kreskin One: The Big C Zero

Despite an admitted unwise decision to delay treatment for a year in order to complete a tour, Kreskin announces that he is completely cured of prostate cancer. (Guys: Please do as he says, not as he does.)

Twin Sons of a Different Mother?

Mac King visits Jeff McBrides Wonderground and it makes the Los Angeles Times.

http://articles.latimes.com/2010/aug/29 ... s-20100829

Did He Say, I Was Really Stupid Too?

During a performance in China, escape artist Dean Gunnarson injures his right foot when (successfully) escaping after being chained to the tracks in the path of an oncoming rollercoaster car.

2010: Things are Looking Up: Part One

Tom Mullicas stem cell transplant is successful: His bone marrow tests show no signs of Leukemia.


Genii Cover: Alex Ramon

The Final Bow (There)

Lance Burton takes his final bow on the stage of the theater built and named for him at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on September 4, 2010.

Mac King Keeps Kentucky in Keno-ville

Mac King announces an extension of his contract at Harrahs Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas through 2015. A check of the ticker denoted no discernable spike in Nabisco stock.

Just the Facts, Maam

Fans as well as those curious about old radio shows can get their fix at RadioLovers.com. For we magic junkies, included are episodes of Blackstone the Magic Detective from the late 1940s (voiced by Ed Jerome):

http://www.radiolovers.com/pages/blacks ... ective.htm

Ive Got a Fever, and the Prescription is

No, not more cowbell: Del Ray. Including the mention of John Moehrings coming book on him and online video of the legendary showman, Del Ray Fever catches fire here on the Genii Forum.

Nigerian Magic Castle? MmmmNo

A Nigerian Internet scam infects a portion of the magic community via a letter from Milt Larsen, co-founder of the Magic Castle.

Consideration for Castle of Chaos Commendation

The Oregon State Historic Preservation Office proposes listing the former home of Jerry Andrus (d. 2007)The Castle of Chaoson the National Register for Historic Buildings. Initial attempts do not pan out, but the current owners are persevering.

Cirque Wants Another (Wormless) Bite

New York Times: Cirque du Soleil disclosed the details on Tuesday of a new show it plans to bring to Radio City Music Hall next summer.

Cirque described the show as taking place in an abandoned theater where a magician has lost his love and with her, his magic has disappeared. Seeking her return, the magician is plunged into a world inhabited by surreal creatures.

(DS: I hope its not those creepy rabbits from BeLIEve.)

Oh, Thats What Its Supposed to Look Like

David Copperfield performs (via a pre-taped segment) on Americas Got Talent.

Pop Quiz!*

Forum member Arnold McDonald posts more nifty quizzes on card magic and gambling, including this one on Dai Vernon:


(*Be honest: How many of you had a cold chill run down your spine after a bad college-days memory of pop quizzes?)

Tony Curtis, Edward Norton, Hugh Jackman, andSteve Carrell?

It is reported that Steve Carrell is in negotiations to play the lead in the coming New Line Cinema film comedy, Burt Wonderstone.

So Much for 2010 Looking Up (For Some)

The Losanders are dealt another blow when the Las Vegas venuethe Royal Resortwhere their show was installed unexpectedly closes its doors. Three other magic shows are also left without a venue.

HereLookLooka Baby

David Blaine and fianc Alizee Guinochet announce that the couple is expecting their first child.

An Illusion with Benefits?

Curtis Lovell places his Modern Art prop that was used with pop-culture celebrity Paris Hilton on the reality series The Simple Life on eBay with a Buy it Now price of a cool $1,000,000. There is no truth to the rumor that she comes with the prop along with a copy of her sex tape, lipstick, and someone elses purse.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Paris-Hilton-Magic- ... 3cb0962e21

The End of an Era

Hollywood icon, one of the last from the Real Hollywood, Tony Curtis dies at age 85. Of course, magicians are most familiar with him because of his portrayal of Harry Houdini in the film, Houdini (1953). In a career than spanned seven decades, he also starred in this writers favorite movie, The Great Race (1965) as well as Some Like it Hot (1959), Operation Petticoat (1959), The Boston Strangler (1968), The Defiant Ones (1958) for which he garnered an Oscar nomination, and many more.

Silent Success

Magicians Matthew and Liliana Morgan of Westfield, Indiana begin what will become a complete sell-out tour of eleven shows in as many cities in four states over three weeks time. What sets themand their German and Japanese guest magicians and American jugglerapart from everyone else? They are deaf. Their unique show is geared toward entertaining hearing and hearing impaired children and adults.


Genii Cover: David Acer

Americas Oldest Magic Shop

Though its had several owners and been in multiple locations, the name Martinkas & Co. has been an American fixture in magic for over 100 years. An article on the shop, now owned by Ted Bogusta and located in Midland Park, New Jersey, appears in (and makes the cover of) (201) magazine.

http://www.201.net/issues/2010/10/featu ... ness.story

PerksLots of Perks

Members of the Conjuring Arts Research Center get first shot at the Offical Erdnase Commemorative 1902 Series Playing Cards. The cards feature a unique all-over back design and are printed on Bee stock.

With the success of theseand requests for cards with a borderthe Erdnase 1902 Green Acorn Back cards are released.

PressLots of Press

Over 80 years after his death, Harry Houdini is still pulling in the press. The Jewish Museum in New York opens the first major art exhibition to examine Houdinis life. Scheduled to run through March of 2011 (before it moves on to San Francisco and Los Angeles), countless pieces appear in the print media (including the New York Times and one penned by Teller in Vanity Fair), and is reported on by NPR.

The Digital Deluge: Part Three

Gary Browns book, The Coney Island Fakir: The Magical Life of Al Flosso, is released as a Kindle book.

On October 3rd, 2010 the Adventure Begins...

OOOPS! Wait, not yet

And Were Doing This Because?

Tim Ellis begins research on the compelling history of the Merlin Awards.

Ellen Loves Magic: Part Three

Ellen DeGeneres kicks off her shows magic week by being magically produced by Mike Super. Others to appear (and participate) during the week are Sos and Victoria, Michael Grasso, a card trick by Felicity Huffman, and Steve Wyrick (doing a perfect impersonation of Franz Harary).

Above and Beyond the Call of Magic(?)

Steve Cohenthe Millionaires Magicianis presented with the National Arts Clubs Medal of Honor.

Heard of Ross Bertram On Sleight of Hand? Heres Ross Bertram Online

A marvelous online exhibitincluding performance videosof the legendary Canadian conjurer Ross Bertram is posted at David Bens Magicana site:

http://www.magicana.com/rossbertram/ros ... lcome.html

The Digital Deluge: Part Four

Richard Kaufman announces that iGenii, the digital edition of Genii magazine is set to go live.

Thanks Mr. C

Actorand magic fanTom Bosley, best known for his role as Mr. Cunningham (or Mr. C to Fonzie) in the long running series Happy Days, dies at age 83. Bosley hosted Doug Hennings fourth special (1978) as well as HBOs Mumbo Jumbo Its Magic (1981).

Remember New Coke?

The US Playing Card Company produces standard Bicycle playing cards with less than standard size pips. Like New Coke, the blunder doesnt last. (But buyers beware: there is probably still product in the pipeline!)

Better Late Than Never

Doug Henning receives recognition on Canadas Walk of Fame (in Toronto). Reports differ as to why the late illusionists widow and family are not in attendance.

More Magic Castle High Jinks: Part Two

Rumors fly regarding the disposition of the Magic Castle (which is currently without a long term lease). One has the recently displaced Hollywood location (Sunset Boulevard) of the House of Blues moving into the old house on the hill.

Teller Plays Dead

In collaboration with Todd Robbins, Play Dead, a show co-written by Teller and Robbins, directed by Teller, and starring Robbins, opens in New York.

Coming Soon to a Computer Mouse (or Perhaps a Bookstore) Near You

Jim Steinmeyers biography on Howard Thurston, The Last Greatest Magician in the World: Howard Thurston versus Houdini & the Battles of the American Wizards and Ricky Jays latest foray into the unusual, Four Minute Yeggs, go on pre-sale at Amazon. Both books are scheduled to be released in February 2011.

Taming Randomness

In a wonderful interview on NPR, Persi Diaconis discusses math, magic, and taming randomness.


More Cowbell! NoWaitIts Less Cirque!

It is reported that Criss Angels oft-panned show, BeLIEve at the Luxor in Las Vegas undergoes a Cirque-ectomy with plans for even more magic and less Cirque. The Las Vegas Review Journal gives the new show a B rating.

Fortunately Life is Not Measured in Stuff or Dollars

An auction of property belonging to Herb Zarrow, which includes Paul Fox and Dai Vernon items, goes to auction. There are 440 lots and they realize over $187,000 in bids.

More Magic Castle High Jinks: Part Three

Due to the vagaries of the Magic Castle Members Forum, Genii Forum members get to watch (primarily) one side of a (to put it mildly) disagreement between (primarily) two Castle members over video preservation. Countless pages of information made for (depending on your point of view) fascinating or mind-numbing reading.


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Dustin Stinett
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2010 In Review

Postby Dustin Stinett » January 1st, 2011, 1:55 am


Genii Cover: Juan Tamariz

...or Lobster Thermidor au Crevette with a Mornay Sauce Served in a Provencale Manner with Shallots and Aubergines Garnished with Truffle Pate, Brandy and with a Fried Egg on Top and Spam.*

David Sandys annual Magic Cruisegraced by the presence of many magic luminariesgoes down in history for all the wrong reasons. It just so happens that the event is aboard the Carnival Splendor, a 900-plus foot long state-of-the-art cruise ship that makes news for all the wrong reasons: her engine room catches fire less than 24 hours into the cruise leaving the craft virtually powerless off the coast of Mexico. The event makes international news. Speculation and misinformation run rampant, but the bottom line is that what could have been a disaster of monumental proportions is averted by a skilled crew and a group of passengers that arefor the most partup to the challenge.

(*Python, Monty)

Okay, Now the Adventure Begins

Triumph, It Runs on Steam starring Larry & Rafael opens at the Las Vegas Hilton to mixed reviews. (Whats mixed is mostly just how horrible the show is. Apparently it needs some tough love.)

No Appointment Needed (for the Website)

The American Museum of Magic launches a new website:


A Dead Mans Party in the West Wing?

Danny Elfman (The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.) and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Social Network, etc.) sign on with the planned Broadway musical on the life of Harry Houdini starring Hugh Jackman.

2010: Things are Looking Up: Part Two

Tom Mullica begins rehearsals of his Red Skelton show. He is scheduled to return to the stage in January.

Your Safety (and Body Parts) Are in Our Hands


Do They Offer Happy Endings?


Drop Your Pants and Say Cheese!

Though not magic related, a thread on the TSAs new enhanced security procedures becomes very popular on the Genii Forum.

Yeah, But Do They Have the Kardashians?!?

The BBC announces plans to bring magic back to its Saturday night schedule. The new series will be called The Magicians and will be a competition style show. Luis DeMatos, Barry & Stuart, and Chris Korn are to be featured.

Not So Live

David Copperfield appears on Live with Regis and Kelley, during a week in which the show is taped in Las Vegas.

Hey, He Could Have Been Caught by the Saudis

An Egyptian man is accused by Kuwaiti police of being a Black Magician which enabled him to rob people of cash and belongings. One victim says that that the suspect spoke in a strange language and all that he remembers is that he handed over to the man his cell phonecash and a gold ring.

Is it Magic Week or Something?

Shimshi is scheduled to appear on Live with Regis and Kelley a few days after Copperfields appearance.


Genii Cover: Presto

HAD to be Before Closes Cataract Operation

Chief Genii Richard Kaufman appears on the cover of the December 2010 issue of M-U-M.

Houdini ScrewederrCorkscrew

No kidding; theres a Houdini Corkscrew. Im not sure how one gets corkscrew from escape artist, but theres a Houdini Corkscrew.

More Magic Castle High Jinks: Part Four

In a ruling by an arbitrator, Sean MacPherson, the restaurateur who planned to purchase the property on which the Magic Castle, The Yamashiro restaurant, several hotels, and apartments sit, loses his bidand $2 million depositto keep the deal intact (though hes really more interested in the deposit at this point).

The Magical ChatterBox Takes a Rest (For Now)

The final entry from the memoirs of Sid Lorraine is posted on his blog which is run by David Bens Magicana (and administered by Julie Eng). In this last chat from the Magical ChatterBox, he regales us with a story about Joseffy and his talking skull, Balsamo. Though finished (for now), the archives remain online and are worth your time:

http://www.magicana.com/SidLorraine/Cha ... chive.html

Senseless: Part Two

Eric Price of Kansas City, Missouri, is shot in the head during a robbery in the parking lot of the restaurant where he just finished performing. Three men (also better described as inhuman, cowardly bastards) are taken into custody. Price survives the shooting and is recovering well. The owner of the restaurant is raising money for medical bills and other costs:

http://itricks.com/news/2010/12/pizza-s ... -shooting/

The Pageboys Page

A new website featuring news, photos, memorials, and products on the late Patrick Page is launched:


Here, Kitty Kitty

Dirk Arthur opens Wild Magicfeaturing his large catsin the very intimate 99-seat theater at OSheas Casino in Las Vegas.

Come to Think of It, There is an Afterlife; At Least for Him

Yet another documentary on the man who said its impossible to communicate from the grave hits the (PBS) airwaves: No Escaping Houdini, features interviews with David Blaine and Teller.

And Its Not Even Magic Week

In his introduction of his guest, Craig Fergusson sayswith tongue planted firmly in cheekthat the greatest compliment he can bestow on a magician is to book him when its not Magic Week. With that, Jamy Ian Swiss wows Fergusson, the audience, and most magicians with his performance.

Digital Deluge: Part Five

The January 2011 issue of Genii is released digitally. Subscribers can access iGeniiwhich includes audio segmentswell before their hardcopy issue is scheduled to arrive in their mailboxes.

An Unwanted Auction

In another sad chapter in the lives of the Pendragons and their well-chronicled troubles (though they are both working on moving past those issues), it is reported that two storage rooms in Arroyo Grande, California containing many trunks that could be empty or filled with props belonging to the illusionists goes on the auction block on January 19 for non payment of rent.

And No Leaks

MagicPedia, Geniis online source for magic information, reaches 5,053 articles and 100,351 views (up from 4,370 and 62,862 last year). Login and join the fun:


Monumental Mass of Magic in Magicana

The December issue of Genii closed another year of amazing magic contributed by a phenomenal group of magicians in the magazine within a magazine: Magicana, written and edited by David Acer (with illustrations by Earle Oakes). For non-readers, feast your eyes on this list:

Bedros Spidey Akkelian
Ian Baxter
Stephane Bourgoin
David Britland
Angelo Carbone
Jamie Daws
Marc Desouza
Carl Dreher
Eric Van Duzer
Christian Engblom
J.K. Hartman
Michel Huot
David Jade
Earl Presto Johnson
Ian Kendall
Patrik Kuffs
Yannick Lacroix
Peter Lamont
Harry Lorayne
Max Maven
Pete McCabe
Brian Miller
Jack Parker
Jeff Prace
Brian Roberts
Alan Rorrison
Jay Sankey
Paul Spring
Tom Stone
Scott Strange
Jim Swain
Jamy Ian Swiss
Juan Tamariz
Laurent Van Trigt
J.C. Wagner

And though too humbleor forgetfulto mention it, David Acer his own self.

Thanks to all for an incredible year of magic in the pages of Genii!

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
Gerard Way

It seems as though 2010 was a tough year when it came to those we lost. But the fact is that it was no tougher than any other year; theyre all tough in that regard.

Regardless of differing beliefs, I like to think that everyone can agree that each day of life is a gift to be appreciated and shared. As magicians, we were all graced, directly or indirectly, by the unique and diverse gifts shared by the peopleand a birdwho passed away in 2010:

Ray Alan (79)
Along with his sidekick (vent dummy) Lord Charles, he entertained millions in the UK via music halls and TV.

David Alexander (66)
Magician, pickpocket, mentalist, biographer, investigator, publisher, silhouette artist, historian, husband, mentor, friend, and master of anything he put his mind to.

Frank Brents (84)
Americas Black Magicianinnovator, duck guy, and Uncle Frank, his was one of the most genuine smiles to ever grace a stage.

Larry Bruno (88)
A devoted amateur magician, he was legendary quarterback Joe Namaths high school football coach and mentor (an entire chaptertitled Magicis dedicated to him in Namaths biography).

Walter Childs (83)
Popular New England area magician: active in local clubs, conventions, and supporter of the Society of Young Magicians.

Paul Chosse (55)
Master of sleight-of-hand and demonstrator at San Francisco area magic shops.

Jerry Conklin (82)
Illusionist, performed extensively in Europe for the troops during WWII and continued to tour the USA through 1990.

Tony Corinda (79-ish)
He wrote The Book on mentalism.

Bob Elliott (76)
New York (then San Diego) area magician; worked the counter at Tannens and touched the lives of countless magicians with his talent and generosity.

Glenn Falkenstein (78)
With his wife Francis Willard, they travelled the world performing his blindfold act and the Willard Spirit Cabinet.

Sid Fleischman (90)
Gifted writer who brought magic to millions of kidsand adults.

Jean Garance (73)
Past President of the Geneva Magic Club and FISM.

Martin Gardner (95)
One word: Genius.

Al Garvey (87)
A WWII veteran, songwriter and poet, he was one of Michael Finneys mentors.

Ray Grismer (82)
Traded lessons in piano for lessons in sleight-of-hand with Dai Vernon

Luigi (29)
Okay, so Its a bird! But the psychic parrot was one of us, having worked along side his partner Dana Daniels for many years.

Patrick Page (81)
One of the most knowledgeable magicians of its many disciplinesand one of its most belovedof this generation.

Glenn Parker (68)
World traveler, performed professionally in the UK during the 1960s.

Polaris (Carl Melish) (54)
Nightclub, restaurant, and (actual) street magician: Student of Slydini.

Paul Quarrington (56)
Noted Canadian novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and amateur magician.

Adrian Ramos (19)
Known as El Magnifco, he once appeared on the Tonight Show.

Earl Reum (79)
Magician and popular motivational speaker, he appeared in LIFE magazine as a teen. News of his passing was reported in Time magazine.

Ed Rosenthal (76)
Magician, collector, and mentor of many, he may very well have been the first magician to work in a new concept called a shopping mall in 1961.

Charles Reynolds (78)
Collector and historian, he was best known as a collaborator on illusions having worked with the greatest names in the business.

Paul Roling, Jr. (68)
Professional photographer as well as disc jockey, he performed in restaurants and gave magic lessons at Haines House of Cards.

Bill Self (89)
A collector of magic, he was better known as an executive in the television and film industries having worked on countless popular series and films.

Bob Shaw (73)
A bartender best known for being the guy who sold a thumb tip for $100: The best investment I ever made, says Michael Finney, whose career was launched by the transaction.

Allen Swift (86)
Amateur magician and noted voice actor for many cartoons in television and film.

Prentice Taylor (79)
Roylat the Great, avid collector, amateur performer, champion of his community, and family man (12 grandchildren).

JC Wagner (68)
Arguably one of the greatest bar magicians to serve up a cocktail (with a card under the glass).

Ron Wilson (84)
Multi-talented magician, was the booker at the Magic Castle where he also served on its boards for many years.

You Measure a Circle Starting Anywhere
Charles Fort

And the Circle of Life continues with these glorious additions:

Campbell James Daniel Maloney (Karen and Jim Maloney)

Paige Merrill (Lindsay and Rick Merrill)

(If I am missing anybodyon either listplease post them!)

If You Made it This Far

Thank you for sticking with me, my verbosity and my fondness for alliteration and parenthetic comments. And above all, thank you for participating in the Genii Forum. I count myself lucky to be a part of this crazy and unique gathering place. This place is a treasure. And This Place is all of you.

Happy New Year!

Dustin Stinett

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Matthew Field » January 1st, 2011, 5:47 am

Many thanks for that, Dustin.

But from now on, could you please do it in rhyme, the way Steve Bryant used to?

Have a great 2011.

Matt Field

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Steve Bryant
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Steve Bryant » January 1st, 2011, 10:11 am

Perhaps as a villanelle? Seriously, wonderful review, inspired headlines. You have too much time on your hands!

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby erdnasephile » January 1st, 2011, 10:45 am

Reading Dustin's annual review is one of my favorite magic-related New Year's traditions! Thanks again, Dustin!!!

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Kevin Connolly
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Kevin Connolly » January 1st, 2011, 12:14 pm

Truly a New Year's tradition. As I mentioned about a month ago, I look forward to reading it. When I read it, I can't believe another year has slipped away so quickly.

Thanks Dustin!
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Joe Pecore » January 1st, 2011, 12:32 pm

Great write-up!

Some more 2010 obits:

Doug Dean traveled around the country with his big illusion show and later his "Dr. Deans Medicine Show". http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Doug_Dean

Harry Hines was the Dean of S.A.M. Assembly #127. http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Harry_Hines

Dr. Ralph Marcom, M.I.M.C., was an award-winning magician, actor, author, and columnist for The Linking Ring who performed as MarcoM the Mountebank. http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Ralph_A._Marcom

Derrick Speight was a champion skier and amateur magician that performed at conventions. http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Derrick_Speight
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David Oliver
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby David Oliver » January 1st, 2011, 12:36 pm

2011 - Year in review (so far....)

January 1, 2011

Dustin Stinett serves up another cornucopia of magical delights, history, remembrances, selflessly taking the time to narrow down the important stuff while skimming the cream from the crap in his successful attempt to capture the highlights and low moments in our little world for the past 365 days.

On a serious note, the list of those friends we have lost is, in and of itself, a sobering reminder to honor those who are here, while they are here. We have been blessed with their presence. Let them know.

Thanks for the memories and the (obvious) hard work, Dustin!
- DO

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Frank Dudgeon » January 1st, 2011, 1:24 pm


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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Richard Kaufman » January 1st, 2011, 2:00 pm

Someone who has a bit of time should post links to Dustin's earlier efforts!
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Joe Pecore » January 1st, 2011, 3:47 pm

Here are some:



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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby CraigMitchell » January 1st, 2011, 4:43 pm

Dustin - once again we owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you! Your annual year in review is always a highlight ...

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Joe Pecore » January 1st, 2011, 5:41 pm

Oops. The 2003 review link above was by Zech Johnson (not Dustin).
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby chipper » January 2nd, 2011, 5:23 am


Thanks so much. Fantastic read, as always! :)

My favorite line was Jay appearing on the "...white-wine-soaked section of the set of NBCs Today Show. LOL!

A VERY Happy New Year to you, my friend! See you soon!

Chipper :)

Tom Frame
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Tom Frame » January 2nd, 2011, 11:31 am

Great job, Dustin!
"There is more to consciousness than meets the mind's eye." - Frame

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby JohnCox » January 2nd, 2011, 5:32 pm

Brillant work, Dustin! Thank you.
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Dustin Stinett » January 2nd, 2011, 10:16 pm

Many thanks to all for the kind words. I really appreciate them.

Happy New Year!!!


Evan Shuster
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Evan Shuster » January 2nd, 2011, 10:55 pm

Really fantastic, Dustin!! The only thing missing from your year in review is mention of your annual Year in Review.

Many thanks!

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby MaxNY » January 2nd, 2011, 11:50 pm

So fun to read, Thanks Dustin! Love your wit.

Richard Hatch
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Richard Hatch » January 3rd, 2011, 1:11 am

I can hardly wait for 2011 to be over so I can read the next installment. Thanks, Dustin!

John LeBlanc
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby John LeBlanc » January 3rd, 2011, 11:41 am

That was outstanding!

Richard Perrin
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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby Richard Perrin » January 4th, 2011, 1:52 am

Man! A great topic ever! Thanks!

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Re: 2010 In Review

Postby mai-ling » January 4th, 2011, 11:05 am

Wow Dustin. That's so much to write.

What is going on with the Latimer Project?
With the way SyFy is going, canceling
shows like crazy I'm not expecting anything.

Luckily they are running the last 5 episodes
of Caprica today!
you will remember my name
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